Sunday, July 19, 2015


Sometimes, the world seems a little nuts to me. Well... a lot nuts. Right now, we live in an Alice in Wonderland-like period where the world is determined to believe something impossible every day before breakfast. Consider these examples of insanity:

The Terminators Are Coming: Lately, the doomsday types have crept out from beneath their rocks to rail against artificial intelligence. To hear these people talk, some of whom were once-reputable computer designers, is like listening to S/M porn involving robots. Seriously. For whatever reason they keep framing this debate in quasi-sexual terms, even going so far as to talk about this resulting in a world in which machines become our “masters” and run the world while turning humans into “pets.” The only thing missing from their speeches at this point is the words “heaving bosoms.” I guess if you spend too much time working on computers, your fantasies change huh?

Anyways, artificial intelligence is not dangerous unless someone decides to give it weapons. Let Siri launch nuclear missiles and, yeah, we might have a problem. But as long as one human can find a club or a magnet or a glass of water, the machines will not take over the world. In fact, it’s even easier than that... unless these machines are given the authority to make decisions for us, then they will never be more than frustrated advisors. And no human being, except these computer fetishists, is ever going to turn over their decision making power to machines.

Only Black Lives Matter: The loony left continues to show just how nuts they can be. This time, it was Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley who found themselves shouted down by clowns from Black Lives Matter. When O’Malley tried to show his support for these ’tards, he made the mistake of saying, “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” That seems pretty noncontroversial, right? Wrong. The ’tards booed him until he left the stage. Can you imagine what kind of asshole boos the idea that the lives of people of another race matter? That’s beyond racist. That’s pretty much akin to Nazism.

Fail... Repeat... Fail... Repeat: Obama just got smacked down by the Supreme Court pretty much across the board. All the policies he put into place by Executive Order were wiped out by the Supremes. Before that, all of his recess appointments were reversed, which wiped out all the work they had done. Essentially, as far as implementing Obama’s environmental, labor and immigration policies go, Obama has made 0.0% progress at this point.

So this weekend, O’Malley promised that he would use Executive Orders to push even further than Obama did. Interesting. Twice nothing is still nothing, Martin.

Failure Is The Only Option: Obama just made a deal with Iran, which has never kept a deal for even a few minutes. In this deal, Obama will play Ray Charles as Iran builds a nuke. Meanwhile, the MSM is pretending not to notice the problems with this little “agreement.” They did this with Copenhagen too and that essentially killed global environmentalism even while they pretended it had brought us to environmental Valhalla.

And Then There Was Reality: This is funny. It turns out that Google has “lost control” over its advertising software. Snicker snicker The problem is this. Google has all these policies against discrimination and the such, but a recent test of their ad delivery system found that Google’s own software is violating those policies. Examples include giving men and women different results when they search for jobs, with men being shown executive positions and women being shown menial positions, handicapped people being steered toward more expensive products, and racial disparities. Everyone was shocked and is trying to figure out how this could have happened.

The reason for this is actually pretty funny. Google’s software considers the billions of choices made by people who use the software (like a Google search) and it correlates that with things like race and gender. That means that what it spits out will reflect the real world rather than the liberal fantasy of sameness for all. Thus, the reason it give women inferior job search results is that those are what women have been looking for.

Said differently, while all these liberals want to believe in sameness and Google’s policies require sameness, by letting its computers adjust to how the human race actually behaves, Google has found itself violating its own policies because the natural human condition conflicts with their fantasy view. And now they are all trying to figure out what is wrong with the software. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!




AndrewPrice said...

FYI, O'Malley has now apologized for saying, "All lives matter." There is a real sickness on the left.

Kit said...

The GOP should be saying, "So, O'Malley, you don't think all lives matter? Which lives don't you think matter?"

Kit said...

Thor review is up!

Anthony said...

Executive orders always have and been and always will be the favorite tools of presidents (and those who want to be president) who don't have a compliant Congress to work with. Its easier to show up at a primary stating 'I will do everything in my power to make X happen' than to show up saying 'I won't do anything because the opposition controlled legislature won't go along and the opposition controlled SC will nullify it'.

On a related note, I think the Iran deal has a lot of problems, but I honestly don't expect anyone to do any better. Republicans will probably continue the same policy every administration (bar Reagan) did with the Iranians, imposing sanctions and hoping that the inevitable nuke doesn't happen on their watch. Of course, Republicans are talking tough but in practice they will revert to the old strategy of doing practically nothing (sanctions) and hoping Iran's bomb doesn't happen on their watch, though they will have the option of blaming Obama when it does.

The black lives matters guys are nuts but O'Malley kowtowing to them doesn't matter because I see no sign he is going anywhere. What does matter is that Hillary is a panderer and a terrible public speaker so she is just as likely to stumble when dealing with that fringe.

tryanmax said...

Identity politics are reaching a head. Something is going to give. I only hope that when it does, it leaves the general public realizing that it was a bunch of entitled white liberals who were making everyone else look bad.

tryanmax said...

As far as the Democrats' field goes, I don't see anybody who is less bad than Hillary so far. Everyone on that side is still tingly over her garish logo with the horrible color selection.

BevfromNYC said...

"Sometimes" the world seems nuts?? Most days (as directed by the mass media...everyday IS nuts. It's as if the squirrels have taken over with all the nuts. ;-) [hat tip to Dave Barry...]

The whole "Black Lives Matter" thing is the most stupid. What O'Malley said was well-meaning inclusiveness. But then he blew it by retracting it and catering to the race-hustlers. Really, ALL lives should matter and if the "Black Lives Matter" crowd are too stupid to see that, then so be it. The inequality is self-imposed.

Iran Deal Now as for Obama's Iran deal. It's actually a pretty sweet deal for him because anything that happens like a long-range missile attack on Israel with the new long-range missiles from Russia will get in 2016, will happen in 2017 and be on the next President's head. [Or when Israel decides to take matters into their own hands. The Israelis may disagree amongst themselves loudly on a lot of issues, but Existence is not one of them.]

But the really good news for Obama is that he can continue his favorite sport by blaming anyone else for his folly, Whomever has to deal with the fallout (no pun intended) will take the blame and he can just claimed they didn't understand and screwed it up. Not Iran of course, but whatever non-Democrat who happens to be around at the time. So the whole "this deal is better than no deal" is a win-win for Obama....not the world and certainly not for the Middle East. But certainly Obama and his street cred as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Move over Neville Chamberlain, there's finally someone to replace you the same way that Madoff replaced Ponzi in the illegal scheming department.

BevfromNYC said...

Tryanmax - As far as a candidate "less bad" than Hillary, sadly that may be Joe Biden.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Hillary got tripped up by them last month when she said something similar about everyone mattering. Personally, I think the Republicans need to hang those words around the candidate's necks as a means to highlight how racist and out-of-touch the Democrats really are. It would make an excellent campaign commercial.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The left does seem to have reached a point where their idiocy is unsustainable because it's become too openly contradictory and too violent. It will be interesting to see what happens to it soon.

As for Hillary, she is truly an awful candidate and she doesn't seem to be getting any better.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I would love for them to run Joe Biden!!

I think you're right on Obama and Iran. He's just hoping to scoot the problem down the road so he can evade responsibility for it. The problem is, as the Saudis are already showing, that the deal has already created an arms race. So things are about to get a lot uglier over there.

The Black Lives Matter thing is frankly disgusting to me.

Kit said...

Some GOP candidate should start asking: "What about gay lives? What about Jewish lives? What about hispanic lives? What about Korean lives? Do those lives matter?"

Critch said...

Speaking of Crazytown, there were 7 people murdered in St Louis City over the weekend, that's just the incorporated city of St Louis, not the county or metro area....I guess black lives really don't matter that much.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Black lives only matter to the likes of Black Lives Matter when their deaths are politically useful. It's not politically useful to point out that almost all killings of blacks are done by other blacks... or that more blacks are killed by blacks every single day in this country than the ultra-rare South Carolina church shooting.

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, I concur. Our side should also be harassing each of them on the campaign trail with protests pointing out that all lives matter and demanding they answer. When you get something embarrassing like this, you need to really use it as a weapon to make it work.

Koshcat said...

Wait, Google software is deciding what ads we will see and you're not worried about AI becoming our overlords. After your article I am now more concerned than ever because some people are too stupid to understand how the information got there.

In the medical field, there is this push to find ways to use Watson. I'm not convinced it will be that helpful.

Since this Iran deal won't be approved by the Senate does that mean the next president can just nullify the deal with an executive order?

BevfromNYC said...

Kit and Andrew: "Our side should also be harassing each of them on the campaign trail with protests pointing out that all lives matter and demanding they answer." And "our side" better have some kind of rational response when the answer/retort is "What about the NRA, you stupid conservatives? Guns Kill People." There really has to be a solid answer for 2nd Amendment Rights because then the whole "All Lives Matter" gets really messy and incoherent.

BevfromNYC said...

RE: Iran deal - Just a thought...where the heck is the UN in all of this?? Aren't they supposed to be the world arbiter of arms treaties or are they just sitting in NYC out of the line of fire? Is it just me or has Sec't General Ban barely issued a word since Syria started using chemical weapons and all of those millions of people started fleeing into concentra....oops, "refugee" camps, and that WHO-led Ebola disaster in West Africa.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, You never get in a debate, you shout down and give one sided interviews. That's how it's done.

As for the NRA, they need to flip it around...

"Guns kill people."
"No, people kill people... guns protect the innocent from the predators your policies unleash on the streets."

AndrewPrice said...

As for the UN, they are doing exactly what they are designed to do... scouring Israel looking for something to use to attack the evil Jews.

That, plus the UN like the MSM plays the game of not wanting to criticize historically oppressed people in any way that might make white Americans feel smug.

I believe both of those points are in its charter.

tryanmax said...

Speaking of the awfulness of Hillary, Kevin D. Williamson has a very intriguing article at National Review about Bernie Sanders. The zinger at the end is priceless: "That an outlier of a senator from Vermont wants to organize American politics as a permanent domestic war on unpopular minorities is, while distasteful, probably not that important. That Herself made the same speech in Des Moines a day later, on the other hand, is significant, and terrifying."

Koshcat said...

Thanks for the link, Tryanmax. It is clear Bernie needs to come out of zee closet as the fascist he truly wants to be.

Anthony said...


I don't see this deal as a political winner for Obama. I think like Iran Contra response will divide more or less along partisan lines. The only thing that would reduce partisanship was if a Democrat was in office when Iran got its nuke.

Critch said...

I had to go to the London Daily Mail to find out that a black man who supports flying the Confederate flag was run off the road and killed by a car load of black hoodlums...absolutely amazing...liberals are only tolerant when you agree with them.

Anthony said...

The death of the black Confederate has been pretty well covered though headlines have differed (traffic accident or 'forced off the road), the text of the stories all seems to be the same. According to the AP interview with the surviving passenger all the article cite, the guy lost control while in a shouting match with some people in another car who had probably followed them from a Confederate flag rally.

Be interesting to see if charges flow from this (distracting a driver, possibly making threats?).


Black Mississippi Confederate flag supporter dies after rally when 'car full of jeering African American men forced him off the road'

A passenger in Harvey's car, Arlene Barnum, tells The Associated Press that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry.

Barnum said Hervey yelled something back at the other vehicle before losing control and crashing.

'It spun like crazy and we flipped, flipped, flipped. It was awful,' she said.

She said she gave that account to a Mississippi state trooper when she was taken to a hospital after the accident.

Read more:
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Anthony Hervey, a 49-year-old African-American man well-known in Oxford, Mississippi for his flamboyant pro-Confederacy advocacy, was killed in a car crash Sunday afternoon.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Hervey’s passenger Arlene Barnum said the accident happened after a car full of young black men pulled up alongside them looking angry. Hervey allegedly yelled something back, before losing control of the car and flipping over.

Anthony said...

Scott Walker has pledged to not only wipe out Obama's Iran deal, but to take aggressive military action against Iran on day one. I can't recall another incidence of someone promising a war if they won office. That is certainly the wisest course if one wants to end all possibility of Iran obtaining a nuke.

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony - I agree that the Iran deal will most likely not be a political winner for Obama. But when it goes south, he will not take responsibility either. Neither will Kerry. They will blame any escalated violence by Iran as the failing of the next administration, but they will never accept that their "deal" emboldens Iran.

Anthony said...

I have seen some reports claiming the black Comfederate's vehicle was pushed off the road by the other car. If so, that sounds like.murder to me,

I was amused to see Stormfront has a thread morning the death of the black Confederate. Some people in the thread called him an ape or subhuman, but, they agreed he died for a good cause.

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