CommentaramaPolitics Mission Statement

Political discourse has sunk to new lows all over the web. Both conservatism and liberalism are beset by hateful whiners who do nothing but shout ignorance and insults at each other. It’s time for people of good faith to put an end to this. It’s time to bring logic and reasoning back into the debate.

CommentaramaPolitics’s goal is to provide reasoned, intelligent analysis of daily issues. Although conservative in outlook, CommentaramaPolitics won’t lie or distort or protect those who are wrong. My goal is honest analysis and everyone, regardless of ideology, is welcome so long as you are here to share your views in good faith.

Here are the rules:
● No trolls. That gets deleted without being read.

● No personal attacks against other commenters. You can disagree, but do so with respect.

● No insults or attempts to defame. If all you want to do is tell us you hate someone, then we don’t want you here.

● No name calling. Name calling is for losers who don’t have useable brains. If you’re here to call someone a socialist or racist or any other ist, don’t bother sharing your “thoughts.”

● No bigotry. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, or religious bigotry. Don’t tell us other people are immoral, don’t question people’s faith, don’t attribute the actions of individuals to their ethnic or religious groups, and don’t tell us your theories on race.

● No conspiracy theories. If you believe the world is run by secret cabals then you are an idiot and we don’t need you here. Seriously, get help.
Other than that, bring your brains and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Welcome to CommentaramaPolitics!
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