Sunday, January 13, 2019

You Go Girl

We've spoken a couple times about the war that is coming in Democratic ranks between women and blacks (hint: blacks will lose power, causing them to stay home, causing women to lose elections). But there's another war going on, an ideological war between intelligent Democrats and fools. The fools are winning this one.

The leader of the fools is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which translates in Spanish into "bug-eyed moron." She got elected when she beat one of the more powerful Democrats in a super-low-turnout primary in New York. Regardless of the low turn out, this Cinderella story fit perfectly with the new narrative for Democrats: a chick, "of color" unseats an old white dude who stood for nothing and became a star! Never mind that her election was a fluke... it took place in a district that is so safe the Democrats could have run a corpse and won... that it was a Democrat who is being painted as standing for nothing... and that she's only a star with progressives and the media.

Never mind either that she's a moron. How stupid is she? She's a child with a child's grasp of the world. Her world is shockingly uninformed and entirely black and white. She's got no life experience and clearly didn't pay attention in school. She claims to be a socialist, but doesn't know what it means and her one or two attempts to defend socialism went so poorly that she now avoiding substantive interviews. Imagine being too stupid to defend your own believes? //snicker snicker What's more, she's a mistake machine. She's made so many mistakes already that a normal politician probably would have resigned -- the only thing protecting her is the desire of the progressive, feminist wing of the left to have a champion, so the media protects her.

So why do we care about this clown?

Because she's leading this tiny, but media-supported, group of fellow morons who want to destroy the old guard of the democratic party and morph them into a socialist party. And since it is media supported, she can do no wrong... at least, they will report no wrong. So far, she's fought Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, and now Joe Lieberman and a smattering of others. She's introduce some idiot bills too, like the one trying to raise the upper tax bracket to 70% and she's gung-ho for screaming racism and impeachment. She's also a Ron Paul and won't support compromises.

Whether she wins on not, she seems to have become the tool of progressives in the media to try to force the Democrats to jump far left. She's like a reckless, self-righteous Bernie Sanders who doesn't care about the damage she does to her allies. And I suspect that "she" (read: the media) will succeed in tarring the Democrats with her views even as the Democrats have signaled an attempt to run toward the center.

In short, I'm hoping she makes it even more untenable for real people to be Democrats (costing them the rest of flyover country). I'm hoping she causes a schism between savvy Democrats and the progressive faction (splitting their support like libertarians won't vote Republican). I'm hoping her focus on feminism and her indifference to allies worsens the feud between blacks and women. And most importantly, I'm hoping she makes it impossible for Democrats to hide their leftism behind old, white, male elected officials to make the party seem less radical than they are. Let her become the face of the party!


P.S. The media is trying desperately to defend her. She's broken every "rule" the other Democrats have tried to put into place (like not taking salary during the shutdown) and the media has attacked her accusers. They've even put out a ridiculous "study" that says conservative men are obsessed with her. Yeah, right.

P.S.S. Just today, our bug-eyed moron attacked CBS for announcing their team that will cover the upcoming election because it doesn't include a single black person. Get this though, it contains: one Arab, two Asians, one Hispanic, two white women and two white men. So six out of eight are minorities and yet she's screaming racism. See how stupid and out-there she is? This woman is a greater danger to her friends than anyone else.


ArgentGale said...

Thanks for covering that part of the e-mail here, Andrew! She makes so many gaffes that it's hard to keep track of them all and from the sound of things she's doing even worse than I imagined. I didn't know they tried BS study about the so-called obsession either, I mainly saw that kind of chatter from liberals attempting to defend her. Then there's the whole bit of idiocy where she invoked the Religious Right stereotype and claimed Republicans didn't like a video of her dancing from a single quickly deleted tweet from an equally quickly deleted Twitter account. It was nice to see actual Republicans and conservatives just roll their eyes and bring things back to the bad policy you mentioned. Let's see if she and others like her can keep up the idiocy.

Anthony said...

A fool beloved by the fringe with a dim grasp of policy and a love of social media? The Dems are lucky she is too young to run for president. However given the way of national politics I doubt the 2020 Dem nominee will be appreciably to her right.

drjim said...

Yep, she's a genuine loose cannon!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's a revolutionary. I think she is the inevitable outcome of the way the Democratic party has been going. David Horowitz has pointed out that the far left took over the Democratic party with the nomination of George McGovern in 1972. This was the beginning. Then in 1980 Reagan, a former democrat, sucked up all the blue collar union type democrats that voted for John Kennedy. Remember his famous line "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. It left me."? The Democrats have gone farther left every election since then, leading to Barack Obama. I was completely pessimistic during the entire 2016 presidential election. But one of the few things that gave me hope was the emergence of Bernie Sanders. Hillary couldn't laugh Sanders off as a leftist flake. She had to actively woo his supporters, dropping her mask and moving even further to the left in the process. Since the election of Barack Obama the Democtatic Party is only a name. It is actually the American Socialist Party. Ocasio Cortez was inevitable. She is only the first locust of the swarm.

commoncents said...

'Why Is California Falling Apart??' - Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin Talk About Problems In California - Video

ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

tryanmax said...

I didn't really have much to add until today, as it is reported that AOC has announced that she is going to "run train on the progressive agenda."

For the uninitiated, the Urban Dictionary provides a definition of what "run train" means.

Anthony said...


That is awesome. She clearly is repeating words she once heard and doesn't understand.

ArgentGale said...

Good discovery, tryanmax! That's definitely a new low for stupidity from her, and hypocrisy if her allies defend her on that considering they're the same people who said Romney's binders full of women comment was the most misogynistic thing ever.

AndrewPrice said...

Nice catch, tryanmax! LOL!

BTW, she's going to be a committee that overseas Wall Street. Hopefully, that brings those clowns around... or they'll just trick her into doing their bidding. She wouldn't know the difference.

AndrewPrice said...

Gypsytyger, She's what happens when you mix angry victimization, uncritical empowerment, and ignorance.

tryanmax said...

I think Alex dropped "run a train" in an attempt to be hip. She's that nerdy girl who misuses slang and thinks the cool kids are laughing with her rather than at her.

We could keep this thread going indefinitely, I bet. Just this morning, I read about Alex's ill-conceived march to the Senate to hand-deliver an angry letter to Mitch McConnell. Apparently, neither she nor anyone in her clutch of freshmen Democrats actually checked McConnell's schedule first. They wandered aimlessly around the Senate with a gaggle of reporters in tow, periodically staging impromptu press conferences about how the Majority Leader must be hiding from Bad Bad AOC. When they tried to storm the Senate floor, Alex was first forced to pause to remove a political button. At some point, they shifted strategies, deciding to beg the use of a photocopier to make copies of the letter and essentially leaflet the Senate. Ultimately, they left a note on Mitch's podium.

A photo of the intrepid crew.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, She's a dipstick, but the media isn't treating these things that way. They ignored the train remark -- which would be all the rage if Trump had said it. They are treating her march after McConnell as evidence that McConnell is hiding.

They have similarly treated her attacks on people like Lieberman as him being snotty, she puts him down, he slinks away.

I'm telling you, this is their champion... and I hope she gets a lot of power over the Democrats because of it. She's a mess.

tryanmax said...

I couldn't agree more. She is everything the Democrats hate about Trump in an adorable (barely) brown-skinned socialist package. The main difference is, she has potentially decades ahead of her whereas Trump entered at the top with a definite lifespan. Moreover, now that she's been given a seat at the table, I don't see her relinquishing it easily if at all.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, So long as the media supports her, she will be impossible to make go away. She's like a precocious Ron Paul on steroids in that regard. But if the media turns on her, I they can blow her away in minutes with her own mistakes or just turn off the microphone and people like her dry up.

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