Monday, February 20, 2017

Quick Thoughts

Hi folks. I'm barely back to the living and don't have a ton of energy. So I'm just going to share a couple quick thoughts tonight.

● The Milo thing doesn't interest me much except for this: the right has been saying for decades that gays and underage sex are linked in the left's agenda. The left has angrily denounced that, all the while partnering with groups advocating the lowering of the age of consent to the low teens or eliminating it entirely. Gay literature is packed with stories about gay men molesting young boys. Etc. So now Milo comes close to saying he's into young boys and the left loses its mind. Interesting. Now, I know the left is only pretending to be outraged just to get Milo, but don't be surprised the next time some gay leftist gets caught in bed with a teen age boy, if the left decides that sex with teens is a human right... unless it's done by someone they don't like.

● Matt Damon's yellow-face film about the white guy who goes to save China from dragons bombed. Ha ha.

● Mike Flynn is gone. The left is now looking to have him arrested and sentenced to death and then use their pogrom as a basis for getting Trump impeached. Ok, good luck with that. I see no evidence that anyone who doesn't already hate Trump cares. The thing just isn't mentioned outside of wonk journals. To the public this scandal is "he talked to the Russians... something that lots of people do... then he lied to Pence and got fired for lying." No big deal. The new guy sounds pretty good. And for those keeping score, Trump's team has slapped the Russians about a dozen times already, giving them nothing they've wanted.

● Speaking of the public versus the insiders, the Post had an interesting article today where they actually spoke to real Trump supporters. They were shocked to find that these people consider him a stunning success so far and they consider the negative to be media noise. I don't think that's going to change. The funny part about the article is how they turn their own beliefs into facts and then smear the Trump people for not accepting their facts. A good example was the mention of an executive order Trump signed killing Obama regulations that would have banned the dumping of certain coal by-products in rivers starting this month. That would have cost 70,000 jobs. Well, apparently, the stupid Trump people were too biased to understand that leftist economists said the regulations actually could have created more jobs than that. Really? How? By handing out unemployment slips? This goes right to the heart of the matter though. The left/media invents "fake news" they want to believe and then they smear the public for not accepting their made up views as truth.

● Evidence that the left is running out of energy came this weekend when the "Not My President" rallies didn't make much news. Did you even hear about them? Even Trump's rally in Florida was only protested by a couple hundred people and only a few in pussyhats.

● Some perspective. 203 million Americans watched at least one NFL game season. 130 million voted. 37 million watched the Presidential debates. 2.3 million turned out for the pussyhead rally... assuming you believe the fake news numbers. What does the public really care about?


Anthony said...

It was a conservative group (the Reagan Battalion, a group of NeverTrumpers) that highlighted the Milo statement.

The Great Wall looks like bloodless CG crap and flopped in the US but it has made a quarter billion abroad so it is 'only' roughly 40 million from its break even point.

I read that Post article too. Trump supporters sound a lot like Obama supporters. They think their guy is great but treated unfairly and disagreement with him evidences disrespect for his supporters as a class and for the suddenly sacrosanct office of the presidency.

I remember the article's talk of the dumping regulations a little differently than you. The article claimed job losses would be less than 70K because it would create new bureaucratic positions to oversee the regulations. So it was even more ridiculous than talking up unemployment checks.

clew said...

Hello - I am getting back to blogging after a 6 year hiatus and have been checking out old blogs I used to visit to see if they are still around. I was so glad to see you are one of the few (I followed you over from the old one, thanks for posting the link) as I always enjoyed your posts. Cheers!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I was being a tad fasceous about the unemployment checks. You right that their point was that these people are stupid because they didn't take into account that there would be jobs as regulators. That's extremely weak reasoning, and proves the point about there being no true good faith from the MSM in this discussion.

I thought the Great Wall thing looked like crap too. What struck me as funny was how Damon again found himself fighting over a race/gender issue and how he was once again on the wrong side for being a liberal. He even called the attacks on him "fake news," which is hilarious.

I think Trump and Obama supporters are similar and I think the media/establishment has lost its ability to speak to people who don't agree with it.

On Milo, it was a progressive who first spread the tape. The conservatives were merely doing what they always doing -- shooting other conservatives first and asking questions never. But like I said, play in the gutter, die in the gutter.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi clew, Welcome back!

BevfromNYC said...

The whole Milo issue is getting old. He is a provateur period. He WANTS to incite and he does it well. However, everyone wants him to apologize and frankly from what I have read, he was relating his own experience.

The only thing about the Milo issue that I find interesting is that no one has brought up the liberal darlings of Namble. Am I the only one who has every heard of Nambla?? North American Man/Boy Love Association. They were really out and proud in the 1980's into the 2000's, but have since declined to be so open in the electronic age.

It is an organization that was hailed by liberals in my old theatre days. Marched in all of the Gay Pride Parades and at "Wig Stock" in NYC. Oh, they advocate for legalizing pedophelia and pederasty. Even the ACLU defended them in a lawsuit 2000 from a lawsuit filed by the parents of a child murdered because the murderer was allegedly influenced by Nambla.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Absolutely right about NAMBLA. They were an open part of the gay agenda the entire time. And lowering or eliminating the age of consent has always been part of the list of demands of the gay agenda. And honestly, I think it still is. It's only off the agenda for the next few days until they get Milo. Then it will be back.

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, hey, clew! Welcome back from me too!

Ben L. Kemer said...

Oh, about movies, I am already disappointed that they are remaking The Mummy, yet again. Remaking the Mummy with 2 movies in 1999 and 2001 was enough IMO. Plus, I don't like remakes.

Milo? The guy is provocative, it's what he does. IIRC, he is a libertarian.

Kit said...

I think the Left wants Flynn prosecuted under the Logan Act, under which no one has been indicted in over 200 years. Good luck with that.

Kit said...

re "shooting other conservatives first" it needs to be pointed out that a lot of conservatives had long since grown tired of Milo Yiannopoulos' Gawker-ish antics.

Now, they finally had a chance to be rid of him.

BevfromNYC said...

Kit - I think the Left wants FBI/DOJ to prosecute everyone that disagrees with them. However the ones they should be investigating are the gov't insiders who "leaked" illegally obtained information to the press for political purposed. At the very least, these people should be made examples of as in going to jail, losing their pensions, and rendered unemployable for life.

Anthony said...

Flynn is unlikely to be charged with anything, but the slow bleed of details about his ties to Russia will probably be a thing for a while.

The Pentagon finding came after lawmakers raised questions about whether the former White House national security adviser and retired U.S. Army general violated Pentagon rules that require retired officers to report income from foreign states.

Mr. Flynn accepted an invitation to Moscow in late 2015 to give a paid, sit-down interview with Russian state television network RT and to attend the channel’s 10-year anniversary gala, where he sat beside President Vladimir Putin.

The Department of the Army conducted “a thorough records search, and has not found any documents,” Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer said in a Feb. 14 letter in response to Rep. Elijah Cummings, a ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, who asked the Pentagon whether Mr. Flynn received approval. Several Democratic lawmakers recently asked the Defense Department to investigate whether Mr. Flynn violated the Constitution when he accepted money for attending the Russian network’s event.

Mr. Flynn previously said he was paid to attend the December 2015 event, which came at a time of heightened tensions between the White House and the Kremlin. In an interview with the Washington Post in August, Mr. Flynn said he was asked to attend the event by his speaking-engagement agent, Leading Authorities Inc., or LAI.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, I don't know what I think about The Mummy yet. I'll give it a chance, I guess. I liked the Brendan Fraiser version.

BTW, I've seen some movies and will be reviewing them. I just had a rough week.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit and Bev, I agree with both. The left is currently pointing to the Logan Act, but they are just as happy pointing to the "We Don't Like Him" Act.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, On Milo, again, I don't care. I think the guy is a turd and he was playing Russian roulette. But it does highlight the difference between left and right. The left doesn't get rid of their own except for disloyalty. The right will take out members it doesn't like much when given a reason. Cumulatively, this lets the left tar conservatives as beset by criminals and perverts while claiming to be free of those people, even though the truth is pretty much the opposite.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I doubt he will be charged because it's not in the interest of those with charging authority.

On your second point, I think whether it is a thing or not will depend on who you are looking at. For the public, Flynn is already gone and they don't know who he was. For wonks, this will probably be a thing. For the left/MSM, this will be Watergate II and they will hope to build it into a Nixonian resignation.

BevfromNYC said...

Just read a headline that Milo has resigned from Breitbart.

Anthony said...


Regarding Milo I see no political downside to taking out the trash. Yes, the Democrats kept Lena Dunham (and I'm sure of others) around, but holding on to such people clearly doesn't help a party with the public.

Emulating the Democrats in this would be like the Braves or the Patriots resolving to be more like the Browns.

Anthony said...

Edit: Meant to say Falcons.

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony - I agree. I followed Milo for a short time on Twitter, but it was pure BS. And he is symptom of Breitbart since Andrew B died. And he LOVED the attention until it came back to bite him hard.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony and Bev, I agree. Good riddance. My issue with the conservative response is just that this is the same pattern every time, not that I care this time.

Anthony said...

It will be interesting to see how this foreign country seeking to prosecute a CIA agent plays out.

The State Department said Wednesday it was "deeply disappointed" over the imminent extradition of a former CIA agent from Portugal to Italy for her alleged role in a counterterrorism operation authorized by the U.S. government some 14 years ago.

Sabrina De Sousa, a former CIA case officer, was detained Monday in Portugal and is awaiting extradition to Italy and four years in prison for the 2003 abduction of a suspected terrorist living in Milan.
In October 2015, she was detained at Lisbon's airport on a European arrest warrant while attempting to travel to India. She was later released but ordered to remain in Portugal.

The series of events that followed amount to an international legal nightmare.

Italy first sought extradition of De Sousa with the guarantee of a retrial or appeal with new evidence, acknowledging she had been tried in absentia. Based on these guarantees, the Portuguese courts agreed to extradite.

But in June 2016, Italy sent Portugal a letter saying De Sousa's conviction was final, and no retrial would be granted. In a move that shocked De Sousa and others in the intelligence community, Portugal's high court ordered her immediate extradition.

Ben L. Kemer said...

Andrew, I agree about the Frasier Mummy. It was one of those cases where they did a remake that was decent, especially with the added action thrills.

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