Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mueller Report (Yawn)

Like Obama on being gay, the Democrats have evolved on the Mueller Report.

First, they were sure the Mueller report would prove that Trump is a traitor to the US. Go Mueller!

Then we heard that there would be no indictments. Boo Mueller. So they changed their tune to "The Mueller Report doesn't matter!"

Then Barr gave a briefing on it and said it would take a few days to release. Now they had a new enemy! "Barr is lying about the report! Release it now! Release it now!"

Well, it's been released and it basically says nothing. Most news sites seem to be ignoring it or back-paging it because it says so much nothing. So the Desperates Democrats have switched to: "The proof is in the redactions!"

Ha ha. This is the most painful retreat since Napoleon's retreat from Russia. At some point, you would think they would give up and just try something else. But I guess not. At some point, I'm sure they'll get the redactions undone and they will discover to their horror that the redacted portions are just as useless to them. Indeed, they couldn't be anything else or the Mueller Report conclusions would have been different. But where they're irrational hope...

Oh well.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, they haven't even got a spin on the report yet. So the brain Democrat who guides the collective must still be in bed. I'm sure they'll have a spin later.

AndrewPrice said...

I just an article that basically read:

God (Mueller) promised us he would smite Evil (Trump).

He didn't. I don't understand why.

I keep looking and looking and looking through the Word (the Report). Perhaps, I misunderstood. Perhaps God wanted us to smite Evil ourselves?

drjim said...

Be nice if the redacted material points fingers at prominent Dems!

tryanmax said...

Almost every left wing talking head has a theory about the conspiracy, but they're not conspiracy theories. Oh no! That's for crazy people.

But for real, I feel bad for all those New York Times bestselling authors of Collusion, Conspiracy, and Covfefe and 1000 other variations on that theme. They're going to have to come up with another grift before the next cocktail party. And mom wants all those boxes of books out of the garage.

Anthony said...

The Mueller report seems getting a lot of coverage everywhere at the moment. The pro-Trump spin is no collusion, the anti-Trump spin is that it indicates Trump is a terrible person who often makes illegal or even unconstitutional demands his staffers mostly ignore. Neither spin revolves around surprising or new info. Meet the post-Mueller era, same as the Mueller era or for that matter, the admittedly brief pre-Mueller era.

Critch said...

So, according to the Daily Mail, if Trump had only loved and respected Michael Cohen he would have stayed loyal to Trump. What a hoot.
This whole Mueller thing is so hard to believe. Millions of dollars wasted.

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