Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Roundup: Let’s Play A Game

Big things are afoot at the Circle K. Well, actually, little things are afoot in our political process. Indeed, this weekend continued several recent themes: the Republican nomination is over, Obama has no idea how to win an election, and the leftist media is in full retreat. Read on. . . (bonus points if you can identify all the movie references).

The End Is Extremely F*ing Nigh. . . Let’s start with the Republicans. This weekend saw a report that the superdelegates are starting to support Romney en mass. Most are still waiting to officially announce because they don’t want to be seen as deciding the race, but more and more are coming out for him each day and almost none support Ricky. In fact, Ricky has almost no endorsements of any kind. Romney, on the other hand, is racking them up, including several in Ricky’s home state -– where Romney now leads in the polls. The sudden flood of endorsements indicates that the party thinks it’s over. The RNC has even taken the hint and has begun fundraising with Romney.

Newt too is making conciliatory noises and sounds like he may endorse Romney. According to Newt, Romney “will run as a conservative” despite Newt’s prior claims to the contrary, and he dismissed all that unforgivable stuff Romney said about him (i.e. “he slimed me”) as just part of the campaign. Now they’re buds.

Even the Religious Right is starting to have doubts. Southern Baptist leader Richard Land stated this weekend that Ricky “ought to seriously consider leaving the race now.” Imagine that! “I said, NOW MISTER!” Will Rick listen? Probably not, but it’s clear the MSM is done with him –- so he can’t do any more harm.

They’re Digging In The Wrong Place. . . Obama continues to show he has no idea how to run a campaign. Now he’s buying $12.3 million worth of internet advertising so his smiling mug will show up every time you use the following search terms: “Obama singing,” “Obama birthday,” and “Obama bracket” (for basketballers), “Dream Act,” and a couple more. Notice anything wrong with this? The only people who would enter these search terms already support Obama or hate him, and neither group will be moved by internet ads! That’s $12.3 million down the Biden.

Along similar lines, Obama is now planning to “tailor” his campaign to attract “working women”. . . as compared to “slacker moms.” To do this, he plans to talk about contraception, his opposition to male-only golf clubs, and extending family medical leave for the families professionals don’t have (see Idiocracy). He will not, however, make promises about equal pay because he wants to save something for his third term. But again, here’s the problem: Obama already has these voters in the bag. He got 56% of them in the last election and he’ll get the same this time. This is like spending money to advertise to your friends and family. It’s stupid. And stupid is no way to go through life, Mr. President. Actually, who am I kidding, it’s the only way liberals go through life. So swing away Mr. President, swing away. And enjoy your retirement.

Oh, and excuse me while I whip this out: Obama is now attacking Romney by trying to tie Romney to Paul Ryan’s budget. Good luck with that McFly! Tying Romney to the budget of the sanest and most responsible man in Washington is a LOSER of a strategy.

We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore. . . It’s been a bad month for the media, particularly the leftist media. First, we had poor Keith Olberman fired by Algore’s network “Current TV,” which was named after a sour red berry. Keith and CommieBerry are now locked in a titanic death struggle as they lob charges of childishness at each other. Excellent!

Oprah also admitted her little network (“OWN” or “Oprah’s Worthless Network”) was not entirely successful. Perhaps going political and endorsing Obama was a clusterfudge of the highest order? And hiring (now fired) nasty leftist turdette Rosie O’Donnell didn’t help.

Then this weekend, Media Matters finally had to fire MJ Rosenberg because of his anti- Semitism, which I discussed HERE. And then NBC fired an anonymous producer in an effect to cover its rear in the Trayvon Martin disaster (what NBC did is explained HERE). But this will not be the end for either group. By not releasing the producer’s name, NBC is shielding the person who set out to create a national race riot, and all they will do is keep the scandal going until they fire someone else. Media Matters, meanwhile, must now explain why it kept a rabid anti-Semite on staff for so long. Cowabunga!

Finally, National Review fired John Derbyshire for putting out a racist article. I have nothing good to say about Derbyshire, but what I find interesting is that the public response to this seems to be that Derbyshire deserved to get fired BUT they want to know why black racism is allowed to go unchallenged. Sound like a bit of anger out there? Let’s hope Obama steps into this one too.

Anything I miss?

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