Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The January 6 Disaster Coming

I think the January 6 hearings will be a disaster for the Democrats. Here's why:

First, no one cares. A couple hundred douchebags riot at the Capital building. Big whoop. Call the cops, end the party.

Moreover, you just can't convince people that this bunch of doorknob humpers represented any sort of threat to the US Government. You can pretend to be horrified all you like, but no one's buying it. You whine like a bunch of Karens.

And let's not forget, this is a smear. It's blatant politicization. You were cool when BLM/antifa burned down Minnesota, Portland, Seattle, Denver and parts of other cities. But now you choose to worry? This is pure politics, and everyone knows it... and nobody likes a hypocrite.

What's more, you've been caught having this hearing produced. You're literally trying to find a way to advertise it to the public. That tells us two things: first that no has cared so far and you know it so you're trying to find some way to make people care, and secondly, nothing you say can be trusted. You are the used car salesmen of worry. Who's going to believe what you say? The public didn't care when Democratic staffers cried about their PTSD or when you tried to link Capitol Hill police suicides to this event... why would they care now?

And frankly, if you had anything interesting, you would already have waved it at every camera you could find. Your silence speaks volumes.

You have terrible timing too. For one thing, your hearing will be in the summer and the public doesn't care about politics in the summer.

What's worse, you've picked a time when people are genuinely worried. Democratic cities are overrun with crime to the point they are voting against Democratic ideals to stop the murders and looting. Inflation is breaking us all badly. Russia keeps hinting at ending it all with nukes. Biden just opened the door to Central America to come visit this summer. We're told there is a food shortage coming. How does it look when all these issues are literally freaking the public out and you want to put on a hearing about some drunken fools who once scared you in the hopes of smearing a guy nobody likes anyways and who is no longer in office? What's next? Re-opened hearings on Watergate?

You also don't seem to realize that government hearings only interest people when they feel there is an injustice at work. Smearing Marine Colonel Oliver North, Anita Hill v. Clarence Thomas, those got people's attentions the way the Johnny Depp trial did or the OJ Trial. Beyond that, it's all just procedure and people don't care... and you don't have anything that grips the imagination.

There's no end game either. Clarence Thomas would make it on the court or not. Reagan would get impeached or not. What happens this time? You get to wring your dirty little hands and call Trump a meanie? Yawn. Get therapy without involving the rest of us.

The Democrats are living in a bubble. They are so obsessed with Trump that they think the public still cares. In fact, many of them still think they can run against him. But they can't. There was a poll the other day which showed only 17% of the public blaming Trump on this. That shows the lack of intensity of interest in him at this point. He's yesterday and the public has moved on, just as they moved on from Covid. They care about other things now. You are fools if you think they can be made to care about something they didn't fear at the time and which seems ludicrous in hindsight and which you are bringing up as a smear of a has-been at a time when I can't afford gas or food or electricity.

The best case scenario for Democrats is that they get through this and no one notices. If the public notices, they're going to start asking questions about why you're doing this. Iran Contra backfired because the public wasn't outraged by what North did. Clarence Thomas won when the public decided it was a racist smear. Clinton's impeachment backfired on the Republicans because it was a hypocritical partisan witch hunt. That's where this thing is trending. Good luck with that.



Stacy said...

The left is so completely clueless and off the rails these days it isn't even funny anymore. Americans are struggling, really struggling, as they haven't in ages. People are truly having to contemplate how they will be able to keep their jobs as gas prices rise.

It cost $216 to fill my husband's truck last week at $4.79. Gas is now $4.99-5.25. He works in commercial construction and nearly always has an hour commute each way to job sites (the company will does not put people up in hotels). The pay is great, but after taxes, insurance, 401K (to avoid paying more taxes), and now gas and a few more months he'll basically be paying to work.

Store shelves are often empty. Prices are rising at a ridiculous rate. People have nothing, but illegals have it all handed to them as they pour across the border.

And now we have to worry about whether Putin is bat-shit crazy enought to drop a nuke.

How the Dems think I give a crap about who was behind Jan. 6 at this point is beyond my ability to comprehend. Joe reminds me of nothing short of Nero fiddling as Rome burns.

Andrew said...

Hi Stacy, I agree completely. We're struggling with the increased prices of things. Our gas has doubled from $2.49 to $4.99 or about $60 a week. Our grocery bills have added about $100 a week (after significantly cutting back even). Our utilities are up $150 a month. Our insurance has gone up $2,000 a year. Those four things alone add up to just over $12,000 a year. How many paychecks is that? A lot.

And here we have these obsessed Democrats trying to put on a show trial? I hope it blows up in their faces.

And I'll tell you what, the fact they haven't yet found anything that makes anyone pay attention tells me they're doomed. This is a group of people who are obsessed who think their own skewed worldview will resonate. It won't.

Kyle T. said...

“You are the used car salesman of worry”. Lol That quote just about sums it up for most people in regards to the leftoid media Andrew. No one believes these liars simply because reality is impossible to ignore.
I wrote about 1/6 a few months ago; 1/6 being characterized as a full on legitimate insurrection is such a joke! Democrats are clearly trying to turn this into a 9/11 type of threat (their words, not mine).
I know many people who are by no means Republicans, that feel the same way as I do. 1/6 is not going to work for the Dems like they had hoped.

The Dems & our leftoid media are trying to push the viewpoint that 1/6 was a threat to democracy, and that Republicans don't want free elections. This is such obvious BS.
The media has been so obnoxiously complicit in pushing this viewpoint... Its so partisan that most moderates and even some liberals are getting tired of the 1/6 narrative.
You combine this with the Leftoid riots that make 1/6 look like a little shindig in comparison, it just doesn't come off as anything other than Democrat propaganda.

Meanwhile a leftoid just tried to murder Brett Kavanaugh… hardly any uproar from the leftoid media over that.
You combine everything above with the complete failure on every level of the Biden admin. Plus the fact that all of us are suffering from shortages, and higher prices on literally EVERYTHING (Gas, food, electronics, water bill, gas bill, electric bill, everything).

Its an insult these punks in office are wasting our tax money for their propaganda.

Completely unrelated but I recently read that actor Ray Liotta passed away. Everyone knows about his role in Goodfellas, but give “Cop Land” a watch. Its a stupid title name but its an excellent film. He plays a corrupt cop that has a great character arc in the film, his acting was first class… I will miss him.


Andrew said...

So... under 20 million people watched night one of the show trials. That works out to 5.2% of the population. That's about half the amount who watch an NFL game of the week. Big win for Democrats there //rolls eyes

Biden says this was 'one of the darkest chapters in our nation's history.' I totally agree this was so much worse than 9/11 or Timothy McVeigh or the BLM riots or the OJ riots or the racist interning of Japanese (and the non-racist interning of German and Italian Americans), or the trail of tears, or the Civil War, or Pearl Harbor, or abandoning Vietnam, fleeing Afghanistan (a Biden sponsored event), AIDS, COVID, the 1918 flu, etc. Yeah, this was just the worst.

He also says the forces that caused this are still at work. Yup, they still sell Budweiser.

Still waiting for some actual revelation though...

Andrew said...

Kyle, I love "Copland"! That's a great film. Amazing cast, insightful story, very cool.

It's funny how selective the left is when it comes to outrage. For the left, it's not what you do that decides right and wrong, it's who you do it to.

I don't see any evidence anyone is buying it.

Anonymous said...

Jed here - I agree the Dems will not get the mileage out of this they are hoping for. I read total viewing of the opening night was only 19 million and I bet those were mostly true believers anyway. There is a lot of hypocrisy at play here, but I agree if there were any smoking gun crimes, they would have been long since leaked. There is one area for which I have not seen a clear explanation. This is the so-called false elector plot. It is played up big by thelibs, but I have no idea if it is a crime, assuming it is bro Ed true. If not ….. as the Dems might say …… “move on”

Kyle T. said...

Biden actual said 1/6 was one of the darkest chapters in our nation's history?! Biden is an idiot.
The leftoids have nothing but double standards when it comes to being outraged at this point. For example: AOC was live streaming her crocodile tears over 1/6. This is the same leftoid idiot that said and I quote “Politicians need to be made uncomfortable” lol. She wasn't anywhere near the scene of the “riot” when it happened, yet she is acting like she was almost murdered by Republicans. Shes a liar. But of course according to AOC its a “necessary evil” and “justified” when lefoids/antifa riot. See what I mean about leftoids and their double standards?

On the subject of faking tears/outrage: To AOC’s credit, shes better at it than Amber Turd lol.

Bottom line is this: No matter how much they cry about the 6th it will never be as important as all the lives lost during antifa/blm/floyd riots. The whole population of our Nation, Republican & Democrat, watched as multiple cities got burned for a year straight. Many were murdered during the leftoid riots. Meanwhile at the same time these Dem/leftoid politicians were encouraging it! So screw them.

Hey, you like Cop Land too Andrew?! Awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves that film… for some reason it gets a lot of hate by critics. The films flaws are mild at most.


Andrew said...

Oh no! Ratings fell in half to less than 10 million for day two of the show trial. That's only 8% of REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. Ha ha ha ha ha!

What a failure!

Andrew said...

Hi Jed! As you might expect, the democrats are mixing a lot of things. They are combing the drunken riot with Trump urging state elections people to do what Democrats always try to do along with some nebulous "Trump inspired these people" to create the imagined crime of insurrection and basically attempted coup d' ta by Trump. That the whole thing is smoke and mirrors and a good deal of acting doesn't shame them in the least because their followers are morons who want to believe that Trump was evil and still believe things people have admitted were false.

Ultimately, as I think we are seeing by the utter lack of interest by anyone except "independent journalists" (who all worked for far-left campaigns at one point or another) as an indictment of the effort. No one cares.

Andrew said...

Kyle, Exact quote from Biden. Incredible, isn't it?

And the crazy lies keep coming... Biden was admitted to the Naval Academy (false), Americans have lower debt and higher savings than when he came into office (false), etc. etc. This guy says whatever he wants to be true and the media turns a blind eye to it because that's he propagandists work.

I think their turning a blind eye to the destruction of the BLM/anti-fa riots is a damning indictment of their genuineness and their trustworthiness. They are happy to have cities destroyed if it helps their causes, but will exploit the hell out of anything they can use to tar their opponents. That's no good faith. That's not how democracy functions... it's how dictatorships act.

Critch said...

SCOTUS' ruling on Roe v. Wade is going to put them over the edge....This summer is going to be interesting, I don't know how much they will riot over SCOTUS, but I have a feeling they will. And I seriously doubt that the Leftists will care, they only care when it's someone else rioting...

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