Monday, November 18, 2019

Bad Buttguy... The Snowflakes Descend

Oh oh. Could it be that Buttguy is a racist? The wokeflakes are whining that he just might be.

Get this! A couple months back, Buttguy put out his plan to pander to black people. It was called "the Douglass Plan", culturally appropriating the name Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist hero. In it, he leftistly babbled about "dismantling of racist structures and systems." All good, right?

Well, no.

It turns out that the contractor who assembled this little leftist kiss used a picture on the webpage. Naturally, the picture is of a black woman. But there's a catch. The contractor used a stock photo (like everyone else in politics and media)... and the stock photo was of a woman from Kenya!!! Take a look:

The horror! The wokeflakes suspect they are outraged! Apparently, there is something wrong with using a photo of a Kenyan to simulate an American. Indeed, said that hateful Somali woman in Congress, "This is not ok." Such a pedantic way to express oneself. Still, she has a point, doesn't she? Clearly, Buttguy.... well.... actually, I can't see the point at all. I honestly have no idea what's wrong with this. Everyone uses stock images. And it's not like she has a bone through her nose. If this was a German woman being used to advertise "the Washington Plan," I don't think a single honkey would care. So what is the big deal? Is this about taking American job (there's only one)? Is it that Kenyans don't understand the racism poor, comparatively-rich and free African Americans experience so it's not right letting them do "American face"? Are genuine Africans beneath African Americans, like some Japanese v. Korean sort of grudge? Do you think Buttguy was playing a game with you? What is the problem?!

I'm thinking the big deal is that a white man did something involving blacks and the wokeflakes found a way to attack it. That's really all I think is going on here. White man + mention of blacks = must find something to call racism. Yep. It's racist because they want it to be racist, and the photo is the excuse they used to get all smug. Other than that, I can't imagine how this could offend anyone.

Help me out, people. What makes Buttguy the villain here?


Unknown said...

He plays the piano, he talks good in English and Norweigan... the perfect lodger the perfect guest

What's not to like?

I just can't understand why South Carolina doesn't like him too...

Unknown said...

Its like they are... afraid... of something

Maybe his Rhodes scholarship?

Anthony said...

I don't think this scandal is getting much attention in the black community. In my neck of the woods Trump's impeachment hearings, Obama's criticism of the hard left, Kanye West's narcissim, Stephen Miller's racism and Colin K's bizarre tryout have dominated the news/dicussion the past couple days.

The little coverage I've seen of the Buttigieg scandal online indicates the problem is Buttigieg sent out documentation which overstated his black support (hard to blame him since it stands at 0% in most polls) both by listing people who weren't his supporters and listing people who weren't black. Not a big deal.

To restate what I said last week, IMHO Buttigieg's big problem is he is jostling with Warren, Sanders and a dozen others for the far left, and has abandoned the (relative) middle of the party to Biden.

Here is a link to a recent poll out of South Carolina (the first Dem primary state) which indicates Biden is the favorite candidate of black Dem voters at this stage. Since Buttigieg is a white male just like Biden, I don't think its reasonable to conclude blacks are biased against Buttigieg because he is a while male.

Among white voters, Biden has 22 percent, while Warren receives 17 percent, with Sanders and Buttigieg each at 11 percent. Biden has a huge lead among black voters as he wins 44 percent. Sanders gets 10 percent, Warren has 8 percent, and Buttigieg receives less than one percent among black voters.

LL said...

I think that the Butt part of the Buttguy is what plays poorly with many black voters.

tryanmax said...

This is a great example of what Scott Adams would call a "fake because." It's a tool that allows one's cognitive dissonance to stay in place when jostled. I suspect this is less for the benefit of African Americans than it is for wealthy white women who love the blacks just as much as they love the gays.

What this particular fake-because is doing is providing a way around the uncomfortable fact that African American attitudes about homosexuals are somewhat less than woke. Bearing out Andrew's observation that gays have lost their place in the coalition, Buttguy's lack of support from blacks must be his own fault.

Chronology doesn't matter. Buttguy has now done something that maybe possibly in some way could have probably retroactively offend the blacks and wealthy white women must call. it. out. Always remember the rule: Anything that makes you think about race is probably racist.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I'm sure you're better aware than I that what drives African American politics has very little to do with the actual concerns of the black community.

Anthony said...

I agree Buttigieg's homosexuality is a handicap with the black community but I don't think his biggest problem. Remember he was won two local elections. He had not come out as gay the first time around. In his second election support from Dems and all other groups was stronger than in the first, with the exception of the blacks. His support in black majority districts dropped 8% with it dropping the most among older blacks.

Of course the black community had other issues with him (notably his firing of the first black police chief) but we'll assume for the sake of this argument that the entire gap was due solely to bias against homosexuals. An 8% handicap can't explain 0% national support.

I stand by my opinion (voiced weeks ago in the context of other candidates chasing the liberal wing like Kamala Harris) that while they are liberal, in the context of national elections most black Democrats are more conservative than their white counterparts, even on issues impacting blacks. As I predicted, black voters didn't rally around people proposing silliness like slavery reparations.

But that recollection overlooked a shift in votes at the neighborhood level. Whereas in 2011 Buttigieg's support was strongest in predominantly black precincts on the West Side, his support in those neighborhoods fell in the 2015 general election.

In precincts where more than half of residents are black, the mayor's vote share fell 8 points on average. One of the sharpest declines occurred in a neighborhood known colloquially as "The Lake," where older black residents have resided for decades. According to the Indiana University South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center, it was the only neighborhood where black residents were allowed to buy land in the early 20th century.

Anthony said...


I agree about the gap between the black community's politics and its interests.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I by no means mean to suggest that Pete's poor support from blacks explains 0% support overall. I suspect framing Pete's voter problem as a "black problem" comes from his supporters, and they have the evidence you cited on their side.

That's a source of dissonance for woke white Democrats who can't hope to ever shuffle their intersectional stack correctly (because it's impossible). Rather than risk getting the oppressor/oppressed dynamic wrong, they reach for a trump card.

Pete is white, ergo, he's racist. Easy-peasy. All that's needed is evidence. Anything racist-ish proves he was racist all along and blacks were justified in dismissing him all along.

And, like I said, this is to soothe the paternalism of woke whites. It has nothing to do with any actual black sentiments.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony and tryanmax, Let me toss this out there. I don't think "woke" whites really care about the opinions of blacks. They use ideas like racism as part of their hateful ideology and they aren't going to let black people get in the way of that. Their opponents are racist by definition and every time they mention race or somehow invoke black people it is racists.

Wokism is the same smug sh*t as Nazism, hardcore fundamentalism, or any other ism. They see themselves as the chosen people, morally superior, owners of the truth, and everyone else is a lesser being -- either a child race to be protected for whom they speak or a villain to be despised.

AndrewPrice said...

As for Buttguy, I think he hasn't caught on for the following reasons:

1. The feminists and their woke sister-misters want a woman. Down with penises!!

2. Gays have angered the wokes by dropping out once they got what they wanted, and while the wokes still use gays like they use blacks as a PR spear to claim moral superiority, they sure as hell are not going reward (or trust) one of them.

3. There seems to be a lot of chatter that lesbians will no longer support gay men. Black support for gays seems soft.

4. The gay friend thing has always had a strange limit with women. They proclaim how much they love their gay male friends, but they draw really clear limits on how close they will let them get and what responsibilities they will let them have... they see them as toys, not to be used for serious issues. This could be limiting him. "Oh, isn't he cute, I love gays. Now, which serious candidate am I really going to vote for?"

5. He's ugly. It does matter.

6. The Democratic party is made up of elitists and welfare types. The elitists have been using an anti-elite sales pitch for years, however (as their billionaires are now finding out and trying to fight ha ha), and Buttguy fits into the elite category, so the welfare squad is suspicious.

7. He's supposed to be moderate, but moderate voters have huddled around Biden to save them from the woke/progressive savages who seems to be determined to lose this election. That leaves no room for other vote-splitting moderates.

I think all of those contribute to him being locked out.

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