Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Thoughts On The Shooting

Many thoughts on the "Gay club shooter." Here goes:

First, I am sickened by all the killings these days. But unlike the Democrats, I don't only care about the ones I think I can exploit. I am sickened by the shootings. I am sickened by the knifings. I am sickened by the subway pushers, the drive-by killers of children, the thugs who shoot McDonald's workers, the "friends" who beat another friend to death in hotel rooms. There is something sick in the human race right now and trying to exploit it to scare certain demographics is disgusting.

Secondly, it's disgusting how the leftist media bends and distorts people's histories to try to make violence seem like a conservative thing. They ignore violence by people in favored groups, redefine left as right, ignore obvious leftist backgrounds in criminals, and race to accuse conservatives no matter how obviously false the accusation all in the service of exploitation. They are propagandists like the Nazis and the communists, nothing less.

Selective liberal outrage is an endorsement.

Third, the problem with this little f*cker is not conservatism. The problem is trash. This kid and his family are trash. His father is a drug-addicted porn star. His mother is a petty criminal. His grandparents had custody. He is a heroin addict with run-ins with the law and delusions of potency. That's who most of these losers are these days. These people do not come from well-adjusted homes. They come from welfare, broken homes. They come from drugs and failed schools and value-less upbringings. They come from schools that cannot correct, a legal system which will not punish, and CPS which looks the other way almost every time. These are the institutions liberals have neutered over the past 70 years in the name of inclusion. Add to this poisonous cocktail that leftist Hollywood sells deadly violence as heroic, as the answer to problems, and the leftist media fetishize these people as celebrities. That's why this crap is happening and why it will never end. The left has created a class of these creatures. The attempt to blame guns is an attempt to evade responsibility for some very uncomfortable truths.

Fourth, this crap keeps happening in Colorado Springs, but these people are all out of staters. For some reason, Colorado has become the destination of choice for white trash fleeing warrants from the midwest and Californians. Californians are bad people, pure and simple. Something has gone wrong in that state and it is producing wannabes and ego-mad narcissists who think they're road warriors. This kid is one of those. My city is full of clones just like him.

Fifth, it is now being reported that the kid is "non-binary." Wow, really? Who could have known? Well... here's the thing. If this dumbass wanted to shoot up a gay bar to make a point, he wouldn't have picked some tiny, obscure bar in a back-alley strip mall across town from where he lived (I used to bowl near there). There are plenty of much bigger, more prominent places to attack. Why did no one ask that question before they assumed a motive? Why did no one ask: why this place? It honestly always seemed to me the kid is probably a latent homosexual (or an open one) who probably had a bad experience there. Now it's coming out that he was bullied for being gay and he claims to be nonbinary. That does not make him an anti-gay Republican. It makes him an unstable homosexual. If the media had used its brains rather than its ideology to report on this, they might have gotten that from the beginning. But they didn't and Biden and Pelosi and other Nazicrats exploited this creature of their making to smear half the population. It's time for this to stop. All of it.


tryanmax said...

The most deeply frustrating thing about this is, no matter how obvious the contortions the left makes to twist their ideological progeny into right wingers, people still fall for it. Not just the dyed-in-the-wool progressives—that’s given—but every above-it-all nitwit who fancies themselves moderate, balanced, and independent. They fall for it every time and go about tut-tutting about “both sides.” If it even ever reaches them that the latest trash person to act out was yet another commie, they reliably fail to update their mental register and dismiss it as a one-off. Or worse, if the bad actor is a member of a cherished minority, the (white) devil made him do it. So while I am just as concerned about the sick people that sick policies produce, I am beside myself with how to shake up people who are conditioned and predisposed to see these outcomes as somehow representative of a balance between both worldviews.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I could not agree more. The whole thing is sickening and it makes me angry. There is no good faith in any position that says, if I can blame you, I will, if the finger of guilt points to me, I will ignored it, lie about it, distort it to you, or dismiss it as just some crazy. And the fact that people who think of themselves as reasonable buy that is deeply frustrating. We are literally no better than people who believed in burning witches, which just have more sophisticated names for them.

As an aside, Yahoo was flooding their front page with anti-Republican and anti-straight-white-male stories about this shooter until the non-binary thing came out. Now they barely even mention the shootings except to give purely technical data like "the shooter has been arraigned." So are you news or are you propagandists because you would never accept that type of behavior from people of any other ideological persuasion.

It's like we live in some sort of dystopian world where contradiction is acceptable and right and wrong are determined according to narrative without regard for fact.

AndrewPrice said...

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. I hope all is well with you and yours and everyone else who reads along.

Kyle T. said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

BTW, the Biden admin released a list of talking point to counter your “Republican Uncle” at Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is a link to the propaganda piece:

Isn't that nice and wholesome? No? I don't think so either. The points are nothing but lies and manipulation.


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