Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Open Thread Day!!!

I will be on a secret mission for....well, I can't say for whom or to where, but let's just say "high tea", "scones", and "Scotch" may be involved.

Anyway, in lieu of a real post of significance and gravity (don't laugh!), let's have an open thread and I will try to join in between, well, I can't say. I will give you all a full report when I return.


AndrewPrice said...

Good luck with the secret mission, Bev!

AndrewPrice said...

I've realized that I may have been overly optimistic when I said that only one of my kids is evil. Ah hormones.

tryanmax said...

Liberals are losing their minds over Kanye and Chance the Rapper. Kanye got his MAGA hat signed, so he must be literally insane. Then, Chance dropped the apparently controversial take that "Black people don't have to be democrats." The collective howl from white liberals has essentially been "Get back on the plantation, you uppity n*****!" Man, I thought the left lost it's ish over Roseanne.

Here's what's amusing to me. For decades, conservatives have more or less tolerated entertainment that goes against their personal beliefs and ideals. Yeah, there's a little fuss now and then when a new threshold is crossed. A handful of designated conservative outlets regularly puff about cultural rot. An even smaller handful of "out" conservatives in entertainment get to headline the occasional low-budget, direct-to-streaming mockbuster. But by and large, conservatives just roll with the fact that TV and Hollywood just don't look, talk, live, or think like them.

But just two big names come out pro-Trump, and a third comes out lukewarm on Democrats, and its the muther-effin apocalypse on the left! And don't forget, they've been trying to drown Taylor Swift for two years now over her silence on politics.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Two thoughts.

First, it is vital to Democrats that blacks stay on the plantation. For one thing, they need the cover of being able to scream racism because otherwise conservatives ideas (non-fringe) are very attractive to people. By screaming racism, they keep minorities and women away from conservatism.

Moreover, blacks are like gays were. They are a small group but because they are uniform, they provide a consistent percentage to the Democrats. In a 50/50 world, if they lose even 10% of blacks, that shifts things to 49/51 and they get blown out. So they can't let this idea take hold.

My other thought: I've been watching for some time now and what's funny is how the left responds to dissent -- they view it as either insanity, opportunism or hate. They just can't tolerate the idea that other people may have different views. I'm seeing this everywhere where leftists have been able to be as divisive as they wished without even acknowledging their misconduct, but the minute they face someone with a different view, they lose their minds about how divisive and evil the person is.

To give one example, if a white athlete says anything pro-Trump or even potentially racist, all the sports journalists lose their minds. They go through this whole process of explaining how this guy needs to be forced out and his "offensive" views crushed. Yet, black athletes (like the kneelers) say wildly offensive things and not a single journalist goes through the same process. Instead, it's all about the need to protect their rights to say what they say.

I'm seeing this everywhere. Spew hate as a leftist, that's cool. Disagree with a leftist and be torn apart as a hate monger.

Anthony said...

Kanye has been a Trump cultist for a while now (several months). I doubt most of his fans care, so I don't think his popularity will see a Dixie chicks style nosedive unless he starts releasing Trump love songs.

That being said Trump spews plenty of racial conspiracy theories so I doubt a handful of famously erratic rappers (there is also Azelia Banks) jumping on his bandwagon signifies anything.

Rustbelt said...
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Anthony said...

Cosby has just been convicted by a jury of a 2004 drugging and rape. I loved the Cosby Show and his Pound Cake speech but clearly he is not a big believer in morality/personal responsibility.

tryanmax said...

I understand that celebrities live very different lives from the rest of us, especially life-long celebs. It still strains my mind to think of a 67 year old doing that.

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