Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Idiot View of the Constitution

During this whole anthem controversy, the kneelers and their supporters have really proved just how dumb leftists are when it comes to the laws of the United States and the Constitution – keep in mind the irony that it is our laws they are protesting. In particular, they don’t seem to understand what the First Amendment to the Constitution is or is not. At various times, they have claimed that the First Amendment:

1. Should protect them from their employers retaliating for what they said.

2. Should force their employers to give them a platform to speak their minds.

3. Prevents others from criticizing them.
Of course, the First Amendment does no such thing. It prevents the GOVERNMENT from criminalizing speech. That’s it. It doesn’t even stop the government from limiting that speech or where it may be spoken, and it has no application whatsoever to private employers. Hence, the kneelers are wrong on all three parts.

A similar ignorance has arisen with a woman named Briskman, who got herself photographed flipping off the Presidential motorcade. After she warned her company that this picture had gone viral, they fired her. Now social media is freaking out that she could be fired for “expressing her free speech rights on her own time.” Yep, except those “free speech rights” only restrict the government from punishing her, not her employer or anyone else. Whine all you want leftist, but this is a valid consequence of what she did.

Other are also learning this week that the horribly oppressive laws they thought the US had aren’t so bad after all:
(1) Speaking of Free Speech, a US journalist in Zimbabwe sent out a tweet that “insulted” local dictator Robert Mugabe. She called him a “sick man.” That's protected speech in the US... not in Zimbabwe. She’s facing 20 years in prison. I guess not being punished after kneeling for the national anthem isn’t so oppressive after all, is it whiners?

(2) A woman brought 250 pain pills into Egypt for her husband, who happens to be in jail there. If you brought 250 pills into the US, obtained with your own prescription, customs doesn’t even look at you. Leave the "oppressive" US, however, and things are different. She’s now facing the death penalty. Whoops. Wanna bet she's wishing she had been oppressed here instead?

(3) Three UCLA basketball players in China for an exhibition game may have shoplifted. In the US, this is barely a crime. If they charge you, it’s typically with a 90 day sentence that the judge will suspend for good conduct. But they aren’t in the US, and once you leave the "oppressive" US, you are treated a little differently. Unless a deal is cut, they are facing four months of being held before bail is set and then they face 3-10 years in prison depending on the amount they took. I guess the US ain’t so oppressive after all! BTW, China has a 99.2% conviction rate of those charged.
Leftists and idiots love to whine about how bad the US is, but they are usually ignorant. They have no idea that the rights and protections that exist here don’t overseas and that the punishments they face here are insignificant compared to those overseas. At the same time, they invent "rights" here that oppress the people they oppose and they never grant those same rights to the people they don’t like.



AndrewPrice said...

Kevin Spacey is being removed from Ridley Scott's upcoming film. This is so Orwellian that it's become rather funny.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is being accused of having raped Corey Haim. Jeffery Tambor harassed his tranny assistant. Alec Baldwin had to leave twitter after forgetting how he treated women and stupidly commenting.

That said, we seem to be into the fake-rape allegation round now. That's going to be a problem.

tryanmax said...

It's pretty ironic that the left is coming to this bird-lady's defense after years of admonishing the right that "freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences" as they engaged in doxxing campaigns intended to get people fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, and booted from their clubs for expressing wrongthink.

Tennessee Jed said...

Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do ... I don't know if all leftists don't understand, but surely many don't understand. I think some of their ire is directed at the owners as being "wrong" and mean to not give them the platform. Most of us realize their free speech rights don't guarantee them to act in a way their employers feel is detrimental to the business.what I am doing is boycotting the NFL because I am tired of having liberal politics thrown at me on tv, sports, movies etc.

BevfromNYC said...

What is interesting is during my Tea Party days, we had people who worked in government who were paranoid about being exposed and fired because they were mandated not to engage in any political activities that might appear to create a conflict of interest.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The left is all about hypocrisy. I think what has really upset them lately is that the right is now doing what the left has done for so long and they really don't like it.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think that the few thinkers on the left know that their position on the constitution is crap, but it keeps their troops behind them to misconstrue the constitution. The rest, I think are simply ignorant. They view the constitution not for what it says but what they "feel" it should say. It also never occurs to them that every right they grant someone is also a restriction/obligation on someone else.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, As usual, the left uses rules as a weapon against people on the right but ignore them when it suits them. That's why the right needs to learn to use the same tactic back, or it will always been one-sided.

AndrewPrice said...

Add Louis C.K. to the list. Yet another hard-core leftist. The pattern is continues. He even masturbated before the women he harassed. Seriously, how is this a thing in Hollywood?

tryanmax said...

I'm seeing comments and posts to the effect of "you're despicable if you think the Moore allegations have anything to do with timing."

I'll buy that victims of assault don't always come forward right away for various reasons, but I've seen too many election-eve and too few post-election "surprises" to dismiss timing out of hand.

BevfromNYC said...

Tryammax, I am having an issue with the timing as well. I am tiring if the Thursday news drop/witch hunt aspect too. And having to condemn without due process. I don't live in Alabama and have enough with current issues in NY like this. Weiner went to jail yesterday
And if the same people who are demanding that someone be persecuted on the word of 40 yr old hearsay while Kennedys walked free, well I am holding my judgement for more real verifiable facts.
At least Louis (Lewis) C.K. openly admitted what he has done.

BevfromNYC said...

On a lighter note, has anyone ever seen the original episode of the "Beverly Hillbillies"? Originally it was called "The Hillbillies of Beverly Hills" and has the back story. What a hoot!

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