Monday, August 13, 2018

Nothing Changes

This weekend kind of proved that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

● One hundred plus newspapers all coordinated their negative commentary against Trump this weekend. Ho hum. I guess I would be more impressed if the leftist media hadn't been doing this for decades.

● I'm pretty sure there were more articles written by "sportswriters" about the handful of guys who protested the national anthem this weekend than there were articles about the actual games. Again, no surprise. As I wrote the other day, these guys have decided they want to destroy the NFL and this is predictable.

● Feminists must be freaking out. As you probably know, feminists view women as cogs in the economic machine. Income equals power, ergo all of feminism is about getting women to out-earn men so women will have more power. It's true. There isn't really a feminist policy which doesn't go back to this, right down to discouraging women to have kids and watch kids. Well, for some time now, the wage gap for Millennial women has been growing compared to women in other age groups. That's bad for feminists. Last week we got confirmation why. Every year, polling organizations ask people how much they want to earn to live the life they want to life. Millennial women came in far below Millennial men, unlike the women of other generations. In fact, it's not even close. Millennial women would be satisfied earning around $50k a year. Millennial men would be satisfied earning $104k. That's a huge difference and it reflects itself in the growing wage gap. Other generations don't have nearly as large of a gap. Poor, poor feminists. Maybe they should have passed out pussy hats?

● So leftist Chris Cuomo can tell Laura Ingraham that if she doesn't like what America is, then she should leave... and that's cool. In fact, it's hip. It's "the perfect response." Yet, when a conservative says the same thing to a liberal, it's the most hideously unAmerican thing you can say apparently. Hypocrisy, it's what passes for principle on the left.

● Why does anyone keep covering the white-trash whinings of Megan Marckle's family? Seriously, they're human trash. They should be put out of our misery, not given a soapbox upon which to lob verbal attacks. Oh, that's right, the media likes fake conflict.

● Nancy Pelosi looks to be in huge trouble. She's becoming a scapegoat on the left. She's also apparently showing signs of Alzheimers/Dementia. This could be the end for her. Look for a bloody civil war the media goes out of its way not to cover if that happens.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, Huffpo is mocking the tiny size of the white racist rally in DC. Yet, they still don't seem to be able to grasp that this means this little group of sh*theads is just that... a tiny fringe group that represents no one. Typical leftist compartmentalization.

LL said...

I'm a big Pelosi 2020 supporter. It's the year of the woman and she needs to run for the presidency. Maybe Slow Joe Biden could be her VP - and provide the same sort of life insurance policy that he did for Barack. Nobody would assassinate the president knowing that Slow Joe would step in.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, I would LOVE to see Pelosi as the nominee. I could not imagine anyone better for them to run! LOL!

AndrewPrice said...

Also BTW, I think Omarosa killed herself this weekend. She had this nasty sounding tell-all book and then it all started to implode when she admitted she didn't have the tapes she claimed and the tapes she did have were recorded unethically (and possibly illegally) and show her being fired for unethical behavior. Then the whole swamp of idiots started shooting down her claims, even the ones at war with Trump.

That left the left calling for her arrest (I'm serious) and whining that Kelly-Ann Conoway couldn't name black people on Trump's staff... as if that meant anything.

This is yet another dud.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, "the media likes fake conflict" ← You said it!

This is the filter through which I observe the Omarosa thing. I'm not saying it's been staged, but certainly most of the elements are fake. Which explains perfectly why it's gained such outsized coverage.

On the subject of fake conflict, same goes for the twenty-some white-somethingists (which included at least one black man based on photos I've seen). The idea that there is any sort of parity between two dozen provocateurs and the rage mob that objected to their presence is about as fake as it gets. As is the leftwing assertion that by ignoring them, Trump is giving aid and comfort to Nazis. But, I suppose that kinda makes sense if you are the sort who believes its racist to disregard race. What do I know?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Modern news has become like WWE wrestling. It's all staged. Everyone knows their roles. The losers who get covered know exactly what notes to hit to get covered. Then the media does their role. In the end, it's all theater. I'm not sure the media would know what to do if real news crossed their desks!

Omarosa is the perfect example of that. She knows what will get media attention, so she says them. They aren't true and she doesn't care, but the media doesn't care either. They all run with their assigned roles.

Agreed on the racism crap. It's all theater. It's all nonsense. In a sane world, the left would be talking about how society is improving if only 20 people showed up for a white racist rally. Instead, they're out there causing violence and screaming about how the fact they are causing violence is proof that racism exists. Huh?

AndrewPrice said...

Do you know what else really pisses me off? Twitter journalism.

"X happened and here is how twitter responded."

First of all, "Twitter" didn't respond. You picked through thousands of responses to find a couple who said what you wanted to report. You invented this story. Fake news.

Secondly, who gives a crap what people say on twitter? Facts are facts. Analysis is supposedly logical conclusions based on facts. Polls are supposedly statistical. Twitter is a bunch of smug assholes spewing whatever idiocy they think is clever in every direction. The crap voiced on twitter has NO news value at all.

Anthony said...

Omarosa says Trump is a racist, vindictive man-baby but she didn't care until she was fired for flagrant ethics and security violations.

Trump says Omarosa is lazy, vindictive and was supremely unqualified but he didn't care because she was very good at blowing smoke up his butt.

I believe them both. I can't see this hurting Trump at all but it's good for a laugh.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, "I believe them both." LOL! I do too.

tryanmax said...

The Trump/Omarosa debacle is amusing, but what entertains me are all the commentators on both sides saying, "See? This is what you get when you put reality TV celebs in charge!" without any apparent thought into what they've just said.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's part of the game. They revel in showing these people and then acting shocking at the way they behave. It's all an act. What's more, it makes their jobs easy because the script comes pre-written and they don't actually have to go look up hard facts... like where Mexico is or what a trade deficit is.

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