Sunday, July 17, 2016

Quick Thoughts

I didn't have any time to write this weekend, so let me give some quick hit thoughts.

* Anyone who thinks that killing cops is going to help their cause is a moron. These guys think that by killing a cop they will either spark followers to take to the streets or they will cause a reaction that starts a racial war. They're idiots. The history of terrorism shows that people don't give in to killers... they circle the wagons. What's more, by turning to violence, these people disgrace the movements they claim to support. In fact, look at how quickly all the sympathy for the guy in Minnesota has vanished. Look too at how black churches are embracing police officers. When you turn to killing, you kill your own cause.

* Ghostbusters looks to be a disaster, and the studio knew that early on -- having the most hated trailer in YouTube history was a bad start. Well, the studio didn't give up. Instead, they ran the most cynical, nasty ad campaign ever. They played the victim card. They began by accusing the critics of hating women. Then they laid it on thick. Did you know that fashion designers shunned the butch black chick for the red carpet until the last minute! Heavens! Then they lowered the expectations to declare that a $45 million weekend would be a "stunning success" even though this means the film would be a huge bomb -- it needs to earn $300 to break even. They redefined "weekend" to include Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just so they could claim the $45 million number. And a standard phrase started appearing in "news" articles everywhere that also happened to run Ghostbusters ads: "generally upbeat reviews for Sony's film". This was repeated over and over even though it's almost impossible to find a good review. Finally, the director declared one of the characters gay at the last minute. You were lied too the whole way.

* Turkey is a mess. I don't know why a legitimate government would respond to the end of a coup by a small group of soldiers by arresting 3,000 judges. I know why an illegitimate one would, but not a legitimate one.

* I saw some interesting polls the other day. It turns out 67% of the public think Supreme Court justices should not talk about politics. That's a good thing. It shows that the desire to have a depoliticized judiciary is important to people. Only 22% disagree. 82% think college is important. Only 9% are reel 'merikans. More good news.

* Trump continues to make good choices in terms of advisers. His list of advisers is a who's who of respected conservatives. Now he's adding Mike Pence, who is a well-respected conservative with strong ties to religious conservatives. It seems that Trump is growing up.

* Has it dawned on anybody how pathetic our celebrities are? You have murder, assassination and revolution going on and our idiot actors/actresses/and quasi-actors are posting pictures of themselves on yachts or engaged in twitter fights about idiocy. Are they that out of touch? Clearly.

* Finally, I love my mom. She has always done things to make me proud. Right now, she's baking a cake she plans to give to the police to tell them she supports them. :)


ArgentGale said...

I figured the cop issue would head that direction the moment the Dallas shooting happened and a few more stories of cop killings turned up (the one closest to here happened in Tennessee). You're right, murderous actions like this overpower whatever goodwill the people behind the cause might have initially gotten. Still, with so many people determined to make cops hunting blacks a thing I wonder how long it's going to be before we go through this same dance again next time a shooting gets publicity?

Not surprised in the least on Ghostbusters though there seems to be an attempt to generate positive buzz about it that is, quite obviously, astroturf and not fooling anybody. I'm also not surprised about them trying to play the misogynist card, either, though I'm a little surprised they didn't try the gay character/homophobia card earlier given that one of the actresses, Kate McKinnon, is gay. Either way the '84 classic will live on and this one will be forgotten.

I saw the poll, too, which was refreshing, and while I haven't heard much about Turkey that does sound suspicious, and Trump does finally seem to be taking the election seriously... Let's see if he can keep it up and maybe put some of his primary verbal diarrhea behind him. As for the celebrities, I've always found them to be a vapid bunch who the less I know about, the better. I don't see things getting better any time soon, either, especially not with the Kardashians and other such wastes of space around. Good for your mom, too! =)

- Daniel

Anthony said...

Unfortunately I doubt we've seen the last of the police shootings. They've driven away the mainstream (for the moment, if cop murders subside and another video pops up in two years opinions will flip) but a steady stream of black losers see now as a great time to go on cop murdering sprees that end in their deaths.

As for Ghostbusters, if bad sequels could taint memories of the original tremendously influential classics like Terminator, Robocop, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry, Die Hard, The Matrix, Star Wars and of course Ghostbusters (am I am the only one who remembers how bad Ghostbuster 2 was?) would have no fans.

Turkey has always been a mess for a variety of reasons. The current leader (a popular autocratic populist) has circumvented term limits (he hopped to a different job and kept his old powers).

Despite the fact he US didn't support the coup, it may cause problems in the US Turkey relationship because now he is becoming even more authoritarian (which the USG would probably ignore if it could) and is demanding that the US hand over an opposition leader living here who doesn't seem to have anything to do with the coup.

As for Trump's advisors, the small government types and libertarians guys who are jumping on his bandwagon just seem to be embracing power over ideology that they have long professed to believe. He has given them nothing.

The only people Trump seems to be making policy concessions to are social conservatives, and that is because both believe in the power of big government.

Last but not least, I despise Trump as much as anyone, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg was waaay out of line. Such an extraordinary lack of judgement from a judge is troubling. Hopefully she retires sooner rather than later.

ScottDS said...

Re: the Republican platform -

Any thoughts? I know you've said in the past that party platforms are ultimately just sales pitches to the fringe but this latest one... it's like, I'm an Independent. Can't they at least try to get my vote?! :-)

Re: celebs -

So let me get this straight. If they don't comment on current events, they're out of touch. But if they do comment on current events, they should shut up and stick to what they know? I'm not defending anybody but you can't have it both ways.

Re: Ghostbusters -

Studios fudge their numbers and expectations all the time so that's not new. And no one lied to us - it's not as if they said McKinnon's character was straight, then reneged.

And you're right in that there haven't been any flat-out raves but I have read positive reviews for the film, some of them advise caution, but there are people who genuinely like the movie. And I find it hypocritical that people who usually don't give a shit about reviews and mainstream reviewers suddenly care what they think when it suits them.

As I wrote on Twitter, this whole thing has made me ashamed for being a geek and a lifelong Ghostbusters fan. I was never a supporter of this new film in the first place and now I feel the need to defend it! It's a twist that is, to quote Sideshow Bob, "so formulaic, it could've spewed from the PowerBook of the laziest Hollywood hack!"

Kit said...

re celebs: Considering how breathtakingly stupid they can be when they do discuss current events, I'll take yapping about yachts and the like any day.

Ghostbusters: The movie looked like a forgettable dumb comedy at best. The general sense I'n getting is that it is "meh." Not great, not terrible, just meh. Not worth the hate it gets from the Red-Pill trolls but not worth the rabid love it gets from feminists.

McKinnon's character being gay... I'd probably be more shocked if we discovered that Bill Clinton was still having affairs (he is).

Critch said...

It's starting to look like 1968 to me. Things are home are in a shambles; the economy, rule of law, corruption in the government, you name it. Things overseas are bad and likely to get worse. Trump is calling himself a law and order candidate...say what you want, but it worked for Nixon. And I don't mean that in a snarky way. Nixon grabbed ahold of what was bothering people in 1968 and won...the supporters of the Democratic Party made their own bed with their antics in the streets.

I don't care if celebrities comment on things,,,they just need to remember that we can comment back, by not spending money.

Justice Ginsburg needs to retire..poor old gal is slipping.

Kit said...

—Pence was losing in Indiana. The Religious conservatives are peeved over his apparent folding on the RFRA.
—Manafort is a smarter guy than Lewandowski, I'll grant that. But Manafort has rather disturbing ties to Putin, having managed the campaign for the pro-Putin tyrant in Ukraine.
—Trump's national security advisor has been Mike Flynn, who has recently become something of a figure on Fox News. Which is a whole lot better than his previous gig on the pro-Russian propaganda network, Russia Today, where he sang praises of Putin for his tough stance on radical Islam (despite the fact that Putin backs Iran).

Oh, and Flynn claims he was fired from his job as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) by Obama because he "wanted to call the terrorists Islamists." The truth is rather different, as John R. Schindler (no Obama fan by any stretch) explained a week or two ago:

The civilian workforce at DIA is uninspired even by Beltway standards, and they objected when Flynn repeatedly threatened them with firing if they didn’t submit to his radical plans for the agency. It turned out Flynn was better at thinking about Big Ideas than actually implementing them, and his reform plans for DIA went essentially nowhere.

After two years under Flynn, DIA employees had enough and were in more-or-less open revolt. The final straw came with a bizarre presentation to the workforce by a staffer which encouraged women to not be “Plain Jane” and wear makeup at work: “No flats…Paint your nails…Brunettes have more leeway with vibrant colors than blondes or redheads.”

Although Flynn apologized to his agency, the damage was done. The White House had no choice but to move him out, along with his deputy—a rare move in the Department of Defense to cashier a whole leadership team.

tryanmax said...

Cop Killers: I've lost track, how many times is it now that our leaders have told us not to jump to conclusions before it turns out to be exactly what it looks like? I'm not criticizing reserved judgement, but I'm still harboring vivid memories of the Tea Party being blamed for everything under the sun.

Ghostbusters: I did a little digging with the Google machine to find exactly when the all-female-lead cast was announced and what the initial response actually was. The announcement was made January 27, 2015. The overwhelming reaction was "meh."

The next day, after a busy night of scouring the comments, the likes of Gawker, Bustle, Fembot, Harpy, the Mary Sue, and We Hunted the Mammoth--among other usual suspects--all published articles renouncing the misogynist backlash. Some had real screen-grabs of such notable Twitterers as @GremlinPrince, @Wozza5882, @PokemonyeWest, @WAr_Hog419, and @PissyBadger. (aside 1: Proving the incestuousness of their cabal, every outlet quoted the same tweets.) (aside 2: That is, if they even bothered to post tweets rather than simply assuring their readers that all the mens are angry.)

My point is, equating criticism of Ghostbusters 2016 with misogyny was the narrative the progressive/feminist press planned to push all along. They proved it by using their clout to broadcast the opinions of a handful of nobodies who are representative of no one. Whether the studio supported it or just went along with it is immaterial. Either way, it goes to show that they never had confidence in the movie on its own merits. The irony is, by using such a tactic, they literally create their own opposition.

Judges: I'm not surprised that most people want an apolitical judiciary, and I suspect among the 22%, many believe that both are simultaneously possible. On a different track, I'm sure most people believe that whoever they intend to vote against would politicize SCOTUS. I don't think you can change many minds using that issue. A more informative question would be how many people think SCOTUS as it is is apolitical, and who are those people?

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, What these guys don't get is that human nature is such that when someone does something violent or outrageous or even too insulting or abusive in some manner, people decide to punish them by using whatever power they have against them. In a case like this, the power the public has is to deny them what they want. So that's what happens.

What's more, the loss of the moral high ground makes it impossible for supporters to sell their cause to people who might otherwise be interested because those people now see the cause as unsupportable.

I think the gay thing on Ghostbusters was an act of desperation. They have known for a long time now that this thing would be a disaster and they did their best to shame or trick people into going. The gay thing was a last second Hail Mary when the numbers came in as poorly as they did. It made about $70 million worldwide ($45 million US), which suggests is won't even make its production costs back, much less its marketing costs.

Turkey is a mess, but I think the real mess will unfold over the next few months. Suffice it to say that the president was wildly unpopular when this happened and now has used the opportunity to arrest a lot of secular opponents who were holding back his Islamification plans.

There is a noticeable change in Trump's style in the last month or so, and I think it's reflected in his growing polls and in Hillary's increased flopping around. Picking a guy like Pence will go a long way to firming up his conservative flank.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The irony to me is this... the left created the environment where it's ok to kill cops with their angry rhetoric. Now the unstable haters who were listening think they've got a green light to "fight back." The end result is that this will keep happening for a while and the left will keep wringing their hands wondering "why is this happening?!!"

I don't care about there being a Ghostbusters sequel. More power to them. What I find interesting is how they've tried to hide an obviously crappy movie behind an identity politics shame attack. If I were the left, I'd actually be kind of pissed that they were using "my issues" to try to trick and shame people into seeing a bad movie.

I'm not entirely sure where Turkey is headed, but I think it's going to be a mess. I expect a refuge crisis in the next year or so as moderates flee for Europe.

Agreed on Trump.

Agreed on Ginsberg. She really put her foot in her mouth and the fact she apologized was encouraging.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, The platforms are where the fringes of each party get to try to sabotage their own side by getting their crazy on. No one takes them seriously.

You've mischaracterized my point on celebrities. First, when the world is essentially mourning terrorist acts, you don't got on twitter to whine about someone "body shaming" you. That's out of touch and narcissistic. Secondly, if you choose to comment on some political issue, you don't do it with an image showing you holding a martini while riding on a yacht in the Mediterranean (M. Barton). And you sure as hell don't do that when you claim to understand the plight of poor/common people. Just like you don't hop on a private jet with 20 of your friends to go talk at an environmental conference (L.DiCaprio).

On Ghostbuster... "now I feel the need to defend it!" Why? That's twisted Scott. You've bought into the studio's false sales pitch of victimization. The gay thing, by the way, is just the last desperate attempt to pump up the victim cred... pure marketing.

As for hypocrisy and finding positive reviews... First, as I note, this line is appearing in several news articles verbatim. It is being planted by the studio. But, it is false. The overwhelming majority of reviews have been brutal. The fact you can find a couple good ones doesn't invalidate that as this was not a claim that there are "no" negative reviews. Logic, my friend... without it an argument because a strawman argument.

What's more, there is no hypocrisy here. The only reason I care about the reviews is that the studio is falsely pushing this claim that the reviews are "generally positive." This is like the agents for various actresses (Silverstone, Swank, Deschanel) planting comments about how "smart" their clients are when they are obviously morons and have reputations for being morons. I don't care about their intelligence, until I'm lied to.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, I think "meh" is the general response to Ghostbusters. I've seen three different trailers in theaters and have yet to hear anyone laugh at any moment of them. It just looks pointless.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, It does have a 1968 feeling doesn't it. Even overseas, you have revolutions getting crushed. It's an odd time.

Trump and Nixon are probably the perfect comparison actually.

Ginsberg made a fool of herself. At least she apologized.

On celebrities, that's a good point, though they will whine "intolerance" the whole time.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Like it or not, Pence has been a conservative heavyweight for decades now with very strong ties to the Religious Right.

Manafort advised Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Dole, Bush II, McCain. That's a pretty good choice if you want someone who knows what he's doing. As for representing someone bad, that's what lobbyists do. Nuns don't need lobbyists.

As for Flynn, yeah, it sucks to tell government workers to stop looking like slobs. He should be shot into the sun for that hate crime. ;)

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Seriously, Trump is not a good thing. He's ready to be Richard Nixon - our third Nixon reincarnate in a row. But take a step back. You're buying into reasons to hate him that you wouldn't even consider against someone you liked.

AndrewPrice said...


Cop killers: There is a serious double standard here. Islamic or anti-cop terror gets a "don't rush to judgment," followed by a lecture on the need for leftist policies like gun control. Crimes against a liberal cause get an immediate rush to judgment and demand for the suspension of the Constitution to impose leftist ideas. Hmm.

In this case though, this is turning ugly for them and their usual crap isn't working. Hillary is out there saying "this is an attack on all of us" to try to steer people toward the usual ending, but the public isn't buying it. The public seems to be firmly behind the police in a much bigger way than the left wants.

Judges: I find the number pretty encouraging overall though because it shows that the public understand that courts are supposed to be fair. Now, maybe people aren't working with a great definition of fair, but at least they get the concept. That is what keeps us from becoming a corrupt republic like we used to be pre-WWII and like South America remains.

Ghostbusters: My point is, equating criticism of Ghostbusters 2016 with misogyny was the narrative the progressive/feminist press planned to push all along. They proved it by using their clout to broadcast the opinions of a handful of nobodies who are representative of no one.

I agree with this 100%. I've seen this game many times. (Changing Starbuck to a woman in Battlestar Gallactica, claiming Dumbledore was gay, etc.)... whenever a studio needed a boost. When Micheal Sam announced he was a gay football player, articles appeared instantly saying how anti-gay NFL fans and teams were, before anyone outside the media even heard of Sam or had a chance to comment. That became the story despite the fact no one seemed to care about him being gay, and the media scoured the world looking for proof. When they couldn't find any, they even went to "unnamed sources" and "people are saying" without actually telling you where to find these supposed people.

Of course, the internet is such that you can always find someone who will post hate. And if you can't then you post it yourself to make your point.

Everything I saw at the time the Ghostbusters sequel was announced was basically, as you say, "meh" or "why would anyone remake a classic like this?" A couple people said switching to women was about feminism, but it wasn't nasty, it was dismissive and it was less than 10% of comments. The vast majority said, "I don't get why they would remake this film? I don't want to see that."

Then the trailer hit and became the most hated trailer ever because it's an awful trailer for what looks like a totally derivative, stupid film. That's when they turned up the victim campaign full speed, to save their sinking ship.

Now it's sinking and they are claiming victory because it's "meeting expectations." LOL! Really? So you expected to lose $150 million? Who made that pitch?

ScottDS said...

Andrew -

I've asked before - and this does NOT apply to Ghostbusters - but when is it making a change versus doing something strictly for the PR? Changing Starbuck from a man to a woman (presumably to vary things up a bit) is much different than announcing a character's sexuality ex post facto, seemingly for the hell of it.

And in terms of Ghostbusters, there was a misogynist element - the MRA assholes should NOT be left off the hook - but the studio did itself no favors by paying them attention and basing a marketing campaign around it.

Screenwriter Max Landis (son of John) summed up the movie on Twitter pretty well: "Ladies are funny, plot doesn't really work, villain is a non-entity, and the whole thing isn't worth the trouble."

My thing with Ghostbusters is this... so Paul Feig wanted to do a reboot so the characters would have to form their own business and invent all their own equipment, as opposed to simply being given pre-existing stuff.

But why not do a third thing? Many sequel ideas and fan fiction out there have the Ghostbusters as a large successful corporation, so why couldn't the ladies simply have been paranormal experts who started their own franchise. They could get pre-existing equipment... AND come up with their own. It didn't have to be one or the other! One fan elsewhere even said the original guys could cameo in some kind of "Starting your own GB business" video.

In other news, there's an interesting article that was published today about the guy who ghost wrote Trump's book The Art of the Deal. Let's just say he's a tad regretful. :-)

Kit said...


I see Nixon in Trump.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, I totally see Nixon in him... the ugly parts of Nixon.

Kit said...


I sent you an email for the film site.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, My response...

In terms of when something is for PR, the question I would ask is "is there a reason for it?" If they have a reason, like they want to take the character relations in a new direction (e.g. Starbuck having a sexual relationship with Apollo) or even they had an actor they thought would be great for the role (e.g. James Bond becoming black), then I'm fine with it. When they have no reason except to hype it in the hopes of upsetting the fans to generate buzz, then it's for PR.

Telling people the one character is gay was pure PR. How do I know? (1) There's no gay moment in the film, i.e. it was irrelevant to the movie except as PR. (2) The director acted all coy about it as if he wasn't supposed to tell, but then couldn't help himself -- the whole thing reeked of being staged. (3) It came out at a time when they knew they needed a boost. It didn't come out organically before that.

They were some misogynists. Big deal. There are ALWAYS people who hate. So what? They are basically irrelevant, except that the studio chose to use them to try to market this turd. Without that, if this had been a good movie, they would have been left to starve in their basements. That's the only reason I even mention it... the studio cultivated the hate.

Seriously, there is nothing a human can do that won't draw haters online. That doesn't mean they matter and it certainly doesn't mean they can affect the millions of people who would otherwise have planned to see the film. Don't ever think that just because something is said online that anyone has heard it.

And the whole "they were mean to us, which is why we are failing" line is utter nonsense. Those people had zero ability to influence anyone.

What I find interesting is that they actually based their campaign around this supposed hate. No one should be happy about that. It's basically an attempt to agitate by mischaracterizing reality and smearing the public at large in an attempt to guilt trip people like you into seeing the film, and it's cynically done to pimp a film.

AndrewPrice said...

Let me add this Scott. I know you can be worried about antisemitism, right? You don't want crazies targeting Jews, you don't want people excluding you or not hiring you because you're Jewish, and you probably worry about the things that have happened historically to Jews being repeated.


How would you feel if I put out a film with a Jewish main character but the film sucked *ss, so to rescue it, I dug up some nasty comments from a handful of idiots at the Nation of Islam of the American Nazi Party, and then I sent my cast and crew out into the media to whine far and wide that our film was being held down by antisemitism and I lamented that America was as bad as Germany right before Hitler. I even gave these idiots press for their comments.

Would it make you comfortable that I'm out there stoking the flames, elevating the crazies, and generally getting everyone upset so cynically over antisemitism that only existed in a dark corner of the net but which I'm now claiming is lurking everywhere?

Is that good for America? Is that good for Jews?

tryanmax said...

MRA's are, in my estimation, another example of progressives imagining their enemies into existence. They exist haphazardly across a range of internet platforms and forums. They get no air except as foils for the likes of Jezebel and Feministing. The conference they managed to cobble together can only be called a success if compared to DashCon. Paul Elam and Roosh V are the leaders of nothing. The only thing giving life to the "manosphere" are feminist complaints against it.

Writer X said...

<3 <3 <3 Your mom. :)

tryanmax said...

Andrew, regarding your analogy, what the victim-card players are basically doing is providing a rallying point for the rightfully marginalized crazies. They know what they're doing: poking the tiger to make it roar. But they're not thinking ahead...

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, Me too! She always impresses me with things like this. :)

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Agreed. And I think we're seeing a great example of that now. You have BLM and other racebaiter groups screaming about (1) "white cops hunting black men", (2) that blacks can't get justice legally, (3) that blacks are victimized by whites even when they aren't and that all whites are racist even when they don't realize it, and (4) that blacks cops are brainwashed or traitors, etc. They even said that claiming that "all lives matter" is racist, which suggests that whites are expendable in their cause.

The result is that the crazies who want to spin this into an endorsement of murder will take it as such and now have. So they go forth and start shooting cops and they wait for the revolution to start.

Now a ton of liberals who supported this rhetoric can't understand how we got to this place where black men would be shooting cops. Why is this happening? What could possibly have caused it? Total head scratcher.

Of course, stick in the word "unborn" for black and then see an abortion doctor killing and liberals will draw the line quickly. But they won't draw it through their own rhetoric.

AndrewPrice said...

Agreed on the MRAs. They seem to be a handful of basement dwellers who are angry about how they were treated in their divorces and have quasi-homo-erotic fantasies about how they would remake the world. Kind of like the militia types only without the gun collection.

Rustbelt said...

Well, there's nothing to add about'Ghostbusters' at this point. I'm happy to say I saw none of the trailers. Intentionality. Well, OK, I sat through the second one when I saw Captain America CW in May. It started, I closed my eyes, and just cringed through the dialogue.
Even then, I knew there'd be nothing good about it. You'll find the Big Ten's legendary Missing Manilla Envelope of 1973 before you find something good to say about this crapfest. And all I did was listen toa sample of it!

On other topics, is anyone watching'Making if the Mob: Chicago' on AMC? I had hoped there would've been improvement over last year's dismal MotM: New York. But my hope was misplaced.
First, inaccuracies: every source I've read says Capone killed Jim Colosimo, not Frankie Yale.
Second, scenery: AMC prides itself on production values. These sets look like hand-me-downs from the History Channel backlot.
And third, appearance: none of the actors look like the people they're playing! (Again, values.) The guy playing Torrio is too short, too young, and has the wrong hair. Also, where is Colisimo's trademark mustache and spectacles? And why is suddenly fatter than Paul Wight? Ughh..
With this devotion to accuracy, why not get an actor with 70's mutton chops, porn 'stache, and perm? With these production values, he'd fit in perfectly.

ScottDS said...

But Andrew, I'm Jewish and I would never let my movie studio (which I own, obviously, along with every other media company) make a bad movie!


You know, I predicted some of this two years ago with my article on the film site. I'll see the movie eventually and I might review it if I have something to say that hasn't been covered elsewhere.

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, I thought you owned a bank? ;-)

I'm almost tempted to see it just so I can review it, but it looks so blah that I'm worried it wouldn't be reviewable.

There is so much out these days that just merits a "meh."

Rustbelt said...

Sorry about the spelling and grammar errors, there. I'm writing this on my phone on the bus.

Kit said...

I actually wrote about the MRAs a while back. Granted, it was more about the red pill community and it was one of my first posts here (meaning it is probably crap) but I wrote about them.

Kit said...

Oh, and I have a review coming in tonight for the movie Wolf Children: LINK

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, I haven't seen either. I'm surprised they aren't more accurate.

BevfromNYC said...

Hey everyone! Andrew, is your Mom making something from her baking book? Great recipes in there!

tryanmax said...

Kit, that brushes on a point I almost included. The MRA "movement" (snicker-snick-snort-ha!) is so nonexistent that there isn't even any agreed upon terminology. Are they MRAs? MGTOWs? Red-Pillers? Anti-Feminists? I realize there are small distinctions between all of these terms, but they are all used to refer to the same type of people. Incidentally, I have no idea what a "neck beard" is. And why all the hate on fedoras?

Anthony said...


I enjoyed Summer Wars a lot so I am interested in Wolf Children.

Kit said...


I have not seen either Summer Wars or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but I have checked both out on Amazon Instant Video so I plan on remedying that soon. :-)

Kit said...


If I were to re-write I would definitely change some things, focusing more on how many MRAs, like many feminists, are trapped in a toxic victimhood culture, even as the decry its existence.

Critch said...

Well, that idiot prosecuting attorney in Baltimore has lost her 4th case....I think her career will be down the tubes soon.

ArgentGale said...

Andrew, somehow I knew that it would be the McKinnon character without even looking - having art imitate life. As I said I'm just surprised that they didn't try that sooner. There does seem to be a number of people pushing the narrative about the movie but again I don't see anyone who isn't already steeped in SJW/grievance politics actually caring about it and it doesn't look like it'll save it from commercial failure.

Heh heh, the militia types... I still get the occasional laugh out of you describing them as subscribing to sexual dysfunction as ideology. And now I've got a mental image of a recruitment flyer right out of Austin Powers. They do seem similar to the Red Pill community, don't they? And on that note, tryanmax, "neckbeard" is an insult primarily used in various geek fandoms, but that also gets aimed at guys who don't do well in dating (sometimes through their own personal deficiencies, sometimes not) that implies that the target is fat, ugly, unhygienic, and unpleasant coming from the stereotypical beard below the chin. The things you pick up...

- Daniel

Kit said...

The militia types, at least those in the 1990s, were John Birchers who spent the entirety of the Cold War (or at least the period of the Cold War during which they were alive) living with the certainty that a communist takeover of the United States was imminent and they would be the only ones capable of leading the resistance or, if a nuclear apocalypse happened instead, they would be the only ones left alive.

Well, when the USSR fell without firing a shot they had sort of an identity crisis and transferred their paranoia over from Moscow to Washington, D.C. and New York City (UN). Out with International Communism and in with the New World Order!

Ironically, a number of them are huge fans of former KGB agent Vladimir Putin...

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Most likely. Those are her favorite recipes. I'm glad you like it! I think a lot of the cookies in there are amazing! :)

I'm really proud of her for doing that! :)

AndrewPrice said...

I find it interesting that Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Trump's book The Art of the Deal is attacking Trump. He was willing to take his money but now turns on him. Doesn't that seem disingenuous?

I also find it interesting that the media is going to great lengths to point out that Trump had a ghostwriter. Name one political book that didn't. Hillary's did. Obama's did. Did they mention that? Nope.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, That's what happens when you arrange a show trial in a fair system.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, I think the gay thing was a desperate last second pitch. I don't see any evidence it was part of their plan until the returns starting coming in. I think they thought women would turn out to support them, which they didn't.

I'm glad you enjoy my humor! But they really are motivated by hiding their dysfunctions. Not living 'large'? Buy a gun and tell the world how manly you are!

I thought a neckbeard was a West Virginia thing, but according to the Urban Dictionary is it what you say! Nicely done! :) Everything Defined Crudely.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, That's because Putin looks sexy riding a unicorn shirtless. ;-)

Good description of the militia types.

ArgentGale said...

Well, I've heard the term thrown around enough to know about it. Urban Dictionary sums that and a lot of other things pretty well! If you lurk around a bit more you'll find that they don't have much love for the delicates, which is refreshing. When you've lost Urban Dictionary you know you're in trouble.

Heh heh, living 'large' indeed. After that part the next step is to sign up with Big Rod Johnson's Rock Hard Commandos! Located off the beaten path in Devil's Asshole, West By God Virginia!

- Daniel

AndrewPrice said...

LOL! Big Rod Johnson! Nicely done! :)

And I love Devil's Asshole, West Virginia. Tell me that's not a real place! LOL!

ArgentGale said...

Haha, thanks! That was part of the whole South Park/Austin Powers style recruitment flyer that had been in my head since reading that particular line about the militiamen. I hope it's not a real place myself, too, though it wouldn't surprise me!

- Daniel

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