Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Update... Article Coming

I'm working on the next article. It's slow going though because I'm ultra-swamped by clients wanting work. In the meantime, let me leave you with this because I know many are worried or annoyed or whatnot....
This whole race riot is pure theater. It will achieve nothing.
I'll explain more in the article. For now, know that America is safe. Nothing will change.


AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, Joe Biden is so bad as a politician and is so hopeless in the events of the day that the left has had to go back to 1986 to find a good statement from him on race to prop him up. Ironically, the video deal with South Africa, not the US. This reeks of a desperate attempt to create a personality for him.


AndrewPrice said...

Still working on the article, but in the meantime, ask yourself who you see protesting and pay attention to it. What do these people all have in common:

Ellen, Jonah Hill, Ryan Reynolds, Lebron James, ex-Princess Meghan, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, that black dude from Star Wars, Machine Gun Kelley... Nike.

Hint: How many of these people are actual politicians?

Hint: Where are the protests?

I'll give you more soon. Just pay attention. The next time the media talks about this "movement," pay attention to who they cite in the article/interview.

tryanmax said...

As per the norm, Omaha only makes national news over something stupid. (Which is fine. Keeps the libs from moving here.) A protester got shot by a bar owner in what, by all accounts, was about as clear cut a case of self defense as one can imagine. So, of course, the dead guy's father is calling for "justice" and the Democrat candidate for congress is calling it "cold blooded murder." But the real stupidity, as I see it, is that a handful of commentators have latched onto the incident to say, "See!? It isn't just cities with Democrat mayors having problems!!" What a reach.

ArgentGale said...

I didn't think it would change anything myself. The fact that the rioting, yelling at average Americans, and smug Hollywood/Big Business virtue signaling started so quickly and got so destructive and obnoxious so fast that it put off a lot of people who would otherwise be sympathetic, including a notable amount of liberals that I either know personally or know of. It's stupid as can be since even a large number of cops said that Chauvin was dead wrong so this could have actually had the potential to incite some changes but why do that when you can just make the problem worse, right?

Also, Andrew, you and Larry Correia both did well in pointing out that things like this and the dog walking incident always happen in deep blue cities in deep blue states. More people need to do that and show just how much projection is going on here. Also, it's funny that VIRUS has suddenly disappeared from the media and political stage now that the elites have something new to virtue signal over (as long as it doesn't approach their yard, see Chris Martin Palmer), isn't it? I'll be curious if it makes a comeback among them once this mess is over.

Rustbelt said... head hurts.

As Johnny is the fool, so I am the masochist.

I know I shouldn't read the political sites, as they only serve to make me madder than the unholy love child of Gary Busey and Joe Pesci. But my curiosity wins out. That, and my tongue is in pain. Possible infection. (I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow.) Life sucks right now.

On that note, I have come to a conclusion:

I think we could all use a break from the madness.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi folks, I'm not ignoring you. I've literally been swamped. Everyone "needs" something right now and, sadly, you can't tell clients no.

I'll get the article done soon.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi everybody, I'm almost there. Sorry for the delay. I've been doing a series of 18 hours days due to a couple rush litigation projects.

As an aside, I know what you are seeing is annoying. I know what you are seeing looks like assholes trying to shake up the world into chaos in the name of race hate. But they are not getting their way. I assure you. The few changes they have won have been with people who wanted to give it to them already or a couple minor cosmetic changes that will probably destroy the people agreeing to make the changes... looking at you NASCAR.

Do not panic. Do not worry. This is the same shit you saw with the million chick whine and the Florida gun kids (can't even remember the names now). This is leftists on a bender and it will end as always... with nothing.

ArgentGale said...

We understand, Andrew, so take your time. As fast as this went out of hand, right down to the Lord of the Flies reenactment in progress in Seattle and the purity cannibalism already starting (see: Origins Game Fair) I figured nothing big would change, though that's a classic Get Woke Go Broke move from NASCAR right there. It is annoying and a bit depressing to see normally rational people buy into the emotional hype here but between here, Larry Correia's blog and Facebook page, and a few other places I've been keeping my cool about it all.

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