Sunday, May 5, 2019

Oh no!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nancy Pelosi has warned us. She is worried that Trump might not "respect" the results of the election if he loses. She said he might try to "poison the public's mind." Makes me shudder. I can only imagine what that would look like...

I can see it now...
He begins be declaring that any victory except his own would be illegitimate because the other side conspired with Russia.

He would hold mass rallies calling for the invalidation of the election. There would be gnashing of teeth and drinking of Starbucks and littering of the public square and a great whine would go out among the public: "Somebody fix this for me!"

He would issue hashtags like #notmypresident

He would unleash the most unprofessional and childish attacks on anyone connected to the administration. Words like "fuck" and "asshole" would become common discourse among his boorish followers on television in interviews and in the streets. No insult would be considered too low, no allegation too false to alleged.

He would encourage his mindless followers to stalk administration people in restaurants... throw water on them... send death threats by the bushel.

He and his mindless followers might call themselves "the Resistance" with the intent of sabotaging the new government.

His followers would attack anyone in a Democratic hat. They would try to deny them service in stores. They would try to get them fired from jobs and expelled from schools.

He would scream about impeachment... and impeachment... and impeachment... and impeachment... and impeachment. Like a verbal tick. No false allegation would be too false to justify impeachment, not minor peeve too small to merit high treason.

He would tell lies about everything... obsess about everything... demand investigations of everything.

He would scream about impeaching the new administration's nominees and appointed judges.
It would be horrible! What kind of pathetic monsters could act in such a way? Oh wait... I think I've seen this before. But where? Who could possibly have done this before? Oh, that's right. Hi Nancy.


tryanmax said...

As always, the Democrats' biggest fear is that Republicans might act like they do. Of course, they have nothing to worry about. The thing that usually prevents Republicans from acting like Democrats is the fear that Democrats will respond by acting like Democrats. Hell, the thing that prevents Republicans from acting like Republicans is the fear that Democrats will act like Democrats.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's exactly true.

As an interesting aside, I saw this stunningly oblivious article today in some British left-wing rag in which the author is upset that leftist celebrities are being attacked as hypocrites for preaching about climate change but then having massive carbon foot prints (the author, of course, tried to down play this as "uses airplanes.").

What was interesting was that she concluded that it's just not fair. This idea of attacking people for hypocrisy "was never meant to be used like this." By this, she meant that it wasn't meant to be used against leftists pushing good causes... only "monsters" on the right.

That's the first honest leftist I've seen on this issue. Stupid. But honest.

Anthony said...

So Trump retweeted something crazy (he does tweet up to 60 times an hour so its bound to happen) then whined about how the first half of his term had been 'stollen' and he deserves bonus time and the Democrats are suggesting he believes what he says? Shocking! Deeply shocking!!

All that being said, while I have very little respect for Trump, this 'last election' crap is something that has routinely been heard from the opposition (I remember people saying it about Bush II and Obama). There may come a time when such fears are valid, but that time is a waaaays off.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, that is funny!

Remember "whataboutism," the left-wing attempt to dismiss charges of hypocrisy leveled at their side and characterize it as petty gotcha? I guess it didn't work.

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