Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Don't Distract Us From Gun Control!!!

"When are we going to ban guns!" //RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION

Stop trying to distract us from doing what we must! Yes, don't distract us...

• Don't distract us with the fact that video games desensitize kids... video game industry studies say that's not true.

• Don't distract us with the fact that Hollywood promotes gun violence as cool or that Hollywood movies en mass teach us gun violence is how heroes solve their problems... that's just escapism... a fantasy of what you wish you could do, no one would act on that.

• Don't distract us with the fact that progressives actively encourage a belief in "triggers" and justify irrational and often times violent behaviors when they feel "triggered"... that only applies to bad triggers.

• Don't distract us with the fact the liberal media makes these impotent fucks famous... giving them their one shining moment in life.

• Don't distract us with the fact that social media companies do nothing to stop people using their platforms to spew the darkest parts of their souls at each other... encouraging suicide, murder, hate, bullying others, spreading lies.

• Don't distract us with the fact Hollywood and the media and "influencers" create fake impossible standards of comparison which average people can't meet, causing depression and self-loathing or that Hollywood and the media push nihilistic narcissism as normal... the very formula for dehumanizing others. We're all antiheroes now.

• Don't distract us with the fact that modern liberalism has undermined all the institutions that used to support broken people... fathers, priest, scouts... all gone. The state doesn't judge, love the state.

• Don't distract us with the fact that liberals divide the world into good and evil, divinity and heresy, those to be loved regardless of their crimes and those to be hated regardless of their virtues, and then it threatens all sorts of nasty cancelling, re-education and forced submission upon those it does not like... that's just rhetoric, nothing to feed paranoia there.

• Don't distract us with the fact the liberal media pushes the idea that loners are evil, violent and dangerous, that couldn't possibly isolate people, and making someone an outcast can't have any connection to people turning to violence.

• Don't distract us with the fact that schools combating bullying has becomes a means of bullying those who aren't popular.

• Don't distract us with the fact leftists divide the world into hateful camps of victims all whining about the world oppressing everyone and everything and being the root cause of their own personal failures and flaws... it's the fault of nebulous forces that control our lives.

• Don't distract us with the fact that liberal mental health advocates have prevented us from treating people who need it.

• Don't distract us with the fact the calls for gun control are just for show. It's the safest bit of outrage a Democratic politician can engage in because it will never actually happen. It's a freebie, a chance to signal your virtue and work people up when they feel impotent and make a complex debate stupid. Funny how Obama, who's attacking the gun lobby today, never cared to act when he had the power, isn't it?

• Don't distract us with the fact you're trying to distract from all of this by blaming an inanimate object. There are 250 million guns in the US and only a handful get used in crimes. The gun is not the problem. The trigger-ed man is the problem, the nihilistic narcissist who's been taught that killing is a cool solution to what bothers him and whose soft brain has been rotted by having killed millions of digital people for a decade, who's never seen a priest or been a scout or had a real dad, who can't be touched by the police until he acts, who got ostracized at a school which did not care so long as he didn't draw a picture of a gun, and who's kept on edge with calls to hate and division.

Your outrage is bullshit, hypocrites. As leftist NBA coach Steve Kerr bleated so proudly, while beautifully hitting the table as part of his act: when are we going to do something?! I don't know, Steve, when will we? I'm willing to fix everything above. Why aren't you?


Kyle T. said...

Andrew, whew am I mad. Did you see the footage of that smug punk Beto interrupting Greg Abbott’s press conference to push his political agenda?! He had a grin on his face, while he used these kids deaths as a tool for power. Beto is running against Abbott for Texas’s governor this coming election. I Fu**ing HATE that cringelord Beto. May he lose in an absolute landslide this next election. I hope his political career burns.
That punk is such a disgusting POS.

The politicians using this mass shooting of kids as a tool to push their agenda are horrid. The celebrities commenting on this have hired armed guards… Hypocrite punks. And to all the other leftoids mouthing off, please just F**k off. Let the people of Uvalde mourn in piece. Man this whole thing pisses me off.


AndrewPrice said...

Kyle, I had the exact same thought. This was a guy who failed twice now and has made himself irrelevant. He saw this as his chance to regain relevance, so he raced over there and exploited the hell out it, with all the theatrics that fool stupid people. He doesn't care about these kids, he cares about himself.

The rest too. They're just playing games. In fact, if you check out a lot of the media sites, they are shifting from gnashing of teeth at the deaths to spinning this as something Republicans want.

AndrewPrice said...

Take a look at the comment by the idiot. It vanished into the spam filter -- I didn't delete this one.

Rather than address a single point I made, he dismissed me as a hater and used this tragedy to smear Republicans. Grow some balls, dipshit, and defend the points I make.

It's useless to talk to those people.

Andrew said...

It won't let me sign in to comment, but...

Far worse that Beto's exploitation yesterday, publicity-desperate Meghan Markle has flown down to be seen at the site of the shooting. That's jumping the shark.

Kyle T. said...

Andrew, I know this is a dirty expression that gets used too often; However the people exploiting this shooting are like flies on sh**! Markle is such a vindictive little twerp. She is always out to exploit something, however this is a new low for her.

When Beto crashed the press conference a few people yelled at him to leave… Well I just found out that the people who yelled at Beto were parents of one of the deceased kids from the shooting. Absolutely awful. Man I hope Beto’s political career burns for what he did… all politicians are self serving to some extent, but he is an absolute monster. I’m not a big Abbott fanboy and to be frank I’m historically NOT a big fan of Republican politicians in general. However I hope Abbott wins in a landslide over that punk Beto.

And to be fair I’ve seen quite a few decent/moderate Democrats call out the BS over the last 48hrs. Its nice to know not everyone is onboard with exploiting this massacre.

On a different subject, but still involving Texas: I personally live in Texas. We recently had a run off election. I have to admit I’m glad Bush P lost the Attorney general position. Paxton might be crap but I voted for him over Bush. Any thoughts?
I mean it was a crap shoot between the two, I just think Paxton was the lesser of 2 craps. Thats basically my political viewpoint as of now. I have the choice to vote between 2 crappy candidates. Ugh what a time. By the way gas/grocery costs have skyrocketed over the last month. It cost me nearly $60 to put 1/2 a tank of gas in my car!

Anyway Andrew I hope you can get your blogspot account back in order.


Andrew said...

Hi Kyle. I still can't sign in for some weird reason, but it's me.

I totally agree about flies on sh*t. People who exploit tragedies always make me sick. They are the hucksters among us who seek to manipulate natural feelings and milk them for profit. You see it in politicians exploiting this, companies exploiting things like covid, and "influencers" like Markle exploiting everything. I fully expect a stream of Instagram influencers to descend upon that town and take pictures of themselves solemnly looking at the school. It's sick.

Markle is particularly noxious. She'll exploit everything and without even a hint of common decency. It's shocking how they sent out word "she didn't want to be noticed" yet brought a film crew with her. Sick.

Beto is just as bad. He thinks he can win office on a cheap shot. He has no genuine qualifications, no willingness to learn how to do the job. He just comes up with stunts. In fact, Politico did a takedown of him after he lost to Cruz and his own people were shocked and pissed at how lazy he was and how he assumed everything should be handed to him.

On Bush... I really dislike the Bushes for a number of reasons. The first was when Bush Sr. ran after Reagan retired. Reagan had just won a massive majority of the public -- Republicans, Independents and Democrats. People loved him. He had literally reshaped the country from a Biden-esque failure into a thriving happy place. And Bush's first notable act was to slander Reagan and his supporters, telling the world that conservatism was basically cruel and uncaring. That pissed me off. Still voted for him... only to find out he was the worst stereotype of an out-of-touch elite rich guy who didn't give a crap about average people. He was the consummate insider -- the very people who are ruining the world today. He's the one who sparked the conspiracy theories of today with his New World Order crap.

Then we were told his son was different. He was. He was a moron and a puppet of Bush Sr's old buddies. He redefined conservatism as crony capitalism. Then came Jeb. Jeb was supposed to be different, but as he ran it was all echoes of the first two. So ideologically, I have learned not to trust Bushes. They represent the Fortune 500.

Moreover, I despise the idea of dynasties. America is supposed to be a meritocracy and you can't be a meritocracy where you have dynastic families all tied to wealth who just pass the crown between each other.

So I'm thrilled he lost. It made me very happy when I saw that.

Andrew said...

On inflation, we also noticed a significant jump this past week. We have a grocery ap for our local story and my wife and I were putting together our list and both independently realized that everything was suddenly a lot more expensive -- like 40% more overnight. They had "sales" that were above the full price from only the week before. Some things were ridiculous.

Gas is up to $4.29 a gallon here from $3.99 basically overnight (2 days if you count the stragglers). Also, our utility bill went up over $150 a month even though we've been cutting our use. That's $1800 a year extra for less!

As a sort of related aside, I did some math on home prices. The price of a starter home when I left law school, compared to the salary of my first job as an attorney (a very good job) created a ration of $1.5 to $1. So it would take 1.5 times my salary to buy a starter house.

The other day, I looked up the same job and the cost of a start house her (a much less expensive area) and I found the ratio was not $4.2 to 1. That means homes are three times as expensive in real world wage terms than they were in the 1990s. It's no wonder young people and middle class people are getting killed.

Kyle T. said...

Andrew, I agree on all your points about the Bush family “dynasty” as you call it. Now that I think about it, the Bushes really are the definition of a Dynasty… at least as far as American politics are concerned.
With the Bush families track record, I flat out refuse to vote for them. Mind you I still think it was a crapshoot for Texas’s AG, as Paxton has some dirty laundry of his own.
Ultimately I think its for the best that Bush P lost, as he would have wormed his way up the political ladder and gotten more and more power hungry. More to the point Bush P’s views seem to echo W Bush Jr, and we’ve already seen how awful that admin was.

I’m in the same boat as you concerning costs. I cant get over the grocery costs skyrocketing this quickly. Eggwhite cartons went from $2.69 to $3.29 literally overnight. I went into the store Tuesday evening to get some milk and an eggwhite carton. I realized when I got home that I would need more eggwhites, so the next morning I went back to the store and the price had raised to $3.29.
The cheapest I can buy gas is $4.27 a gallon vs $3.20 a month ago… and technically the area I live in has some of the cheapest gas prices in the country.
The above might not seem like much but it all ads up. If this cost rising trend continues I’m going to have to start digging into my savings just to pay for utilities & groceries/gas!
The middle class is going to be crushed by this crap Biden admin.


Andrew said...

So now we've enter the impotent fool portion of this tragedy where people start second guessing everything in hindsight and shifting the blame to those who did not achieve perfection.

Some take this a step further (like Megan McCain) and scream cowardice for those who didn't achieve videogame greatness.

Do I think they should have stormed in? How the heck do I know? I wasn't there. I don't know what things looked like on the ground. I tend to think that would have been my choice but I've never freed hostages before and I don't know. Neither does anyone else...

Andrew said...

Kyle, Agreed on Bush P. We're better off without him. That said, he will be back. They will find another way to squeeze him into the family business somehow.

It adds up fast. We have a family of four and out food costs alone have gone from about $150 a week to $250. That's almost $6,000 a year more, which is more than about 1/6 of the average person's yearly pay. Add utilities, gas and everything else, and the middle class just took a 20% paycut.

Kyle T. said...

Andrew, a 20% paycut sounds about right based off my calculations. Whats worrisome is prices are likely to get a whole lot higher. Top that with the shortages that are getting worse… I just have a fairly bleak view of the immediate future. I really am not a big pessimist, however its seems justified to be pessimistic about our financial future. These idiots in power are steering us straight into every iceberg so to speak. But hey, 40 billion spent for more wars, what a joke.

In regards to the horrific massacre, hindsight is 20/20. I will wait for all the details to surface before I form any concrete opinions on the officers actions. I will say based off of what I’ve read, it doesn't look good. Supposedly the officers were waiting for a SWAT team while the shooter was killing. At the same time parents wanted to go in and intervene. These parent's were cuffed by the officers for trying to go in and protect their children during the shooting. If thats true, Ugh what a horrid mess.

Details may change, so I will say again that hindsight is 20/20. And I agree Andrew, I have no idea what I would have done in that situation. I may have rushed in guns blazing, or I may have panicked and coward in my car in the parking lot. Its easy to play John McLain in the safety of your home, not so much in reality.

With that said I truly hope the parents of the deceased can find peace and move on. However I know that personally a tragedy like this would absolutely derail my life and haunt me for years. No money or words or actions can replace a loved one. For whatever its worth, I truly feel sorrow for these parents.


Andrew said...

Kyle, I'm naturally a realistic optimist if that makes sense. I try to look at reality and in so doing I've found things are usually better than people think. But honestly, I'm really pessimistic right now. Not just about the economy, but about the state of the people in the country. These are bad times.

On the officers, I agreed with you too. It doesn't look good, but I'll wait until there's more evidence to judge so that I at least understand what did and didn't happen. Unfortunately, our current culture encourages the most obnoxious type of armchair quarterbacking.

Totally agree about the families. This is truly sickening and I don't know if I would get over it if it was my kids. I wish them peace.

Anonymous said...

Never have been able to log in or publish a comment in a long long time

Anonymous said...

Cool. I t pusblished my comment. This is Jed btw

Anonymous said...

It has always amazed me how the left lasers in on gun control and ignores everything else that contributes. Your post tends to highlight why they don’t. Stir up the base. That said, I am not necessarily against strong licensing requirements, e.g. one that ties a serial number to a gun. I kind of recall people talking about technology that could trace ammunition back to a specific weapon. I am not naive enough to think that is a short term solution, but perhaps in generations down the line. No, it would not take care of stolen weapons, but it might be a deterrence to the guys who are doing this when combined with all the issues listed by Andrew that could be addressed

Andrew said...

Jed, Welcome back to the world of posting!

I think I've said before that I also favor rational regulation. The problem is that when you deal with liberals, "rational" tends to mean "give me everything and you nothing!" So I don't even want to start with them.

That said, I would support (1) 21 year age minimum to purchase guns, (2) banning gun ownership for people with mental health issues and criminal pasts, (3) requiring gun safety courses, (4) adding 10 years to sentence for use of fire arms.

The problem is the left considers number 4 racist and number 2 seems to bother them for nebulous reasons about being unfair... somehow. And under no circumstances will they address the points I make because that would mean accepting blame for something.

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