Tuesday, August 16, 2022

A Couple Quick News Items

Good evening, America. This... is the evening news. I am not Walter Cronkite. But I will comment quickly on a couple things.

• First, as I kind of suspected, Trump is pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. As DOJ struggled to explain why it acted against him other than pure liberal lap-dog-ism, and liberals exposed themselves by writing articles that basically said "Who cares if what Trump did is wrong or not, we have him on a technicality! Let's burn him at the stake," Trump just couldn't shut his idiot mouth and he started spewing idiocy and contradiction and shifting his defenses. That makes him sound like a liar. He also couldn't help but dabble in insurrection speech, which makes him dangerous. Idiot.

• Liz Cheney is up for re-election today. I am hoping she loses. As much as I despise Trump and think he's a terrible creature, nothing he did justified voting to impeach him. That was a partisan smear and she fell for it.  Cheney's decision to support the Democrats in that gave them aid and comfort in their obsessive anti-democratic hate and is unforgivable. I hope she gets blown out.

• Henry Kissinger thinks we're on the verge of war with Russia and China. He's completely wrong. I'll write about China in a couple days, but the truth is Russia and China now realize neither is a match for us. Neither wants to risk a war with us, which was not the case a year ago. Interesting story there... Either way, this exposed Kissinger's one-dimensional thinking which cost us the Vietnam War.  Genius, my *ss.

• The teacher's union in Minnesota has reached an agreement whereby white teachers will be fired first and rehired last despite their seniority. I should be outraged, but seeing as how teachers are the last big block of leftist behavior, I like that they will now be forced to pay for their views. It's like when a vicious dog owner gets mauled by his own creation: well deserved. So might I suggest reverse slavery or "involuntary" transsexual conversion for Minnesota teachers? And while we're at it, how many half-black, half-Asian handicapped left-handed Jews are employed by the Minnesota school systems? Not enough, my friends, not enough. It's time we had the courage to admit this.

• The Democrats' "environmental" bill included a $7,500 tax credit for buying an electric car, with the idea being to make it cheaper to buy one of those. Right after it passed, GM raised the price of its electric cars by $7,500. Surprise. Not only does this utterly wipe out the purpose of the bill, it shows what for a corrupt joke GM and the environmental lobby are. With friends like these, the environmental movement really doesn't need enemies.

• Amnesty International is in trouble. They've issued a report accusing the Ukrainians of war crimes for defending themselves, and thereby endangering the lives of their civilians. Almost every leftist peace group calls this utter crap, and yet Amnesty International is getting pissy defending itself. Credibility meet toilet.

• Biden will extend the student loan freeze until after November this month. The left is making a big deal of it, but he wants to use this as election fodder, so he will extend it beyond November as a form of "vote for me or you will need to start paying your loans!" Then he'll forgive $10,000 sometime around the next election. The problem is (1) he's pissing people off by leaving them hanging, so he won't get the grateful response he expects, (2) he's pissing people off and prolonging the piss-off-period for those who already paid off their loans, and (3) $10,000 is worthless. Think about it. If I promised to forgive 10% of your mortgage, would you really truly care or would it not affect your life at all? Biden's a fool to think this will help. This is like handing a burger to those guys on the street corner with the "will work for food" signs... just try it and see if they're grateful.

Thoughts on China coming soon and some stuff on how liberalism is failing pretty seriously.


Critch said...

Sounds like one of my rants. Russia and China would be in big trouble if they tried to take us on...everybody and their brother would jump on them. Their economies and trust would be wrecked for a century. I doubt China as a nation could survive a defeat a the hands of us, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia...who knows, maybe even India..Russia is a paper bear...but we knew this when it took them 4 hours just to get past the Georgia border a number of years ago...

AndrewPrice said...

A "paper bear" LOL! I love it.

Russia has proven to be seriously incompetent militarily and China knows it is the same. I'll write about that.

AndrewPrice said...

Unknown, On it's face, the report is obviously wrong.

As an aside, there was a great article at Politico of all places detailing how the woman wrote the report. Not only did everyone who met her over there comment that she had an obvious anti-Ukrainian agenda, but she had no understanding of how militaries work, refused to listen to people who tried to correct her errors, and had no grasp of international law regarding armed conflict. And all the experts they spoke with called the report utter nonsense. It was an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

To this day, I worry that if Trump is the candidate, he will excite .democrats to come out en masse. But, I agree with you, nothing he did excuses what they did to him. Even if Trump wins because of a lack of Democrat candidates, it will be the same stuff all over again in term two. Hillary was behind Russia gate, the Ukrainian impeachment was over the top, and was not even close to a felony. Biden’s own Huntergate with Ukraine and China is.

I believe the reason for Liz Cheney’s defection was she was from the Bush Dynasty. They all hate Trump for exposing Jeb as not up to the task, and interrupting the dynasty. I bet she thought in a Jed administration, she would be groomed as a future Oval Office candidate. Her comparison of herself to Lincoln and combat vets was disgusting.

The R’s got completely outmaneuvered on Biden’s legislation package. These bloated bills have so much room for misuse it is frightening


Critch said...

Liz Cheney got stomped last night...

Kyle T. said...

Yea Jed, Liz comparing herself to Abe is embarrassing. She is truly delusional.

Liz Cheney is whining and calling her constituent’s “crazy” (her actual words). She basically said screw her house position, and proclaimed she had a bigger job to do: Prevent Trump from getting back in office. She is an idiot, childish never-trumper and she sucks. Period. Unfortunately she will be around in politics for years to come. She will probably end up on MSNBC spouting off and comparing MAGA types to Nazis or some dumb crap. I wish her failure. Shes worth over $40 million btw. My point? Shes a career politician. Be gone Liz.

Hagemen on the other hand, had an excellent response to the election: she vowed to do what the people of Wyoming actually want her to do. That's all the people of Wyoming ever wanted. That's great, and I wish her well.

I honestly don't give two craps about Trump / MAGA. I do like the general shift to populism that Republicans have shifted to recently. With that said, the Leftoid anti-trumpers / Democrats are without a doubt the worse of the two. The Dems have and will continue to obstruct justice just to get at any opposition that threatens their power. They weaponized our government to go after anyone who goes against them. They are awful and have terrible policies with real world negative consequence's.

Andrew, the more info that surfaces in regards to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Largo, the more I feel I was correct in my initial take: Its just a political witch hunt IMO. Trump is an asshole but this whole last few years of Leftoid BS is completely unjustified IMO. They are just fear mongering to grab more power. I really hate what they have done to our country.


Anonymous said...

One other thought on kissinger and China…. In Henry’s defense, he is about 100 years old. While I don’t disagree China and Russia are not as strong, I do wonder whether if they were going to really go down, they might ignite a nuclear “I will take everyone with me mentality


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