Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump Taxes Fallout

Oh boy. So the left got their way, sort of, and Trump's "taxes" were released. And it's blown up on them. Here are my thoughts on the issue.

(1) The left, the anti-Trump right and the establishment have been pushing hard to make Trump release his taxes. They've been obsessed with it. The left hoped to prove he paid no taxes, something Hillary claimed several times. The establishment wanted to keep the requirement alive because they obsess about procedures. The anti-Trumps hoped to prove he wasn't a billionaire. None got their wish.

(2) The left has been foaming about the tax returns before and since the election. They thought the issue would resonate and would weaken Trump. Some even called it an impeachable offense. The problem is the public really didn't care. The reaction since the release not only wiped out their hysterical claim about taxes, but it revealed that few do care.

(3) The tax returns themselves are from 2005 and show about $150 million in income with $38 million paid. This countered everything the left claimed in their paranoia. It shows that he did pay taxes -- at higher rates than any Democrat (e.g. Obama, Clinton). He showed that he was likely a billionaire too, based on the income. There was nothing suspicious in them either. Wa wa wa wahhhh!!

(4) Rachel Maddow is the one who produced the tax returns. She immediately found herself on the defensive for basically breaking the law to get his taxes. Trump has now called it "fake news," which resonates given that nothing the left claimed would be there has been found. As a result of this, the tax returns wiped the anti-Trumpcare headlines from the front pages. Some places, like CNBC are attacking MSNBC over this. Ha ha.

(5) There are now suggestions that Trump leaked the taxes himself, which would be hilarious. Probably true. Personally, I also think Trump cherry-picked his best year to leak, and there's probably "better" stuff in other years that weren't released, but now the chance to force him to release those is blown politically. So rounding this up, Maddow made herself look like a criminal to satisfy a leftist obsession. In so doing, she seems to have utterly diffused the issue and proven the left obsessed and Trump right, all while wiping bad GOP press off the headlines. That's kind of funny. Basically, I think Trump used Maddow. LOL!


As an unrelated aside, we had an interesting incident yesterday. Apparently, at the middle school my daughters attend, one sixth grade boy got dumped in a garbage can by another. As he got dumped, he punched the boy who did it and loosened a tooth. Sounds like a pretty good fight. What were they fighting over? My sixth grade daughter. Arg. Dad mode engaged.... time to buy a gun and a shovel.


Koshcat said...

The only thing I felt when I saw it was "how do I get to a <25% tax rate?"

Typical with leftist news is that they kept reporting that "he made more than $150 million." It was $153 million. The first indicates it could have been much, much more. It takes fewer words to say the true number. Another example of bias.

Re: fighting over your daughter
She may not be as innocent as you think. Girls can be manipulative to boys; smelling so nice and looking pretty. Although when I was in middle school, most girls scared the crap out of me. My daughter is in 7th grade and so far no fighting for her honor although there are a couple of boys who keep trying to get her attention. They act a lot like labrador puppies.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, The media is all about bias. Watching the wire tap thing has been interesting. They always says, "Trump's unsupported allegations." Yet, at the same time, some Democrats were leveling similarly unsupported criminal allegations yet they were presented as if they were true.

On the fight, sadly, I doubt she was innocent. The real problem is that she's SUPER cute with a bubbly personality which the boys find irresistible... and she knows it. Rough years ahead for dad.

Koshcat said...

You probably still know some people in law enforcement. I'm thinking ankle bracelet until 32.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm thinking girl's school on a private island.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - Wow, I feel for you, dude! I wish I could help, but the only thing I could add is...yeah, private island/boarding school...surrounded by boy-eating sharks.

Though i must say, I wish I had had the ability to get two boys to fight over me. ;-)


BevfromNYC said...

All I can say is, if Trump actually planted that tax return, that was evil genius!

And if he didn't, Maddow et al. need to explain in a court of law how they obtained a confidential copy of someone's tax return without express written permission of the taxpayer.

But then again, Harry Reid said he had proof that Mitt Romney was guilty of tax evasion on the floor of the Senate in his official capacity as the Senate Majority Leader. The only way he could have gotten any "proof" is if he illegally obtained that information. And yet that went unchallenged by his fellow Senators...

BevfromNYC said...

Btw, Maddow didn't just "produce" them. She went full-bore "Geraldo Riviera/Al Capone Secret Vault" on them...and came up with an empty vault. From the descriptions of her lead-in, she was convinced that she had the key to take Trump down! The Holy Grail of info! Right After This Message!!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I like the "boy-eating sharks"! Nice touch! :)

Part of me is actually really proud(?) of/happy for her. I've always been a bit worried about her confidence level and this suggests that she's finding her confidence. I've also been pushing her to believe that she's the one in charge and I think this helps with that too.

Now we just need to make sure she doesn't think it's a good idea to start manipulating boyfriends because that never ends well. But I am happy that she got to see how attractive she is to the boys. I think that will do her a lot of good.

That said, it's still kind of shocking and it confirms that we need to watch her like a hawk for some time to come.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Yep. She really overplayed her hand and now she looks like a fool.

I really am thinking that Trump leaked these himself to defuse the issue. It makes a lot of sense and it's done exactly what he would have wanted. Ha ha!

The Harry Reid thing pissed me off. It pissed me off that he apparently had access to private tax forms. It pissed me off that no one held him accountable. Oh, and did the media attack it as "unsupported" and make the issue about Slimy Harry's lack of evidence? Nope. They went after Romney to disprove the allegation in a vacuum.

Anthony said...

Trump's taxes were not an issue capable of doing him political damage once he got past the primary so I think the motivation of the (pro-Trump) leaker wasn't to defuse the issue, but to tweak Maddow.

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