Friday, March 27, 2020


Yo. Some updates for the few of you who are still alive.

● The "experts" are now predicting as many as 80,000 deaths in the US!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! Of course, they had been predicting 20,000,000 until someone bid them up to 40,000,000, so take anything they say with a grain of salt. I'm not good at regression analysis or I would figure it out for you.

Either way, keep in mind, even if this does happen, it takes about 11.5 days on average for 80,000 to die in the US. This will happen over 6-9 months... if it happens. That's 180-270 days, meaning 1.2 million to 1.9 million people will die in the meantime.

● I hope everyone saw my warning on the stimulus money. Let me repeat it here:

Pay attention to the income limits for the stimulus money. They're actually low if you live in a big city and on the coasts. BUT... you can manipulate your income.

The income they will use is your 2019 income if you have already filed your taxes. Otherwise, they will use your 2018 taxes. You can delay your 2019 taxes until July, if need be. The checks will come in May.

If this applies to you, look into it!

● Signs that things are returning to normal. (1) The NBA is floating the idea of starting games again in May, (2) the NFL will go forward with the draft in three weeks, (3) our local school district is right now planning to reopen in three weeks, (4) the Europeans are coming up with a joint plan to reopen (because sheep hold hands), (5) China is opening already, and (6) not a thing closed after our governor issued his hide under the bed order.

● Apparently, essential people need paperwork now to be out and about in Colorado... the rest of us just lie and give a "valid" reason. "I'm waking my dog at the grocery store, beatch." That's good enough lol! And McDonalds is still open.

● For the love of God and your sanity, stop reading the Daily Mail. They are worse than a horror fiction magazine. It's like a tabloid dedicated to making you think the world is ending. Not a thing they report is accurate or relevant or not stretched to the point of ridiculousness. I think my personal favorite was "Italians trapped in apartments with dead bodies." Ignore them, you'll be happier. I would ignore the experts too, they're no better.

● When this is all over, someone should make a study of the human need to enforce herd dogma. It might be very interesting. Who says this is a zombieless apocalypse?


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, typical a-hole leftist behavior. Drew Brees did an amazing thing. He donated $5 million to help out. That's incredible and it should absolutely be commended.

Leftist sports writers are using it to attack NFL owners for not giving as much. These people are ridiculous and disgusting. Somehow I doubt any of these writers have given a penny themselves too.

LL said...

Progressives are notoriously tight fisted when it comes to charitable giving, but they line up to get free cheese. It's just the sort of people that they are.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, It really is. The other thing that amazes me if how leftist journalists seem to think that bullying people to do something good is the same thing as doing it themselves. They really act like they are the ones who did the good deed.

Tennessee Jed said...

I swear to God, I realize it is an election year and one party is in the awkward position of having to “root” for failure. Hillary Clinton’s tasteless joke reinforces what a “c” word she is. CNN cheering on our passing China in cases. I surprised the old 60’s top 40 hit the Name Game has not been re-recorded as the blame game. They want the economy to tank before election with many frightened people need Government to save them. Jed is disgusted in Tennessee.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed!

I have been disgusted with these people (and all of our political class really) for years now, so I am not in the least surprised to see them cheering on failure, trying to scare people to attract listeners, trying to smear opponents at a time when calm and rational needs to be the way. These people are disgusting creatures and I truly hope their is a hell so they can pay for the way they behave.

Hang in there, Jed. And remember, the vast majority of people are decent, honest people. Live your life for those people, not the creatures that exploit tragedy for personal/political gain.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, we were out at a medical appointment (trying to fix a screwed up ankle) and the city is hopping. There is more traffic today than I've seen in the past two weeks. Almost everything is open too.

Everyone was calm and well-behaved too. Safe but not freaked out.

drjim said...

Our son and DIL received printed letters from their employer stating they were essential workers.

ArgentGale said...

1. Considering that even the people behind the Imperial College report that was a major contributor to this panic are walking that back now I think more skepticism of the expert class is warranted across the board these days and I hope that people take a good look at what and why these people got so much wrong.

2. Crap, I already filed my taxes for the year, but having a little extra in my savings from what I do get will be nice.

3. If the sports leagues are starting to poke their heads out from under their beds that's certainly a good sign. For my weekly depletion reports in rural Georgia Aldi was depleted in some annoying areas (no cat litter) but they're good on milk again and I was able to find some good frozen stuff. Paper towels are returning there and to Walmart, where I actually saw a section or two of toilet paper filling up. Cereal's depleted in both places but it looks like Walmart at least is stabilizing.

4. We got letters from work in case we get stopped by cops or the National Guard while going to and from there but I'm not seeing any more cops out there than usual and I haven't seen any National Guard at all unless they're very well-hidden. Said cops don't seem to be up to anything out of the ordinary either. Things do seem to be business as usual around here aside from the reduced hours, closures, reminders of social distancing everywhere you go, and such.

5. Yeah, the media freakouts and clickbait does get old, especially the hysterical variety of it. It's why I'm glad to hang out here, where cooler heads prevail.

6. Indeed, along with a good, hard look at how all the data and projections got so screwed up to reiterate the point from earlier. And may the exploiters, fearmongers, and every other POS that stirred this up get something even harder coming their way.

AndrewPrice said...

For those playing along at home, we've entered the conspiracy theory lightening round. Believe nothing you read as commentary from any source at the moment.

AndrewPrice said...

Dr.Jim, It's good to be loved, I guess.

Here, liquor stores, gun shops and pot shops are all considered essential, so are takeout workers.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, The "experts" have really disgraced themselves, but since the media uses them, there will be no account on them at any point. They'll get a pass.

I'm seeing lots of timid businesses trying to float trial balloons about opening. Right now, the herd views that as heresy and personal treachery, but most of the public seems pretty ready to move on.

AndrewPrice said...

So this guy the left loves because he has contradicted Trump a couple times - Dr. Fauci, just made a fascinating statement that will drive them nuts.

He said that the reason this hit Italy so hard is that Italy was full of Chinese tourists. That actually explains a lot, like why Italy, why New York City, why San Francisco, but not German or Norway or Colorado.

That not to say that this is something particular to Chinese people, but it does tell us that they were likely the initial carriers... which is not a racist idea no matter how much the left wants it to be.

Critch said...

Rhode Island is going to use National Guard to go house to house to look for refugees from New York? "Papers, Please?" I am going to start a experiment to see if gin, Vermouth, and olives can keep the Covid-19 away...I'm doing this willingly....

I called my gun shop the other day to see if he had a particular type of scope mount...he brought it out to me in the parking lot and I gave him the money...He has a bad heart condition but is trying to stay open. Essential to me...

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I went to the gun store yesterday looking for a clip for my gun (the springs are bad and it keeps jamming). This is the third time I've gone and no one has any, even though they keep getting orders.

It turns out some guy is going around buying them all out of stock so he can sell them online (probably at above-retail prices). A-hole. I'm not buying online. I'll wait.

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