Monday, November 25, 2019

Snowflakes and Wokeflakes

I hate snowflakes and wokeflakes. They are vile creatures.

Snowflakes are a generation of losers. They were "raised" by parents who never once told them no or let them face any adversity, and as a result, they have become pathetic and useless. Their response to the slightest bit of adversity, to anything that doesn't go exactly like they want it, is to whine whine whine. These are the losers who need safe rooms and puppies.

There is a commercial right now for this Oculus system that makes me sick just seeing it. In it, there is this bearded snowflake (the males grow beards to affect masculinity). This pathetic man-child ends up in the game with some woman and some kids (possibly his family, though I doubt anyone would marry him). As the woman in the commercial and the kids go flying around the game world, he's whining like a little b*tch about how he doesn't like zero gravity. And he finishes with the call of the pathetic... "I'm not ok with this." F-you. Die in a fire.

Seriously, these are the people you toss off the lifeboat even if you know you need to eat someone in ten days. They are useless as human beings, oxygen thieves. They are more helpless than infants, more whiny than a funeral procession, and have the judgment of a council of second graders. They are the cliche of a spoiled rich kid who can't tie their own shoes because their servants did it for them. And yet, they honestly expect the rest of us to cater to them. Again, f-you, die in a fire.

There's an article I've been meaning to write for a long time, but never got the chance. It's worth mentioning here. About a year ago, I saw the most snowflake thing imaginable. This came from an article passed around by the AP. It was about a woman who was upset that people talk about "fighting cancer." She felt it was wrong for all your healthy people and evil doctors to put that kind of pressure on people. Really?? This loser actually thought it put pressure on people to tell them to fight. Ok, dipsh*t, from now on I'll wish that you can reach a reasonable accommodation with your cancer. WTF? To be upset about that is absolutely pathetic. It is beyond pathetic. It is ludicrous that anyone can believe that. And yet, it's the core of snowflakism: "Don't put any pressure on me!!!" It makes me sick. These people make me sick.

Even worse are the wokeflakes.

That's a word I made up, but it fits perfectly (though maybe hateflakes works better). The wokeflakes are people who have weaponized their snowflakism. Not only are they pathetic, whiny creatures, but they are hateful little Nazis about it. They want their grievances to become a matter of law. Don't like something... ban it and destroy anyone who does. Thou shalt not say anything I don't like. Thou shalt not do anything I don't like. Thou shalt only say approving things to me. Thou shalt never judge me. None of these rules can be applied to them though, naturally, because they want the world to revolve around them and no one else.

These are the women of the #metoo movement: I can have sex and later change my mind. I can be a total slut, but you can't hold it against me, and you better not strike me as creepy or I'll judge you and destroy you. These are the blacks who scream racism when they face some hurdle that everyone else faces too. These are college sh*theads who protest and riot when they don't like the ideology of a college speaker, who try to oust professors who try to tell them that there are other beliefs, and who try to destroy the Harvard student newspaper for daring to ask an unpopular person for comment on an article tearing them apart. The list is endless because any pathetic personal grievance gets weaponized by these people: I should be allowed to use that whatever bathroom I want, you better revel in my perversion, how dare that movie depict smoking or guns or something opposite to my beliefs, how dare you suggest that being fat is unhealthy, how dare she "shame" me online for abandoning my kids for nine hours to get high!, that picture of you lounging in the bathtub made me feel bad about my body, that picture of your house made me feel bad about my wealth. Christine Louboutin just complained that feminists are "politicizing" high heels. Duh. They've been after anything defined as feminine for a long time. No pet peeve, no discomfort, no inconvenience, not shame is too minor not to be made into a national crusade for these people, and the left has stupidly embraced them as a new secret police in their continuing efforts to control society. Even Obama is seeing the mistake in this now.

Dying in fire is too good for this branch of the snowflake tree.

Probably should have put a warning at the front in case some snowflake comes across this. Maybe a link to a puppy. Although, that would be wrong for snowflakes with allergies. Hmm. Ok, so maybe a link to crayons... although, some of those could be considered racist. Hmm. Apple pie? No, gluten. How about a suicide prevent hotline? Hmmm, no, I wouldn't want to be accused of suggesting it's important to stop people from killing themselves. That might be too much pressure.

Apparently, in a world of dipsh*ts who complain about everything, nothing doesn't offend.



AndrewPrice said...

As Obama is learning: live by the snowflake, be torn apart and denounced by the snowflake.

LL said...

Barack is way to right for the snowflakes.

tryanmax said...

I disagree with calling them 'snowflakes.' Actual snowflakes are unique, beautiful and fleeting. Leftists are all the same, ugly, and they won’t go away.

Anthony said...

I don't see why a commercial ridiculing a subset of whiners has such a powerful impact on you given your contempt for same class.

Shameless, hateful, privileged whiners who cry bias when confronted with wrongdoing is hardly a thing restricted to one generation or side of the political divide nowadays.

As I've pointed out for several years, 'victim' is a mantle the fringes love to fight for. 'Boo Hoo, they hate us'.

If someone saying something stupid bothers you you will always be bothered because in an age where everyone can broadcast every thought that enters there head there is always going to be idiocy out there.

*Shrugs* Whatever. Happy Thanksgiving!

ArgentGale said...

It's hard to beat this particular type of loser and its mutant relative for teeth-grinding stupidity all right. I haven't found that Oculus ad yet but I'm not sure what it's supposed to accomplish from what you described. I'm not the marketing guy here but I don't see how that kind of ad would promote a fun time or act as effective (by the standards of the people it's meant for) virtue signaling. On the idiot objecting to the phrase "fighting cancer" you really can't make this stuff up anymore, can you? I'd like to think even the most fragile of them would find some kind of resistance preferably to the alternatives of a slow, painful death or suicide (physician-assisted or otherwise). As for the wokeflakes, they would be so much easier to blow off if they didn't have so many allies in the media, academia, and the Democrats. I don't get the impression that the public especially cares for them but it's hard to judge with all the circuses they cause.

Well, enough of that. Few things can help one forget the stupid like nonstop turkey so have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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