Sunday, February 10, 2019

Some Interesting Thoughts

Ran across some interesting political thoughts this weekend. Let's discuss.

● The media runs with this narrative that the Republicans hate Obamacare and are out to destroy it. Basically, we're the bad guys looking to take away all the wholesome goodness of Obama's legacy and the public should vote for the Democrats to save it. Yet, every single Democratic candidate and most of their elected officials are backing the "Medicare for all" plan because they think the current system is broken in all kinds of racist, sexist, poorist ways. But the "current system" is Obamacare. In other words, the keystone of the Democratic primaries will be replacing Obamacare, which they describe as an utter failure.

● Democrat Jon Dingell of Michigan died. Good riddance. In an interesting piece making the rounds this weekend, several liberals praise Dingell and say that he's really the man who shaped our country today. To a degree this is true too, as Dingell was primarily responsible for most business regulation and banking/financial regulation over the past 30-40 years. So let's all praise Democrat John Dingell... for creating everything the Democrats claim to be fighting against today.

● Trump's polling numbers seem to be right back at 50%. Not sure what that means except that political attitudes are entrenched. It also turns out that Pelosi polls well below Trump. Sounds like a race to be the worst. But Hollywood loves her.

● Democrat Amy Klobuchar has jumped into the nomination race. Her qualifications seems to be the lack of a penis. And like the others, she jumps into the race with plenty of baggage. My favorite bit is that she is abusive to staff and makes them do personal tasks which would bring howls of rage if a male Senator had demanded the same. She's defending this by saying that these allegations (truths) are only being raised because she's a woman. Uh no. Abuse is abuse.

● Corey Booker is running as the victim candidate... just like the rest. His victimhood is a little less clear though. It seems that he won't let THEM stop him. If we find out who THEM is, I'll let you know.

● Poor Kamala Harris polls poorly in her own state. Only 40% think she would make a good President. That's not good since she won 62% of votes to get her current job.

● Elizabeth Warren officially announced this weekend that she's running. She continues to try to sell the idea that she's middle class. No beer chugging this time though. In fact, nothing interesting. No sizzle. One thing I did enjoy was her telling us that she came from a poor family (and wasn't always rich), right before telling us that poor people cannot succeed in America.


LL said...

Spartacus is just about as stupid as the Occasional Kotex woman in Congress.

If I was clairvoyant and knew that Elizabeth Warren would be my issue, I'd self-castrate with a rusty knife before that happened.

As to Klobuchar, the lack of a penis is considered to be progressive all on its own and it should qualify the lacker to be leader of the free world. And while we're on the subject of penises, is Michelle Obama running?

AndrewPrice said...

Is Virginia's governor retarded? This morning, he tried to call slaves "indentured servants"... a totally different concept. It made no sense why he would do this. And when he was caught -- midsentence, he agreed with the correction and then claimed this was all part of the fake healing/education process. Huh?

At his press conference, he even apparently tried to act out something related to blackface before his wife stopped him.

This guy is a retard.

tryanmax said...

It certainly looks like the Democrats have it in mind to recreate the 2016 Republican primary on their own side. Time will tell. Didn't the DNC change their rules about superdelegates since the last election? I wonder if that is part of what's inspiring the number of Dems running?

Critch said...

I noticed that the UK moron of the day, Piers Anthony, is calling for Michelle Obama to run...I think she would be eaten alive by her own party..

Tennessee Jed said...

Well, on the Obamacare issue, no matter what the facts are, Democrats, and their media allies will claim Obamacare was flawed only because it was all “O” could get, and single payer is the real deal. Medicare for all is financially irresponsible, but the complexities are beyond a whole slew of voters. As you say, folks are pretty entrenched in their world view and will resists facts that go counter to their belief.

klobucher appears to be trying to stake out her ground as the “sane” wing of the party who can work with R’s. I find nothing appealing about her ... a slightly less revolting Hillary.

I really believe “Liarwatha” has a goose that has been fully cooked. I am super glad Kamala Harris seems to be having her problems. My worry was that she was reasonably articulate in her speech, and given Dems willingness to circle the wagons more than Republicans, she checked off the two key blocks for strictidentity voters (no penis, black but not too black to scare off white libs).

I wonder what mischief the Dem congress can do with gerrymandering. Could be a problem.

Anthony said...

1. Before they won power Republicans hated Obamacare and were out to destroy it. Candidate Trump had hard words for Congressional Republicans and their inability to destroy Obamacare. Once the won power, President Trump decided repealing and replacing Obamacare would be mean spirited and that was that.

2. Times change. The free market is a lot less fashionable than it used to be. Now the only disagreement is what the government should control.

3. With Democrats like Alexandria Cortez and Northam in the headlines it would be shocking if Trump's numbers weren't rising. Like I've observed before, heavy coverage tends to be bad for the breed of politicians we have nowadays.

4. Sounds like the Dems are all horrendous. I love how Kamala Harris lied about listening to Tupac while smoking weed. None of the announced candidates even rise to the level of 'speed bump' on Trump's road to a second term.

5. Virginia's governor wants to make racial issues (motivated by the nature of his political problems rather than the will of voters) the focus of the rest of his term so expect years of indentured servants type gaffes.

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