Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama: A Year Of Failing Dangerously

Obama called the recent terrorist attack in Detroit a “systematic failure.” That sounds like a pretty fair description of the entire Obama administration. Let’s look back on the year that was.

Obama came into power with no experience, no skills, no plan and no history of learning from his mistakes. So it should have come as no surprise that things started poorly and only got worse from there.

Indeed, right out of the gate, Obama ran into a little problem. . . appointment after appointment proved to be a disaster. Many didn’t pay their taxes, some were lobbyists (making a mockery of Obama’s no lobbyist policy). One of his czars quit after a few weeks because he didn’t know what the heck he was doing. Another turned out to be a Mao worshiper. One was a racist. And another came as close to being a pedophile as you can get without being caught naked with a kid.

Almost before his rear end hit the big chair, Obama signed into law a disastrous $780 billion “stimulus” plan that cost more jobs than it created. To cover his mistake, he sent out Slow Joe Biden to lie about the number of jobs his stimulus plan “created or saved.” Sadly for Obama, Joe no lie good and people caught on pretty quickly.

So he doubled down on stupid by handing truckloads of money to GM so that GM could remake itself into the exact same company it was before it got the money.

But Obama didn’t just help his union friends at GM, his banking buddies did pretty well too. As regional banks all over the country collapsed, the nation’s biggest banks (heavy contributors to the Democratic party) got hundreds of billions in cash and trillions in loan guarantees to beef up their balance sheets.

His administration then authorized hefty bonuses to AIG, only to feign outrage when the public heard about it. Learning nothing from his mistakes, Obama authorized huge salaries for the officers and directors of Fannie and Freddie Mac.

Fresh off that screw-up, Obama “acted stupidly” by accusing a Cambridge, Mass police officer of racism for arresting an as~hole who happened to be black. That one kind of put an end to this “post racial” delusion.

So did he learn from his mistakes? No. Instead, he took Air Farce One for a joyride and dive bombed New York City for fun.

Soon he turned to the meat of his agenda: (1) cap and trade (died in the Senate); (2) card check (died in the House); (3) banking “reform” (which seems to have vanished into Chris Dodd’s pocket); and (4) mortgage reform, which saved no one’s mortgage.

His ObamaCare plan went from bad to laughable, as the Democrats set about slaughtering each other. This turned a very liberal bill into the biggest special interest sop of all time. Drug monopolies were protected from competition. Doctors got bribed. AARP got bribed. The trial lawyers got an end to medical malpractice reform. The list goes on and on. But the coup de grâce, tens of millions of people will be forced to buy insurance, with virtually no cost or price controls. Can’t beat that with a stick!

And when Obama had to give the “speech of his administration” to save it, all he managed to do was wipe out what was left of the plan’s support.

Do you remember Obama’s big achievement in Copenhagen? If you read our article on this, you would know that the “deal” wasn’t really a deal so much as a statement of wishful thinking. But there’s more. Apparently, the assembly was so put out by Obama’s magic deal that they refused to adopt the agreement. Instead, the document was “officially noted,” meaning that the agreement is officially nonbinding and any country that wants to ignore it can. This was underscored by Chinese lead negotiator Su Wei, who said this agreement is “not an agreed document, it was not formally endorsed or adopted.”

And, just in case you’re wondering, two non-bindings do not make a binding.

Now to his credit, not everything Obama did was a failure. He did act swiftly to order the military to take out those Somali pirates, that’s good. He even sent some ships to fight piracy. Of course, hijackings still reached an all time high in 2009, so maybe this wasn’t such a success either.

Obama’s talk-shop politics failed in Honduras, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, and anywhere else it was tried. The Hondurans wrapped him around the Axle Rod. Not only did Team Obama not manage to get Zelaya returned to office, but Zelaya still hasn’t managed to leave the Brazilian Embassy because the Hondurans plan to arrest him once he does.

Iran ignored him and went on building their “peace bomb,” while North Korea playfully tossed missiles into the Pacific in spite of Obama’s harshest wishes. China refused to stop manipulating their currency or stop buying weapons or even tone down their suddenly very aggressive foreign policy. Obama sold out the Poles and the Czechs to the Russians in exchange for help on Iran, which never came.

The whole fighting terrorism thing didn’t go so well either. When a Muslim terrorist decided to shoot American soldiers at Fort Hood, Team Obama seemed incapable of identifying the bad guy. Rather that focusing on the Islamic Terrorist, Team Obama spent their time trying to keep us rednecks in flyover country from stringin’ us up an A-rab! Woo hoo!

His “speech of his administration” on Afghanistan won nobody over (3% tops) for his Afghanistan plan, unless you count the Taliban. They really liked it.

As he’s piddled, Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia all plunged further and further into chaos and the arms of Al Qaeda.

His response to the Detroit bombing again showed a lack of a steady hand. Not only did he wait three days to address the public, but he seems incapable of grasping that the terrorist acted in the name of Islam and was affiliated with some very bad people. Even worse, he sent his clowns to entertain us rather than assure us, like when Butch Napolitano assured us that “our system did not work,” right after assuring us that “the system worked.” I feel better already.

Remember that “speech of his administration” he gave in Cairo? “We bad, you good, let’s all come together coo coo ca choo.” That worked. ** rolls eyes ** Nothing but peace and happiness in the Middle East now.

Gitmo? Still open. . . though one suspect has been granted a field trip to New York for a trial.

We don’t even have word if Obama’s golf game has improved!

In fact, looking back over 2009, there is nothing that this man has done right. His administration truly has been a “systematic failure.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m glad his agenda lies in tatters. But it would have been nice to have an actual leader in office who did the little things. . . like stimulating the economy or stopping Iran from nuking us. But I guess we’re not getting that with this administration.

Oh well. Better luck next year.


Tam said...

In a conversation filled with anxiety and fear for our future, I told my dad that if we can survive until we get rid of Obama, the faster he makes a mess and the bigger the mess, the better for us overall. I think that falling hard and fast has opened a lot of eyes and motivated a lot of people to make real improvements and changes. I just hope we can survive however many more "systematic failures" Al Qaeda and friends have planned for us.

AndrewPrice said...

Tam, I think you're right. If Obama had merely been a disappointment, nothing would have changed. But his total failure has opened eyes.

I think over the past eight years, people turned away from the Republicans because they got crooked and became Democrat-lite. And they turned to the Democrats because they forgot what the Democrats were like and the Democrats did a great job of talking like conservatives. But it was always a lie, and now people see that and they realize the mistake they made handing the keys to these clowns.

In the end, I think Obama has doomed liberalism for another generation. And given his inability/refusal to learn from his mistakes, I can't see anything changing from him over the next 3 three years.

patti said...

like minds andrew. while barry continues his FAIL US Tour, regular joes are taking things into their own hands, like the amazing guy who jumped the terrorist (at his own peril) on the plane right after he's ignited the bomb. the thing is, we can count on each other more than we can count on washington. we are the ones who get it right. more and more of us are getting that...

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, I agree -- I trust average people way more than I trust the government. It's amazing how much "I'm from the government, I'm here to help" has turned into a punchline!

Writer X said...

Let's not forget the constant (until recently) publicity tours. The only thing he hasn't done is pitch "Sham-wow." What's laughable is he gives himself a B+.

I wasn't expecting much when Obama got elected but, truthfully, I didn't expect it to be this bad either.

Writer X said...

Andrew, not sure if the glitch is on my end or yours, but the "posting" functionality on the blog isn't working very well.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, Clearly, Obama is used to grade inflation if he thinks he deserves a B+. I'd put him pretty close to an F, no matter how you look at him.

What kind of problem? I'll pass that on to the blogger people.

Writer X said...

Andrew,I tested it on my site and had the same problem: entries posting multiple times or not posting at all. Just tried it again and the problem went away. For now. Weird.

LawHawkSF said...

Andrew: Another failure for Obama is that the liberal/Euro-socialist wing of the Democratic Party had come to realize that in order to "fundamentally transform" America, it had to be death in small doses. Obama decided to come up with wounds in large portions instead. What might have been slowly foisted on America turned into "too much, too fast," and by the third or fourth disaster, the public started catching on.

Incrementalism has slowly driven America to the left for decades, but Obama's rapid and very public fumbling may very well have done more for the conservative movement than we could ever have done for ourselves.

Obama's lack of leadership left a leadership void, and the radical Pelosi wing took over, along with his own staff of known communists, leftover 60s radicals, criminals, tax-cheats and plain incompetents. Taken together, these actions (or lack of them) may very well produce the biggest reversal of fortune since the 1854-1858 election cycles mentioned in an earlier article on this site.

BevfromNYC said...

This editorial was in the very liberal NY Daily News this morning - I was surprised.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, I wouldn't exactly call that "a failure" if you know what I mean! ;-)

Bev, I think the left is starting to go into panic mode. The KoolAid has worn off and they're starting to worry that they've backed an idiot.

StanH said...

Good read Andrew! Perhaps he believes that a B+ is what degree he’s screwing America, and how fast …a matter of perspective. He’s very dangerous, and we must keep him cornered - - 2010 is a very important election cycle for our great country. Go team! Barry has proven to be an impotent eggheaded ninny, it’s mind boggling that this clown is our president.

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, He did go to Harvard and grade inflation is rampant there. He's probably never known anyone who got less than a B.

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