Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama/Biden 2012: "Aw, Come On!"

For the past several weeks now, I've pointed out that Obama has no idea how to get himself re-elected. His campaign even let it leak out recently that they are looking for the magic slogan which will win over the hearts of independents. . . apparently, "I resign" was not good enough. Anyway, it's time to put you, the brainy readers of Commentarama to work!

We need the following. First, we need a catchy slogan for Obama. Make it something which captures the spirit of his campaign and what he hopes to achieve in his second term.

Secondly, we need you to come up with a game plan. Tell us what five promises Obama can make to America to win back the public and secure a second term!

You can be serious or not in your answers, and you can answer as many times as you like. But only one winner will be chosen to win the grand prize -- the satisfaction of having helped our Kenyan Overlord win a second term.

Here is a little something to inspire you!

May God have mercy yada yada yada. Get crackin'.

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