Monday, April 1, 2019

The Slow Burn of Slow Joe

Biden is falling apart.

Joe Biden is falling apart as a candidate for 2020. Honestly, I don't think he ever really had a chance, but if he did, it's coming apart now.

Let me back up...

As I've noted many times, the Democratic Party is now the party of single, white (angry) women and (angry) blacks... having driven out the last of the working white men. That said, the women dominate the party. Why? There are 150 million women in the US. Probably 20% of those fall into the group who form the Democratic core. That's 30 million angry, wannabe-oppressed, wannabe-victimed women. I am victim, hear me whine and whine and whine. By comparison, there are 16 million(ish) blacks, but only maybe half will vote. So women outnumber them 4-1. That's power. Moreover, these women, being professionals or married to professionals, donate the bulk of Democratic cash. Their teachers union sisters comprise the vast majority of Democratic delegates and volunteers. That's the muscle that drives the party. So the women have the numbers, control the money, and have the muscle. This gives them the power... and they don't share.

So this cycle more than any prior cycle, the primary will be about appeasing these angry women voters. Biden sucks at that.

Biden has a history of being creepy. He's also prone to gaffes (Bidenisms) and he has no experience in the angry new world that is the Democratic Party, where virtue signalling has replaced policy and certain people are by definition not allowed to virtue signal because their gender/race/age/wealth/boss-hood makes them presumptively an oppressor.

The issue with Biden touching women is a great example of the problem he faces. In the past, the media could be counted on to keep the lunatic attacks buried and to downplay the legitimate ones because he was a Democrat and that meant he was presumed to be virtuous. That's not true anymore though.

With the shift in mentality, Biden is now part of the oppressives. He is a white man and, therefore, his crimes against women will be roundly proclaimed and condemned, and his crime is to come across as creepy. That's the death sentence in the #metoo world of Democratic virtue signaling.

So how does he fix it? He can't. He is forbidden from sympathizing with the oppressed because his gender and race makes him an oppressor. Years of service and prior-blind loyalty count for nothing. So he's doomed.

I don't think Biden has any idea how to handle this, and the more he tries to fix it, the more damage he will cause. Because of this, I think he will find that his 22% support is his ceiling, not his starting point, and I suspect it will be a short, nasty ride from here before he drops out after getting destroyed in the first couple primaries.



Anthony said...

Of course service and loyalty count for nothing. It never does in politics if a party is dominated by people who want to win. If one doesn't have the talent, that is that. No point letting someone with no shot proceed because its their turn.

On that note, Biden's big problem is he a politician who let Hillary scare him out of running in 2016. Hillary was a horrendous campaigner with a reputation for corruption, and she was married to Trump's brother from another mother (meaning she was poorly positioned to attack Trump for his ethical lapses).

Biden looked at Hillary in 2016 and said 'Wow, I can't beat her, I shouldn't even bother to try'. Fine and good, but once one does that there is no point in ever running again. It doesn't get much weaker than Hillary.

*Shrugs* As I've said before Trump has little reason to worry unless a charismatic outsider with a penchant for thrilling the fringe with crazy talk throws his or her hat into the ring.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Of course service and loyalty count for nothing. It never does in politics if a party is dominated by people who want to win.

You clearly are not a Republican or you didn't live through the GW Bush I, Bob Dole and Yosemite Sam elections. The GOP has a long history of running candidates based on seniority.

AndrewPrice said...

Wow, this is rich. The chickies on "The View" blamed the victim in the Biden creep out case for failing to come forward sooner.

... failing to come forward sooner.


These same witches were totally fine with Cavanaugh's accuser coming forward 40 years later. And not one of then objected to the #metoo crap for being decades old. But now someone accuses Joe Biden and doesn't come forward within 1.5 years and her claim should be ignored? Really?

That level of hypocrisy must cause genuine physical pain.

tryanmax said...

I think no small part of Biden's woes are the result of elements on the right pushing the left to play by their own rules. Yes, Biden has long been creepy, but in the social media sphere--especially Twitter where lazy 20-something j-school graduates trawl for ideas--large groups of mostly anonymous memesters have made Biden's hair-sniffing proclivities impossible to ignore.

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a prominent Democrat who isn't sucked into responding to the social media outrage, whether it is on social media or from journalists bringing up social media to them.

And here is a subtle but important distinction between how the Dems and Trump engage with social media. Despite whether you think so, Trump uses social media to project an "above it all" image. He does this by using it the way one would use traditional media. On Twitter, he follows almost no one, likes virtually to nothing, and replies next to never. He's even cut back on this retweets and links. He doesn't engage, he bloviates. But most importantly, he doesn't respond to the controversy because he's too often generating it.

Anthony said...


Lol. True, but in fairness to the GOP, voters used to value experience more than they do now. Its no accident the last two guys who won the presidency did so with big talk aimed at the fringe and no real track record to measure their talk against.

Anonymous said...

I've hated Joe Biden and on a personal level I'm happy to see him implode. I'm disturbed politically. however.I was hoping that Creepy Joe would wind up as the democratic nominee because Trump would easily crush him. White male rich old Joe would alienate Bernie-ites, women and black people so they would stay home on election day. Kamala Harris worries me. We'll see.

tryanmax said...

Gypsy, I'm not worried about Kamala. She is getting chewed up for her past as a prosecutor. I'm not that worried about any of the Dem candidates. They all have big negatives from a liberal perspective. All the white males are definitely* out. The white women have an edge over the nonwhite men, but I think the base wants to check as many oppression boxes as possible. I think the prize goes to whoever AOC endorses, if she can get over herself long enough to make an endorsement. Although—and this may just be post-Mueller depression—I'm starting to get the sense that Democrats have lost hope for 2020. There's a good chance that the Dems will just put up a symbolic candidate for the sake of narrative. ("Trump beats trans-woman of color." Oh, we didn't mean physically, but we're not going to change our reporting, either.)

*I'm still not counting Joe out.

Critch said...

The Obamas haven't weighed in on Biden's would think they would run to help him...oh dear.

AndrewPrice said...

Ug. They changes the tax forms... why????

AndrewPrice said...

On Biden, there are now seven accusers and I'm loving it, quite frankly. All these leftists and feminists who were so absolute in their #metoo crap: all men are presumed guilty upon accusation... there is no defense... punishment must be extreme and done without excuse... are all now defending Biden because they like him.

If the #metoo crap actually had any respectability, this would be like hitting an ice berg. Instead, I see this as the final implosion that effectively negates whatever is left.

Between this and the black face thing, which is apparently unforgivable unless you are a Democrat or a Hollywood liberal, all this stuff really exposes the left as full of sh*t.

Anthony said...

Time will tell, but I put my money on Metoo being with us a while longer. To quantify 'a while' I think it will still be a big thing this time next year.

AndrewPrice said...

OT: The New York Jets have issued new uniforms because Nike is good at talking weak-minded executives into things like that... they suck at actual design though.

Anyways, they have a new slogan: Take Flight!

Anyone recognize that? That's usually said in the context of "run away before the enemy gets here." Fitting, somehow.

Rustbelt said...

'Take Flight'...
Sounds like Le'veon Bell's battle cry for the past three years.

I knew he'd find the right place!

Anonymous said...

Tryanmax: I hope you're right.

Critch said...

I'm looking a the crop of Dim folks running for POTUS, and frankly, it's pretty poor. It's like someone was trying to fill every niche possible for every economic strata, subsection, color, race, gender, gender-change, sexual orientation possible. Not a single one of them has any real background, experience, etc...Warren and Biden are the old one on the national stage. Well, neither one is appealing to the young vote. Kamala Harris and Beto have some inroads in the with the young voters, who notoriously never go to the polls; then you have a cast of thousands to fill everything else. Hell, Handsy Joe may be the best they can offer.

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