Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Age of Intentional Self-Delusion

It's a delusional sort of world.

● "Trump engages in cannibalism," said reliable independent witness Nancy Pelosi. The impeachment rolls on... and not a person I know is paying attention and no one anywhere I've been at has been talking about it. Other than the breathless, unbiased media of course and some Hollywood types. Yawn. It's fitting that the biggest bit of news seems to be that a drag queen is covering the hearing. Welcome to the circus.

● So they have shockingly discovered that pot addiction is 25% higher for teens in states where pot was legalized. No, that can't be. Pot is safe and cannot lead to addiction. It has no negative side effects at all. Also, legalizing it has ended crime, saving Mexico from cartels, and brought in unlimited revenue for schools so no one needs to ask for tax increases ever again. FACT... well, FACTish.

● Buttguy, the favorite candidate of the media because he's just like them -- white, gay and pointless, is moving up according to the media. Yes, yes, it isn't reflected in the polls, but it's still true. There are some people who think he might win in Iowa and if that happens, then he's guaranteed to win the White House... says the media. Black people and the public seem to disagree, but what do they know?

● According to Gallup, did you know that 13% of Americans know someone who died DIED because they couldn't get medical care because they couldn't afford it?!! That's 34 million Americans! gnashes teeth Will no one think of the children? Out of curiosity, can anyone name any of these people?

● Elizabeth Warren's "Medicare for All" plan (should probably be called "Medicare for None") will break the economy, the budget, and the backs of workers. Just wait until Uncle Sam rapes another 35% out of your wages off the top. Even Bernie has attacked this as impractical. Fortunately, his Medicare for All plan is free.

● Deval Patrick, who was Obama before Obama -- a prepackaged black man with no views, a non-negro inflection (thanks Harry Ried!) and he would say "beyond race" "beyond race" when you pulled the string Paul Axelrod attached to his back... is going to run for President. This actually makes sense in a way. Kamala Harris who wanted to be the black candidate (and the female candidate) has flamed out, leaving black people without a viable hat in the ring. Patrick would fill that nicely, except he has a penis and the Democrats don't seem to like that this year. I get the sense his problem though is that he's going to try to be rational and the Democratic electorate is wildly f*ucked up by this point... haters of every stripe all banded together by their intolerance. So we'll see how he plays. The fact he and Bloomberg are looking to jump in suggests how poor the current field is. Personally, I hope they run the Asian guy who wants to ban circumcision.



AndrewPrice said...

A Rasmussen poll says that 53% of the public thinks the media is trying to help impeach Trump. That's a bad sign for the Democrats because it means the public sees an unfair court.

As an aside, 8% think the media is trying to protect Trump. Those people are flat out nuts.

LL said...

Devil Patrick might go through some sort of ritual trans metamorphisis and have his penis surgically removed on prime time (Beto would have done that if he'd remained in the race). Thus he'd be running as a black woman.

Willie Brown said that Kamala was too dumb to run for president. It turns out that he was right. But she apparently has other gifts.

And Hillary hasn't rules out a run for the Presidency. Smear some black grease on that homely face and she'd be another black female, struggling for respect and running for the presidency in the Trudeau lane.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, I saw Willie Brown take her down. He's said a lot of negative things about this field as well. Smart man when he wants to be.

I would love to see Hillary toss her hat into the ring. Talk about chaos!

Anthony said...

1) I've heard worse conspiracy theories about Trump. Hell, I've heard worse conspiracy theories from Trump. Conspiracies and delusions of victimization are the way the two fringes keep themselves animated.

2) I'm impressed pot smoking could get that much higher. Much be lower than I thought it was.

3) Buttigieg going anywhere is something I'll believe when I see. He's just a lesser part of the amorphous mass of liberal candidates. With Warren scaring socialists with her big spending plans and Bernie Sanders scaring people with his heart attack it makes sense a liberal candidate would see gains, but it doesn't make sense for them to see substantial gains.

4) Most people can't afford most things. That is simply the way of the world. Repeated bitter experience shows socialism can't change that.

5) If Patrick were bright he would have thrown his hat into the ring a long time ago. But he didn't. I'm not sure he can wrestle the relatively moderate Dem (which includes most black voters) vote away from Biden.

Bloomberg's name has come up in Dem primaries for the past two decades. At this point I'm not sure why. I don't see him making meaningful inroads either.

Hillary running again would be amazing though there is no way it would end any better than it did the last time. She did it so poorly and seemingly reluctantly last time I would be surprised if she did it again, but we live in an age of stupid political miracles.

6) Speaking of which nothing I've read about in the impeachment hearings changes my opinion that populism is a big government philosophy which ostensibly fights corruption but in fact worsens it. As I've said before DC's Marion Barry was the populist that dominated local (for me, as a kid who mostly grew up in the DC area though my parents always steered well clear of DC) politics when I was a kid.

He was big on complaining about fake, biased news (He hated a local newspaper called The City Paper as well as of course, The Washington Post) and representing the real interests of the marginalized people. Despite all of the damning evidence ('That b---- set me up') most voters never really turned against him when he was mayor. So Trump has cause for optimism in 2020.

tryanmax said...

Deval Patrick has that worthless kind of name recognition where you know you’ve heard his name before, but you don’t know why, and you can’t picture him. It says a lot about how disorganized the Democrats are that there are people still jumping in to a crowded field.

I know we don’t want to keep bringing up AOC, but she really is the id of the Democrat Party. This week, she lamented that long-shot presidential candidates are burning money, she pinned hope on impeachment to unify Democrats, and she fretted that if Trump isn’t impeached, it could spell disaster in 2020. Who needs conservative pundits to analyze the Dems when we have AOC to spell it out for us?

The horse hasn’t spoken yet, but there are rumblings that the opening of the impeachment hearings was so bad for Democrats that Nancy Pelosi might just call the whole thing off. Yesterday was a very weird time for her to make a sudden push for USMCA, yet that’s what she did. Even if she doesn’t nix impeachment, it looks like she’s lining up a win to counter a probable loss.

Speaking of things nobody wants to talk about, has anyone heard from Sleepy Joe lately?

AndrewPrice said...

The Daily Mail is reporting that the transcript of Trump's first call to the Ukraine basically completely undercuts the Democrats' claims against Trump. No mention of Biden. No quid pro quo.

So right now, they are relying on a couple witnesses who got fired by Trump and claim he tried to smear them. Not a good list of witnesses.

Not that it matters. The media will spin this into the worst thing since Hitler and the Democrats will vote to impeach even if Jesus came down from the Heavens and said, "He did nothing wrong."

But it will harden the belief that this is a lynching.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, The image of Hillary in blackface is hilarious. And I can see it because blackface is a popular passtime among Democrats apparently.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, From what I've seen the number of people using pot has remained about 12-16% with no statistical increase. What they are seeing, apparently, is that the potheads are using more and the number who are addicted has spiked. So it hasn't infected the rest of the population, but it's made conditions worse for the potheads.

That doesn't surprise me, actually. You can smell it on the potheads out here (they move in clouds like the Charlie Brown character Pigpen), and they are exactly the people we already suspected were potheads... white trash types and hippies. But it hasn't become an accepted thing for normal people out here.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Joe has gone silent. Smart move.

I agree with you about Patrick. I don't think he gets any traction.

AOC is a great model of the modern democrat.

Anthony said...

Recent events have shown that the wave pattern is holding. Parties can win it all but subsequently losing it is damn near an inevitability due to the invariable gap between what they promise and what they deliver as well as corruption and incompetence.

The pattern is getting crazier because politicians recognize it now. Once bipartisanship was expected because it was believed both parties had to coexist. But if you either have an absolute majority or are a year or two away from winning it, working with the enemy will only make you politically unviable in the future.

Obama and Trump were guys who stayed pure prior to running for the presidency and attacked those willing to work with the opposition as either weaklings or traitors.

Of course, people can change patterns over time, so all hope is not lost, but we'll have to wait for subsequent presidents.

Critch said...

I still think Hillary will run...Who the Hell is this Patrick? I honestly have never heard of him...on a more important note, I muffed a 50 yard shot at a nice deer yesterday, absolutely muffed it....choked like an amateur.

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