Sunday, July 25, 2021

RIP Cleveland Indians

I find liberal solutions interesting. Retarded... but interesting.

This time, liberals have gotten their collective outrage in a twist over the use of Indian names by sports teams. Apparently, naming your team after something like a red man is meant to ridicule those same things. Take that Jets, Tigers and Boilermakers! Hence, it is offensive that a team might be named the Indians or the Eskimos or some such thing, and those names must go. Thus, the Cleveland Indians have succumbed and will henceforth be known as the Cleveland Aunt Jemimas (No word on changing the Jets yet).

Welcome to liberal land. Not only have they completely misunderstood the point to naming a team after something -- for the record, it is meant to honor that thing -- but their solution is, shall we say, hilarious. How so? Well, for the past decade liberals have been going around the country (and Canada) in the name of protecting red people from the humiliation of being honored by sports teams and have been demanding their names be removed where found. Said differently, in the name of falsehood-based outrage, liberal whites are systematically wiping out any trace of Indians from our culture. //snicker snicker

If they are diligent, within a few years, there will be no traces left of the people who were here when whites showed up and VD'd them to death. Nice work, liberals.

Similarly, with this cultural appropriations crap, liberals are slowly making sure that non-European ideas will be ghetto-tized in minority communities far and away from mainstream culture.

Putting all of this together makes me wonder: are liberals intentionally trying to eradicate minority cultures or is this just a byproduct of their smugness? I'm kind of liking the idea that liberals are secretly (well, not so secretly actually) huge pushers of white power and cultural genocide. I mean, they are trying to keep non-European culture out, eliminate any cultural reference to brown people, scare blacks into segregation and economic doom, and encourage abortion in a way which has wiped out vastly more minorities than whites. Add the fact that their policies have only one logical conclusion: making whites and blacks turn on each other, and you have a game plan the KKK would be proud of... brought to you by the likes of AOC.

Fascinating times.

As an aside, I don't really care about Cleveland changing their name because baseball sucks and is dying a miserable death to which I am utterly indifferent. I just think it's funny that they are being used to wipe out "native Americans" for a second time.



tryanmax said...

If it were a plan by lefties to push white supremacy, I think it would be easier to stop. No, I think it is an instinct with them. As I've said before, lefties "know" they are the good guys, so why should they think there is anything wrong with anything they want to do?

An interesting sidebar to keep an eye on. There is apparently a men's roller-derby team that has been going by "Cleveland Guardians" since 2014. They even have the URL Somebody at MLB didn't do a Google search.

( and both redirect to the official MLB page. I'm surprised they didn't secure and attempt to secure before announcing.)

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I'm sure it's not intentional. Leftists never intend the results they get, they just can't see the obvious. That why they are so destructive. Their solutions cause devastation but they can't ever see that even if people warn them. I think the left, in the name of tolerance, is actually slowly eradicating non-white cultures.

That's funny about the Guardians. What a terrible name! What is there to guard in Cleveland? The grime? The broken factories? The impressive sports history?

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