Friday, May 29, 2020

"I Don't Know If Her Life Needed To Be Torn Apart"

Let's talk about this woman in New York City. I think there are several interesting aspects to this that people are missing.

Before I start, a quick aside on Minnesota. I think it's horrible Floyd died. I honestly don't understand why the guy who killed him did it, how he could not have known what he was doing, and how he couldn't bring himself to stop. This guy was not faced with a life threatening situation. This was not an instantaneous response where bad judgment can happen. This was seven or eight minutes of negligence or indifference. I suspect he will be sent away for murder. I'm not alone in this either as I see a lot of cops are saying the same thing. That said... the rioting turns this from a tragedy into something far more grotesque. The rioting is exploitive and animalistic. It is what perpetuates the problem. Also, the celebrities taking easy shots to show their wokeness can go f*ck themselves. It's sickening and pathetic to use an incident like this for self-promotion and that is what you creatures are doing.


On the New York thing, for those who don't know, a woman was walking her dog without a leash in Central Park when a black man who was bird watching told her she needed to put the dog on a leash. She freaked out and accused him of threatening her. Then she called the cops. They did the right thing and did nothing.

This was all recorded and hit the news. The woman, who is an investment banker, was promptly fired. She's since been whining that this is unfairly destroying her life. They even, apparently, repo'd her rescue dog. The black dude has since said he feels "uncomfortable" about her life being destroyed: "I don't know if her life needed to be torn apart."

My thoughts...

First, let's start with the second most interesting piece of this to me: this woman is clearly a liberal. In fact, she fits the profile perfectly. Big city, single, white professional woman. That's a liberal, guaranteed. Yet, the media never mentions this. Why? Because the reality seems to be that it's ALWAYS liberals who are behind racism. All the blackface stuff, which just came up with Jimmy Fallon again, was liberals. It's liberal white professional women calling the cops on black men in parks. It's gay liberal white men and white male "artists" calling the cops on blacks in apartment buildings (that happened this week again too: "you can't be a tenant... your skin is brown!"). It's big liberal cities where cops keep getting in trouble for killing black men. Did you think Minnesota is a bastion of conservatism? The #metoo movement targets were almost all liberal men in Hollywood, theater and the news media. The examples are endless, and it's always liberals. Isn't that interesting?

That said, the most interesting issue comes up with the idea that this poor woman's world is being "unfairly" destroyed. Is it really unfair? Put aside the racism question. Now ask yourself, what exactly did she do wrong? Well, I'll tell you. This woman was annoyed at a man who pointed out that she was in violation of the park's rules. Her response was to place a call to the police and lie to them in a way which, if believed, could have locked this man away for a very long time. See any echoes of the false rape claim epidemic? There is a sickness in the world of single women where some small percentage of them think nothing of leveling false allegations of crimes as a tool of getting even. They are essentially the female version of rapists... it's about power, not sex, so is this. They see the system as a tool of vengeance. The whole #metoo movement really laid this bare with the bullsh*t allegations so many of these women made and the life-ending punishments they wanted imposed on their victims for "crimes" as nonexistent as "being creepy." This woman did the same damn thing and the only reason that isn't more obvious is that the media wants to spin this as generic-public-racism rather than seeing it for what it is: feminist-liberal-predatory allegation making.

This is something much sicker than it is being made to appear.


tryanmax said...

This calls to mind a point I make regularly: Leftists "know" they are good people, and they "know" righties are bad people. Lefties also recognize that they don't hardly live up to their own woke rules. So, naturally, they assume the bad righties are much, much worse.

I guess it calls to mind another observation I like to make: "There are problems on both sides: the right has problems and society has problems." (Disappointingly few get the joke.)

I was also opining to a friend this morning that most of politics, especially left-wing politics, makes much more sense when you realize the target demo is upper-middle class white women.

AndrewPrice said...

tryamax, Very true. The left likes to see themselves as the good guys and everyone who disagrees with them as bad guys. That's how they get so many mental contortions supporting their belief system. To put this another way, to quote The Wild Bunch, their view is: "It don't matter what you do... it matters who you do it to." That's the perfect distilled statement of leftist thought.

You are 100% right that leftism makes more sense if you realize that their audience is upper-middle class white women... though I would add "single."

AndrewPrice said...

So two interesting updates.

First, a former male coworker of the woman has come forward and said that she harassed him when he tried to back off of their relationship and she sued him at that time claiming that he had threatened her life. Interesting pattern, isn't it?

In terms of the future, look for the feminist sisterhood to try to revive her image once they figure out that this makes them look bad. She will go on television, apologize for being made racist by white privilege and then cry that she was sexually assaulted and that was why she freaked out. I'd put money on that.

AndrewPrice said...

Second update. The Floyd thing has turned into thug-a-poluza as black thugs decide to loot and white leftists decide to exploit this.

Interestingly, the Governor of Minnesota, a leftist, needs to stop this before it gets out of hand and makes people think that Democrats don't care about white citizens, so he can't let the partiers continue their looting. But he can't accuse black people of doing wrong or exploiting this tragedy to act like sh*theads. So he's come up with the idea that white racists and drug cartels are being the violence. W.T.F.

I've seen a lot of mental gymnastics to excuse crimes by leftists, but this is pretzel logic extreme.

As an aside, I find it ironic that blacks are outraged by one police killing which swiftly resulted in a firing and an arrest with charges of murder... but turned a blind eye to a large number of shootings by blacks of other blacks the moment they started holding anti-quarantine parties. So is it black lives that matter or only black deaths we can exploit for sympathy?

tryanmax said...

If there are a thousand black and antifa rioters and one white supremacist shows up, both sides are equally responsible. Them’s the rules.

AndrewPrice said...

I don't think it matters if there's even one. It's just a lie to try to explain away the obvious.

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