Monday, June 23, 2014

An Interesting Poll On Obama

There was a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll last week which really drives home how badly things have gone for Obama. It's causing unhappy liberal pundits to speak in funeral voice and to throw around words like "failed term" and "malaise." Observe some of its more damning findings:

● Obama's disapproval ratings are at all time highs, with his approval down at 41%. 45% disapprove, leaving him underwater.
● 54% of Americans think Obama lacks the leadership ability to get the job done: "cannot lead and get the job done."
● 57% of Americans disapprove of Obama's foreign policy.
● 41% say their view of the administration has gotten worse over the past 12 months. 15% say their view of Team Obama has improved.
● 31% think Obama has done a good job handling immigration.
● 10% of people plan to vote in November "to send a signal of opposition to Obama."

Obama is the past, not the future, so in many ways, this doesn't help us. But on the other hand, this is how his legacy is being defined, and through that, the value of liberalism. Said differently, Obama is discrediting liberalism in a way which hasn't happened since the 1970s. Now we just need to step in and help define Obama as nothing more than a typical liberal, and offer our own solutions to make life better for the public.


Kit said...

"Now we just need to step in and help define Obama as nothing more than a typical liberal, and offer our own solutions to make life better for the public."

Easier said than done, apparently.

tryanmax said...

Kit, agreed. On one hand, the left is good at pinning its failures on individuals, and they have a sympathetic media to help them. On the other hand, the right is eager to say "I told you so" rather than lay the groundwork for when the next liberal comes making the exact same promises.

BevfromNYC said...

Tryanmax - "...the right is eager to say "I told you so" rather than lay the groundwork...

Ugh, this is so true. We need viable solutions and alternatives. "We told you so" works about as long as "It's Bush's fault." both have run their course and now is the time for forwarding viable solutions to these problems that are saleable to the public.

EricP said...

The House has been providing plenty of ideas and bills, some better than others, since January 2011. We just need to elect a Senate who won't leave those ideas dying in committees. Yes, that's right, oh, how I hope and I pray ... and send money to worthy candidates.

Critch said...

A couple of my lefty friends say they are tired of defending Obama...they feel that he's done nothing to help their causes, what the Hell those are. But, we conservatives need someone strong and electable...and I'm not sure who that is, but I have a feeling it's dark horse no one is looking at right now.

EricP said...

Not exactly dark horse, Critch, but Scott Walker. The fact he's pissing off liberals to the point they're making up lies about him has me convinced he's our man. Oh, little something about smacking unions thugs into submission en route to Badger State econ success doesn't hurt, either.

Rustbelt said...

And just to add some salt on the wound, I ventured over to Breitbart and noted an article with the results of another poll. According to Gallup, public favorability of living former (and current) presidents came out as follows:

Clinton- 64% favorable
Bush '41- 63% favorable
Bush '43- 53% favorable
Carter- 52% favorable
Obama- 47% favorable*

*- Obama was the only one with a higher unfavorable rating.

Does anyone else suspect that Democrats spend their nights in front of Youtube watching old clips from 2008 while downing shots of tequila and Captain Morgan in vain attempts to make the pain go away?

Kit said...

The Secret Service wants a program that can detect sarcasm on the internet.

The Simpsons predicted it, which somehow makes this whole thing even dumber. (9sec)

Critch said...

Eric, Scott Walker would be my're right, not exactly a dark horse...but not a household name either...

Anthony said...

Only 10% of people are going to vote in November to send a signal of opposition to Obama? Huh.

I don't know what is more strange, that or the fact that 15% of the people surveyed said their opinion of Obama improved over the past year.

Its also awesome that Clinton believes that tens of millions of dollars isn't a lot of money. Yeah, its lunch money for Bill Gates, but its an astronomical sum of money by most people's standards.

Critch said...

I think that governors make the best presidents, Carter aside, because they're used to making decisions.

Kit said...


I agree about governors. You do get exceptions such as Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln but in general governors tend to be better picks.

Also, I think the Governor is likely going to be Jeb Bush.

AndrewPrice said...

I agree about governors making better Presidents because they've exercised similar responsibilities already. I like Scott Walker a lot, though he is definitely being tested right now with potential criminal charges... which sound politically motivated.

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