Sunday, June 3, 2018

Don't Do It!

Basketball star Ben Simmons is apparently dating Kendall Jenner. Dude... don't do it!! Trust me on this, Ben. The Jenner/Kardashian family are modern day sirens, luring men to their dooms. They will destroy you! If you don't believe me, let's review some history:

1. Robert Kardashian... died at 59 after marrying momma Kris. He got off easy.

2. Bruce Jenner... turned into woman after marrying momma Kris. Seriously, he went from famous runner to chick.

3. Lamar Odom... A once famous Basketball player, he ended up in a drug induced coma in a Nevada brothel after overdosing on cocaine and viagra after marrying (and divorcing) Khloe K.

4. Kanye West... Famous rapper turned fruitcake after marrying Kim Kardashian. This guy is as unstable as Kim's butt in an earthquake.

5. Tyga... rapper who dated Kylie Jenner. He ended up having a daughter with Blac Chyna, who then married Rob Kardashian, making Tyga's son the half-brother to his own niece. Tyga is apparently broke as well and is being pursue by creditors in court.

6. Khris Humphries. Another basketball player who was only married to Kim K. for 72 days. His basketball game tanked, averaging less than half the points as before and eventually got benched. The annulment, alleging fraud on her part, probably saved his life.

7. Scott Disick... Dated Kourtney K. Got her pregnant three times. In and out of rehab ever since.

Dude. You don't stand a chance. What are you thinking? Think about this. The GM who hired you and put Philly back on the map got into a social media scandal a few days before your relationship was discovered by the public. That was a warning. Run, Ben, run!


tryanmax said...

Future pirates will tell legends of the accursed land of Kardashia, from whence no man returns whole.

RussJay9000 said...

Agreed except for two things
1. Kanye West: He's become wiser and more humble even than eminent conservative George Will. I for one am startled to have him on our side.
2. I don't think you're allowed to call babes chicks.

Anthony said...

I'm not sure if involvement with the Kardashians is a choice which dooms someone or is merely a sign of the sort of poor judgement that eventually ends in doom.

BevfromNYC said...

Just think of this though...Kim K. just went to the WH to meet with Trump about prison reform. This has to be yet another sign of the pending apocalypse that started when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016...

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Most definitely the apocalypse.

AndrewPrice said...

Russ, You can't call babes chicks? What kind of world is this? LOL!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I'm pretty sure they are the Sirens of old, they've just moved to California. I'll bet the Cyclops is out there still too.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Very possible that the Kardashians are freak magnets. Either way, if you find yourself dating a Kardashian... run!!

Anonymous said...

April Ryan having a fit during the Sanders press conference yelling and heckling about police shootings being the underlying cause for kneeling during the anthem and why is the president ignoring the REEEALL issue. As you've pointed out Andrew, no one cares. No one is convinced kneeling players and Eagles players (with the babe in the woods act) aren't trying to create political stunts.
Black and Hispanic soldiers serving in the military may..may feel that shootings are an issue but I'm pretty sure they're not for disrespecting the flag.
Once again, on twitter, on the news, trump disinviting the eagles is causing apoplectic fits and a lot of people are like eh..whatever.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be a great plot for a movie? They're a family of monsters. But they disguise themselves as celebrities. They hide in plain sight! Followup thought. What would happen if the Kardashians met the Kennedys(not the straggling remnants but John, Rose, John,Bobby and Ted? Throw in Elizabeth Taylor as a spoiler! Hijinks ensue.

Thomas Anderson said...

You'd think people would've figured out the Kardashians were up to no good when they occupied the planet Bajor!

AndrewPrice said...

Anon, The sports media is going NUT trying to convince us that these guys are patriotic heroes and Trump is the monster blah blah blah. Bull. The public is not on their side, no matter how hard the little leftist "journalists" want to think they are.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, That would be a fantastic film! LOL! I bet they would even happily play themselves.

AndrewPrice said...

Thomas, LOL! Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anthony said...

All the cancellation of the meeting with the Eagles demonstrates (for the umpteenth time) is Trump is a liar and his apologists/fans don't care.

Trump cancelled the meeting right before it was scheduled to happen, claiming he and many of the Eagles players disagreed over standing for the flag when the truth is all of the Eagles stood for the flag all last season.

Many of the Eagles were uninterested in meeting Trump though (funny that), so to avoid a low turnout, he canceled the meeting and smeared the Eagles with a lie his followers took it as gospel. Another day that ends in 'y'.

A secondary goal that the cancelation served was helping set up a third wave of protests. The NFL is doing what it can to avoid/discourage another round of protests, but Trump (who was instrumental in the second round of protests) would love to start a third round.

Its a good strategy because whining and conflict energize the talk radio wing of the party.

Rustbelt said...

1. Given that Shapiro is the only surviving member of team, did Robert K. catch something from Kris and pass it around back in 1995?

2. Also, the Kardashians are apparently guilty of confusing the elderly.

3. So, no Iggles, huh? Well, LeBron just said that neither the Cavs nor Warriors will go, either. is this supposed to make sad? -or build up a resistance? -or make me care?

4. Did you know???...Gamera is friend to all children!

5. After the lackluster/lukewarm response to the summer 'blockbusters,' here's something meant to actually feel good...neighbor.

Anthony said...

I was a huge Mr. Rogers fan when I was a kid. He came across as a really, really nice guy. He retired when my oldest was an infant so my kids (who are now teenagers) never saw his show but maybe they'll get something out of the movie.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, LOL! Yes, what Gamera has done here today is a benefit to all! Gamera was my second favorite after Rocketship X/M!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Two of the ringleaders are on the Eagles - Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long.

Anthony said...

I get that a few of the Eagles have been outspoken Trump critics/protest defenders but none of them kneeled last season so it defies belief most of the Eagles were skipping the Trump ceremony because they refused to stand for the flag.

Anonymous said...

Would I prefer marquess of queensbury rules in public life? Yes, if everyone was following it. We're far beyond that point.
Did the Obama era usher in the President constantly wading into the culture war, and using the power and office of the president to engage in dishonest and partisan behavior towards those who were his political enemies and stroked the egos of his political allies? Yes.
Are the Eagles spitting in Donald Trump's face by stoking controversy at the last moment? Yes.
And if it's the job of the president now to be a culture warrior, then is Donald Trump justified in not wanting to roll over if even one Eagles player uses the opportunity of visiting the White House to make some boring, hackneyed point? Yes he is.
A representative of the black congressional caucus was literally on CNN saying all manner of things about Trump and then the veneer fell slightly as she said "The national anthem is problematic!"
OK guys, as an immigrant, as a person who wanted to be american, if the anthem, the flag and America are "problematic" you've lost me, you've completely lost me.

AndrewPrice said...

Anon, That's the thing. The leftist MSM is trying very hard to clean up the quotes and keep this thing narrow, but if you pay attention, you hear things exactly like that. "The national anthem is racist." "The national anthem is problematic." Lots of anti-white stuff, anti-cop stuff, anti-American stuff, etc.

Kapernick didn't just complain about police brutality. He laid out a totally far-left, black power agenda complete with praise for Castro and calling cops "pigs." The MSM tries to ignore that or downplay it, but that's who these people are. They can go F-themselves.

Anthony said...


Your life story is very interesting but you didn't actually dispute anything I said.

Furthermore I've been making the point Trump is talk radio Obama for some time now.

As I've said many times before Trump is nothing new he is just the pendulum swinging a bit further out.

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