Monday, November 5, 2018

Don't Panic!

And grab a towel. (For Hitchhiker's fans.) Seriously though, as we head into an election day tomorrow that looks to be bad to pretty bad, keep in mind that none of you need to stress over this.

(1) You have people who love you, and that is truly all that matters in life.

(2) The human race has been through worse. Plagues, floods, the Holocaust. This is nothing compared to those things and we always pulled through and made the world better afterwards. Indeed, despite millions of wrong turns, the human race seems to be on a slow, steady journey of improvement. We'll get past this, no matter what happens.

(3) In fact, we've lived through worse. You want bad? Think back to Obama 2008. At that point, the Democrats held the White House, the House, a super-majority in the Senate, and effectively the Supreme Court. That was perhaps the closest the US ever came to being destroyed. And yet, we survived. This time, the Democrats will only get the House. We control all the rest. That means gridlock... which isn't a bad thing if you're a conservative. That will just make us even less dependent on those dipsticks in Washington.

(4) Keep in mind that Washington really barely matters to us anymore. Washington has become a place that matters only to corporate titans looking to make a crooked buck. It no longer controls the economy as it did in the 1940's. It is no longer the leader of science as it was when NASA was King and the military needed to win the cold war. It never had power over culture except to ratify things the public was already doing. The government matters less to us today than it has at any point in my life.

(5) And anything they try, Trump will veto.

(6) Most importantly though, keep in mind that most people are fundamentally good, fundamentally rational, and fundamentally grounded in common sense. The news isn't. The news is full of crazy a-holes. Our political system and Hollywood and the media mimic that. But the public isn't like that. You are surrounded by good people. You live on a fantastic, amazing planet. God, or whatever you want to call Him/it, is good. So what if Nancy Pelosi whines away in a former swamp. You live for something greater and among people who are greater.

(7) Dogs. 'nuff said. What amazing creatures.

All in all, I know that you are interested in politics... and it's about to turn to sh*t. I know that you resent being mistreated by celebrities... and they are about to act mighty smug (though they shouldn't, not with a minor win). I know you love this country and it hurts when jerks get to try to harm her, as Democrats do. But America will survive and will regain her balance and will move forward greater than ever. Those same celebrities will feel smug Wednesday but will go back to selling their souls, falsely accusing each other of rape, suing each other over nothing, and dying of drug overdoses the day after. Why care what they think? The next few years will be even more shrill, sure, but we'll still be here to talk rationally. And finally, none of this ultimately matter to your life. Remember that. Your life is much more important than what happens in Washington. You are much more important than all of them combined.

So hang in there, my friends.


AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, those of you who make bumperstickers should sell:

"Not my Congress"

drjim said...

What a refreshing outlook!

And dogs......YEP!

Stacy said...

A well stated and reasonable outlook...if only the media would discover that those exist. As for God (I call him God), as a person of faith, I hold to my belief that he is in control. To those who say God would not have chosen Trump or any of the other folks running around in Washington, I say go look at the Bible. It's filled with leaders placed or used by God who were not such great human beings. He's got this, too.

Rustbelt said...

Agreed, Andrew, on most points. We have survived worse. Though, I don't look forward to their smug afterward.
However, on point 7, my German is a little rusty, but dogs: Die Arbeit des Teufels! As a member of the deathly-allergic-to-canines club, what exactly is the good in these...things? As an observer, they do nothing but shed everywheve, crap everywhere, and try to eat everything. It's like having a loser middle-aged cousin move in permanently and take over the rec room.
Want to solve the problems of overcrowded animal shelters? Open a Korean restaurant.

AndrewPrice said...

Dr. Jim, Thanks! I hope people remember it. A lot on the left really have gone nuts. There's no reason for that, and it's important to remember. I'm not saying don't "resist," but don't let this affect your lives.

AndrewPrice said...

Well said, Stacy!

I'm not sure what everyone believes, but whatever it is, the objective evidence is that God, the universe, karma, whatever you believe is good. We are a blessed people on a planet that is a true Garden of Eden. Moreover, for all the evil we've done to ourselves, good has always prevailed in the end and I firmly believe it always will. As you said, God has this. :)

And you are absolutely right that God has never required anyone to be perfect to make things better. In fact, I can't think of a single person who was perfect.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, I'm sorry you've never gotten to enjoy dogs. They are amazing creatures though. They're wonderful companions.

BevfromNYC said...

Thank you for putting everything into real world perspective. And I wholeheartedly agree. Ultimately, life will go on and the sun will come up tomorrow.

AndrewPrice said...

You're welcome, Bev. I think it's important that we all remember that. Whatever happens, we'll be just fine. Don't let this depress you or ruin your life.

tryanmax said...
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tryanmax said...

If the Dems get control of the House, I hope they embark on a program of radical dis-empowerment of the Executive Branch. You know, the own the cons.

My concern is that if they win the House, the Dems go all in on impeachment. Not that I worry it will get past the Senate. The smart money seems to be on Republicans picking up a seat or two. No, I just have had my fill of Democrat conspiracy theories.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The Democrats will absolutely overplay their hand. I have never seen a more radical group running than this one. Even those running as moderates are people who have supported terrorists over the US military, want to abolish ICE, want to impeach Kavanaugh, and foam at the mouth when it comes to Trump.

Pelosi is actually the calming influence with these people!

Right now, their leadership understands that impeachment of Trump would destroy them, but I think they can't help themselves. Their plan is to start a never-ending series of hearings to dig out at much shrill dirt as possible to try to destroy him. When that doesn't work, I think they will stumble upon something they will tell themselves the GOP would have used against Obama and they will be off down impeachment lane.

At the same time, there will be bills to defund ICE, to prevent states from helping the feds with illegals, a "violence against women" act that tries to make courts into star chambers, and more. I suspect none will even pass the House, but they will freak out the straights... as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters.

That's how I see the next two years.

Rustbelt said...

Uh, Andrew, not to be a detail nerd... well, OK, I am... that line is actually from 'Ghostbusters II.' (When the slime-covered guys in their long johns crash Peter and Dana's ritzy date.

ArgentGale said...

You're right on all counts, Andrew (even if I'm more of a cat person). It's just frustrating to see the left headed back into some degree of power after the insanity they've displayed so far. That and I'll admit to being worried about the effects this might have on state elections. Hopefully Georgia isn't too far down the Primrose Path of Californication yet...

AndrewPrice said...

I'm finding it interesting that Yahoo (and some others) have narrowed this election from "GENERATIONAL DEMOCRATIC WAVE!" to "The Race for the House."

Even two weeks ago, they were talking about young people, Taylor Swift, engaged Hispanics, angry women, LebRon and Oprah, we love you Beto!... all rising up and creating a generational change. The ensuing blue wave (insert toilet bowl image) was going to sweep the House, the Senate, the governorships everywhere and put an end to racist Trump and the racist GOP.

Now they've narrowed the whole election down to "the race for the House."

Clearly, they know this is going to be a Pyrrhic victory and they want to spin it as "this is exactly what we hoped for!" even as they had been predicting something massive, lasting, and all-encompassing. I'll bet they're terrified the left will burn out if they only get the House.

Their blue tsunami has turned into a blue water pipe break.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, I am aware. I didn't think the add "2" made much of a difference.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Daniel!

Georgia worries me. I see Colorado in Georgia. You have a naturally red state but Atlanta (like Denver) is growing fast and is very blue. And rather than win some of those people over, the local GOP seems intent on running crazies.

The end result, as Colorado can attest, will be decades of blue rule.

ArgentGale said...

Andrew, I've been afraid of something like this happening for years now and it's disturbing to see that it might be starting now. If Abrams wins and gets enough legislative support Georgia's going to take a very hard left turn very fast. Considering that the South is the Religious Right's home turf I wouldn't expect the GOP to learn its lesson here, either... All the GA GOP seems to have is establishment types and Religious Right. Looks like I need to dust off my plans to get out ASAP and hope I don't get any more bombs dropped on my head...and hope that I can find a place to go that isn't under threat of Californication like the main places I have connections (ie Arizona and Tennessee). GA, AZ, and TN all becoming reliable blue electoral votes is a disturbing thought in its own right as well. I hope it doesn't happen but as you can probably tell I'm not getting said hopes up.

AndrewPrice said...

The GOP won a senate seat in Indiana. That's interesting. I think that means there's no Blue Wave coming.

AndrewPrice said...

Now Florida is leaning Republican. That would be a huge blow to the left.

This night is not going as the Dems expected. Hang tight, friends!

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, We had the same problem here. The people who moved into the state (read: Denver) were center-left Democrats from California. The GOP responded by going hard core and alienated all those people.

From what I know about Atlanta, it's liberals from the Northeast and blacks. The GOP still sees Georgia as rural. They need to realize that the demographics have changed right out from under them or they are going to wake up on the outside looking in.

Yet, every time I look, the GOP out there is running crazy people... fringers from one end or the other. That does not sell with suburbanites.

Rustbelt said...

Sorry about my 'nerd moment,' Andrew. Just trying to control one of the few things I can control.
The GOP absolutely quit on PA. I'm not paying too much attention- Young Frankenstein is on, and that makes me happy- but the glance I saw was expected. Bob "My Daddy Was Governor" Casey, Jr. got a third term. And we know what that means: he'll reap the benefits of being a senator and disappear for 5 years, thus keeping his ratings high by getting involved in nothing, scandals included. Welcome to the glories of a PA Democrat. (My sources say he disappears to a mansion under the Susquehanna River accessible only through a disguised hatchway on Three Mile Island wherein, guarded by Morlocks- likely de-evolved union dregs/Flyers fans previously given Rings of Power- he lives in a virtual reality simulation of an eastern harem with himself as sultan, while- should the need arise- he is replaced by a Tyrell Corp. replicant at his Washington desk to fulfill his duties as a party crony- no special programming required; toasters have more personality than Casey; you'd never know the difference.)
He'll resurface on the next sixth year, like he did this year, to convince an ever-increasingly dumbed-down PA electorate to re-hire him.
Any suggestions for a better state to move to? I'd even consider SEC country at this point.

AndrewPrice said...

Tennessee easy victory over Taylor Swift's buddy.

It looks like we are going to win Florida despite Democratic gloating -- remember I told you the polls were much more favorable than presented.

We won Indiana. Cruz is now moving ahead in Texas. Dem. Heitcamp is getting her butt handed to her in Dakota. All told an excellent night in the Senate.

The House is a different story, but I can't tell anything for real yet. NBC is projecting 31 seats change for the Dems. Could be. We're losing 1-2 per state near big cities.

The black miracle in Georgia's governor's race (Oprah's endorsement) is going down in flames. We are losing lots of races that don't surprise me for governorships.

Not a great night for the GOP, but a truly pathetic showing for the Dems at this point.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Sadly, I've kind of written off PA a long time ago. The state is a mess.

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, I'm just going to do what every smart Pennsylvanian does and blame it all on Philadelphia.

AndrewPrice said...

We keep the Senate. Ha ha.

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