Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Busy week! More on the college thing... and aliens.

● This college thing has been interesting. The left is really enjoying being smug about it, without the slightest hint of self-awareness. Make no mistake, this is leftist on leftist crime with the intent of getting around leftist rules.

Julia Roberts this morning whined that the "saddest" part of this scandal is that these parents "didn't believe in their children." Bullship. First of all, as many brilliant kids can tell you (especially Asian kids with above 4.0 GPAs), merit alone is no guarantee that you can get into these liberal schools. Race matters. Gender matters. Pleasing mercurial liberal admissions staff matters... "did your volunteer work make Africa better?" So it makes total sense that some people feel the need to give their kid every advantage they can when they know that the system is rigged against them. And all the whining the left is doing about white privilege can't hide the obvious: admission at liberal colleges is a not about merit, it's about liberal dogma.

Secondly, Julia and other leftists seem to think that there is something wrong with helping your kids. When has "survival of the fittest" ever been so popular on the left? And let's be clear, these kids are morons. That's obvious... probably even to the parents. Merit wasn't even going to get some of them jobs at Taco Bell. So it's no wonder their parents want to help them, and Julia's ninnying just reeks of self-righteousness.

Others on the left have been using this to attack the idea that America is a meritocracy. That's bullship too. First of all, these people cheated the system, you can't use them as evidence of how the system works. Secondly, even though some people get into college unfairly, you can't point to a handful of examples of people who are above the system as a condemnation of the other 99% of the public who are in the system. And let's be clear. The left is trying to pretend that it's rich kids who get in unfairly, i.e. white privilege, but for every rich kid there are a dozen brain-dead athletes (poor and of color) who shouldn't be there either. This is not a "white privilege" issue, it's a race-neutral elitist college priority issue. As yourself why Stanford needs a national championship in football? basketball? rather than trusting actual student athletes. Step away from the elite world where rich kids live off the fame of their parents and where liberal colleges play social engineering with race and gender, and you will find that the vast majority of Americans only get what they earn and what they earn comes from merit. So stuff your criticism... you're looking in the mirror morons.

One of the more interesting aspects of this is seeing the left trying to turn this into a condemnation of the middle class. This was entirely an elitist scandal. Elite parents scamming elite schools to make sure their kids get elite resumes so they can continue their elitist pursuits ("influence blogger"). There's nothing middle class in any of this. One article by a leftist who self-described as "middle class" whined about "middle class privilege." Only this whiner was as far from middle class as you can get. They live in an elite neighborhood in Southern California, went to Harvard, wife went to Yale, and they send their kid to an elite prep school, just like all the other "middle class" people they know. Basically, this is an elitist leftist who lives in an elitist California bubble and thinks the people around him are middle class and is now condemning them for spending money to prepare their kids to get into good schools... as if that was a sin. The left is so not self-aware. Racists condemning racism... except when it's from an important leftist. Sexists condemning sexism... except when it's from their friends. Hateful creatures hatefully condemning others as hatemongers. Elitists pretending to be average condemning each other's crimes as the crimes of the middle class. The left is truly a mess.

● Do I believe there are aliens? I think so. The odds tell me the universe is teeming with life. I doubt they're here, but I think they're out there in some form. But that's not the point. The point is this: if you remove the constraints of logic, reasoning and proof from science, you get the Ancient Astronaut Theory. I've been watching this show lately and it just pisses me off. These guys are total frauds. They judge from ignorance, fall for the craziest interpretations, push aside all reasonable counter-interpretations (often pretending there are no others), consider their imaginative guesses to be fact, ignore all the contrary evidence, and flat out lie. And the result is a ludicrous theory no reasonable person could believe. It's bullship. Even worse, this kind of mis-logic, fraudulent argument and ludicrous self-delusion mirrors what I see on the fringes of politics. It's the exact same thing. And right now, the Democrats are bathing in it.

● What I've seen on the New Zealand shooter suggests that he was influenced by French theories on race... not US theories. of course, that doesn't fit the media narrative that he's a right-wing American racist who did this on Trump's orders. Yawn.


tryanmax said...

● At the beginning of the college scandal, I predicted that this would be somehow spun as evidence that middle class Americans are racists. It's so absurd, of course an elite leftist would believe it. "If only the hicks in Missouri would stop lynching blacks, I wouldn't have to cross the street every time I see one of them."

● When you consider both the size and the age of the universe, it is both very likely that life has developed elsewhere and also very likely that we're the only ones in existence right now. On the very small likelihood that we're not the only ones alive right now, the odds are still against us ever meeting.

● New Zealand is being wildly censorious about the shooting. On one hand, everyone has been saying for a long time that we should avoid giving mass shooters the notoriety they seek, so that's a good thing. On the other hand, rather than just working with companies to take down his video and manifesto, they are prosecuting people who try to circulate them, which I estimate has the opposite effect. The conspiratorial side of me says that NZ wants his manifesto gone because in 24 hours they fulfilled one of the shooters stated goals. Uh oh!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, With the shooter aiming for fame online and the rising war of the left on tech companies, I think it makes sense that they would go super hard against the tech companies and anyone circulating the video. That and Trump seems to be the scapegoat this time, since they can't blame the American character for this one. I also wonder if they aren't genuinely afraid that he could spark an ISIS type terrorist group if his video does get play.

It's funny how the left has gone from "representing" the middle class to despising them. I guess they've come to realize that their support is entirely among the rich elite and the lazy poor, and it's the middle class who stand in the way of the things they want. This one has been really interesting because of the truly condescending tone they've taken about middle class families wanting the best for their kids.

Interesting thoughts on life. It is very possible that life doesn't last more than a few million years given all the dangers in the universe and, therefore, as you say, it was and is no more. In fact, there are theories now that life started and was wiped out here at least once before the current incarnation took.

That said, I like to think that the math of "infinite universe" suggests that the universe is teeming with life. Whether any of it can come to us, that I doubt. And we can't get to it. One thing is for sure though... there's no way that aliens came and influenced every known figure in history.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, the global left has really latched onto the notion that all the bad things owe to Trump, including their own bad behavior. ("The Drumpf made me do it!") They really see him as a cause and not an effect.

When it comes to aliens, I rather like the idea that we may be the first to stumble on another advanced lifeform, rather than the other way around.

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