Saturday, February 24, 2018

Final Thoughts On the Olympics

These Olympics really have gone wrong for the butt-hurt/fake-outrage/leftist crowd. Here are my final (political) thoughts on the Olympics.

You Go Girls: The MSM has been doing their best to make this the "Womyn's Olympics." That's not just me being a paranoid penis-owner either. NBC has gone out of their way to focus on female athletes. They put the women's events into prime time while burying the men's, their feel-good stories have almost all been about female athletes, and they probably give 3-1 coverage of "news" related to women over men. When they have gone slumming with the boys, they focused on the two gay guys. Advertisers have gone with the plan too, focusing almost entirely on female athletes. What's more, Yahoo and Huffpo have both been awash with articles on how "the women are driving these Olympics."

So here comes the irony. First, there are a similar number of male and female events and athletes. The male events continue to outdraw the female events. So the idea of female events driving the Olympics is fantasy. Further, the women they've focused on have largely disgraced themselves one after another with bad sportsmanship. The women they've profiled as the leaders of this new womyn's world all got their asses handed to them because they were pure hype. Not to mention that the US team has dramatically under-performed. Moreover, the three biggest gold medals awarded were given to males: Shawn White, Red Gerard, and the men's curling team. Finally, this focus has likely contributed to this being the worst rated Olympics of all time -- down 24% from Sochi. Is that really something the womyn should be proud of? Sounds like the attempt to manufacture a different world smashed into the wall of reality.

Real People v. Elitists: I love the men's curling team. The Olympic Committee decided to take over curling after the last Olympics and concocted this idea of an elite curling squad who would focus full-time on the sport. They told the current guys they weren't wanted because they are all part-timers... very working class white males. But these guys formed their own team ("the Rejects") and kicked the crap out of the elites over and over until the Olympic Committee needed to accept them. Now they've won a gold medal, something the US men's team has never done before. Good for them.

Now compare them to the good liberal elitists who otherwise populate the Olympics. Here is some of what the elite liberal athletes have done: insult their teammates to the point of being kicked off the team, pick fights with internet trolls over Trump and then whine about being trolled, get drunk and steal a car, storm off in a huff and leave a team without a bobsled, whine that they won't participate in events they aren't likely to win, whine about being forced to go first, whine about other teams having unfair advantages, rip off their own silver medal while on the stand, and make racist statements about other teams. Not a good look for the children of the nouveau riche leftists who run the left, is it?

NBC Goes Activist Gay: For some reason, NBC wanted gay skater Adam Rippon to become an announcer. Why? He wasn't a winner... not even close - no medals. He wasn't likeable either (despite various MSM sites claiming "he won everyone over"). To the contrary, he just kept spewing verbal diarrhea that wasn't smart or fun or funny or anything. It was obnoxious, insulting and often gibberish. So why did they want him? Oh, that's right... he keeps attacking Mike Pence. Ultimately, sanity prevailed and one of them backed out, but this really shows what NBC is thinking.

Gay versus Competent Gay: Speaking of gays, probably the best thing about these Olympics was Johnny Weir and his pet Tara Lipinski. Weir (intentionally) looks like something out of the Hunger Games or Rocky Horror. He's beyond flamboyantly gay. Here's the thing though, he and Lipinski have through considerably effort created tremendous chemistry. They are funny to watch. They revel in the roles they are playing. And yet, the moment the show switches over to the ice, they know their stuff cold. They know the rules, they know what the judges are looking for, they know the athletes personally and their histories and skill sets, and they know when to shut up. They truly are excellent announcers and have become some of my favorites in any sport.

By comparison, Adam Ripon knows jack sh*t. His selling point is simply that he's flamboyantly gay and will tell you so ever few seconds. I can't stand him. And that's the thing the left doesn't get. It doesn't matter what you are if you have something to offer. But when all you have to offer is who you are, then you're worthless. And that's not sexist or racist or anti-gay or anti-anything. It's human nature.

PC & Fake Outrage: These Olympics have really exposed the PC/fake-outrage crowd. A group of womyn claim inspiration from a French skater wearing pants... she's skating indifferently and hasn't come close to winning a medal. So someone wearing pants gives you self-esteem? How cheap your worth is. The MSM has pushed every black athlete they could find as "an inspiration to us all!" That's Canadian PM level condescension there and cheapens these athletes from athletes to black athletes... watch them so you can feel moral. Coincidentally, they all lost. Various women athletes have been presented as "bad-asses" because women are tough and strong and crude now, amIright? Well, every one of these special asses turned out to be bad sports, whiny losers, and nothing worth looking up to. Once again, feminists ignore women with real achievements for obnoxious all-talk-no-gamers. All the anti-Trumps under-performed and then whined when the public mocked them. So you can dish it out, but you can't take it. Finally, NBC's top political announcers have made fools of themselves -- speed skating is a form of transportation in the Netherlands, all the Chinese skiers look alike, the North Koreans are so dreamy, she must be an immigrant since she's Chinese, etc. Lester Holt has done so poorly there's talk that his regular news show may be in jeopardy.

Probably Racist, But True: The Koreans are far superior organizers to the Brazilians.



LL said...

I may have watched 30 minutes of Olympics coverage (if that much) primarily because I find NBC distasteful. Additionally, the nature of the Olympics has changed over the years making it less appealing.

If the Olympics were truly progressive there would be no "men's" and "women's" sports. All would compete equally in the same events. This gender discrimination should be shouted down by everyone...

Critch said...

I haven't watched any of it, nada, zip. My interest in it has slipped over the years to nothing. I'm so tired of people being hired because they're gay, female, metro-sexual's just silly...

Stacy said...

I watched for maybe 30 minutes the first night and was totally unimpressed then. I might have tuned in here and there as it went on, but fortunately your updates on the behavior being displayed saved me from wasting my time.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, That's true, except that the progressive world has become a "movement" of rich-ish white women and separatist blacks. So rather than being a broadly-based economic and social policy movement, the progressive movement has become a women's pet peeve society -- harassment, body positive issues, and "empowerment" issues -- and the idea that everything is racist.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, My interest in the Olympics comes and goes. This time, it went, and I think the coverage is to blame. They aren't covering the Olympics, they have confused the sports with identity politics and that leaves me uninterested.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, Glad to have been of service! :)

It's been amazing how not-self-aware these athletes have been. Seriously, who says they don't want to participate in a race just because it's going to be hard to win? Who wins about being made to go first? "Ug, that's so unfair!" What??? Who thinks they can insult half of America and then whines when Americans fire back? Who steals a car at the Olympics??

What a collection of whiny children!

Koshcat said...

I've had mixed feelings about the Olympics. I love the winter sports but NBC does a horrible job broadcasting it. You can find some of these events on demand but very much delayed. We should also remember that NBC is owned by Comcast, so they failed as well. They have dozens of channels. They could have had a skiing channel, a speed-skating channel, a sliding channel, etc. They are so worried that people will wonder to other channels, they forgot that this is 2018, not 1988. They need to let go of control.

The other problem I have is TOO MUCH TALKING. Sometimes you need to just let the athletes perform and stop flapping your lip. Interesting you liked watching ice skating. I got bored after about 2 participants.

I love watching the progressive eat one another. When will these idiots understand that most of us don't care who you are screwing? What sort of idiot who has a political position refuse to meet with a person in power? Rippon is and will always be a no body until he grows up.

Koshcat said...

Regarding Vonn and the Super-G. It is a very difficult race because you are not allowed to see the course before the race begins. The downhill allows practice so you know when to turn, when to tuck, when to jump, etc. Super G doesn't so going first is a huge disadvantage. However, that's life. Anyone whining about it is an idiot.

Shriffin was way over-hyped by NBC. Not that she isn't good but it is very difficult to win them all. She dropped out of a couple of races due to delays in races not allowing rest between events. She was hoping to cut back to increase her chances of winning. It was a no win situation. Drop out and she is a quitter. Stay and she decreases chances of winning. I think she has the potential to blow away Vonn's record world championships.

Say what you want about the women, Ester Ledecka is a 22 y/o stud!

tryanmax said...

No one in my real life has said a word about the olympics. It’s hardly been on my radar online. I didn’t see a single event.

BevfromNYC said...

Wait? There was an Olympics something something? Last time I checked the US news media was harassing VP Pence because he has the nerve to not smile and fawn all over Kim Jong-Chick. At the same time she was "stealing the spotlight with her charm offensive (or was that "offensive charm"?).

I tuned out, but then this happened...
Mr. T (yeah, THAT Mr. T) started tweeting about curling and cheering on the women's team. They didn't medal, but Mr. T was cheering them on! It was truly wonderful. Then came "Team Rejects" and Mr. T went to town. He did more for them than the entire NBC/US media combined. What a made-for-the-movies story right down to the once in lifetime 5 point shot that beat Sweden! It is what the Olympics is about and the fact that these were supposedly 5 washed-up over-the-hill guys. Well, as Mr. T says...I pity the fools who doubted them.
And to top it all off, apparently in 2010, there was an episode of the Simpsons with just this scenario. The only detail the writers didn't get right was that they had Russia win the bronze when in reality, Switzerland won bronze on Saturday. Freaky!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I loved curling. That 5 point score was amazing. And what a great story!

My problem(s) with the Olympics was this:

1. NBC is a leftist cesspool and catered to leftist women. I was constantly being "triggered" with rampant political stupidity.

2. Many of the sports stink:

(1) the X-Games portion of the Olympics wasn't interesting because it could be "mastered" by 17 year old dopeheads at the skateboard park.

(2) the skiers came across as spoiled rich kids who were all dating each other and whined about everything.

(3) Bobsled/luge - very interesting to me, BUT NBC only showed the Americans, a few PC teams, and the gold medal run.

(4) Cross-country. Interesting. Enjoyed it. Buried in the middle of the day.

(5) Women's hockey -- only two good teams and neither would beat average men's college hockey team. Yawn. (I barfed when an announcer called the US Women's gold medal "another miracle on ice." When you've been Number 1 or Number 2 for the history of the sport and you beat a rival you sometimes beat, that's no miracle.)

(6) Men's hockey. They don't care. This is a vacation for them. Only the Russians really cared this time.

(7) Speed skating. Good... when they covered it.

(8) Figure skating. Only the Russians women were any good. The rest truly sucked.

(9) Curling... awesome! I watched it all, men's women's foreign or domestic. Good stuff!

That doesn't make for a lot of good television.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, No one else I know watched. My wife was all excited before it started and stopped watching on the third day.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I love watching the progressives make fools of themselves. And when they do, they all whine, "You know I didn't mean it." Yet, they never accept that from anyone else.

On figure skating, I enjoyed the Russian women and some of the couples, but most of the skaters really were terrible.

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